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Knight Before Dawn ❮Reading❯ ➿ Knight Before Dawn Author Kristi Cramer – When kidnap victim Cassandra Reyes meets Alaskan bush pilot Nicolas Knight she doesn't know if she should trust him or run like hell Cassandra Reyes wakes up in a hotel in Juneau Alaska with no notion When kidnap victim Cassandra Reyes meets Alaskan bush pilot Nicolas Knight she doesn't know if she should trust him or run like hell Cassandra Reyes wakes up in a hotel in Juneau Alaska with no notion of where she is or why Cassie recalls only vague flashes of the events that landed her a thousand miles from her Seattle Office but what she does remember leads her to the realization that she was kidnapped by mistake When she meets bush pilot Nicolas Knight she doesn’t know if he truly is Knight Before PDF or just a compassionate stranger or if he was somehow involved in her abductionNick Knight is baffled by the beautiful woman he encounters in Juneau Although he finds her hauntingly vulnerable he is also struck by her remarkable strength and when he learns Cassie’s story he decides to help her Cassie convinces Nick that if her abductors aren’t stopped they will keep looking for their intended target Together Cassie and Nick find themselves risking their lives to protect a stranger from being kidnapped or worse.

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  1. Hildred Billings Hildred Billings says:

    Full disclosure I received a copy of this book from the author a couple of months agoI don't normally read this genre but I thought it was time to try it out for once and since the author gave me this book it was a convenient choice The two main characters are very likeable and for once we are given a male main character that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out Although I thought the relationship between the two MCs escalated too uickly for my tastes especially granted the situation Cassie was coming out of it was very obvious that they were a good matchWhile I'm not super familiar with this genre I feel that fans of it will be entertained by it It's a uick brisk read in the most flattering ways Plus those who are familiar with and love the Juneau area should be uite pleased with its representation in this story All in all an entertaining read and now I'm considering trying out others of this genre

  2. Kristi Cramer Kristi Cramer says:

    For every 5 reviews that mention Wee Care I will donate another signed copy of Knight Before Dawn to Wee Care Community Outreach for auction see belowKnight Before Dawn isn't a deep philosophical change your life read I wrote it as a fun way to spend a few hours on a rainy summer day or a cold winter one Or when you are stuck indoorsIt is a story about mistaken identity and a twist of fate that lands one woman 1000 miles away from home only to find her true home It is about learning to trust And the hard truth that some people you love are not worthy of trust It is about standing up for what is right in the face of danger It is about discovery Tenacity Well In trying to distill it down to 'What is your book about' I seem to have made it sound a little deep So read Knight Before Dawn Have a good time Rate it Review it Love it Lend itWee Care Community Outreach is a noble cause providing books for hospital lending libraries and auctioning off signed books to benefit child literacy programshttpswwwfacebookcompagesWee CaI am proud to contribute five books to the Wee Care hospital program and one signed copy for auction For every 5 reviews that mention Wee Care I will donate another signed copy of Knight Before Dawn to Wee Care for auctionThanks for reading Kristi

  3. Kristi Cramer Kristi Cramer says:

    Knight Before Dawn began with an ideaMuch like Cassie in the beginning of the story I was at work looking in the bathroom mirror and wishing my work day was done My imagination likes to take me on adventures and I wondered what would it be like if I walked out that door and got snatched? What if I woke up in a strange city? What if it was all a mistake?Unlike Cassie I was free to go back to work But the seed was planted and the story grewKnight Before Dawn is the fruitIn general I start with an idea and a vague notion of how I want the story to end and I let the characters write through me Research along the way informs my characters of where they must go and what they must do when they get there Fate and Chance have roles too pushing the characters out of their comfort zone and into circumstances where they must either grow or die Well Grow or get really uncomfortable My stories thus far are not THAT heavyI hope you enjoy reading Knight Before Dawn as much as I enjoyed writing it

  4. Marci Marci says:

    this book has all you look for drama love action near death suspense and hope you really can get into this story you feel for cassandra her whole world was change in a matter of a night nick was so much a gentle sole that you can't help but fall in love with him i got this book on morning and i could not put it down if it wasn't for the kids wanting to be fed i would have finished sooner but i really got into the characters and could feel the action the suspense that they went through when cassandra come face to face with a true killer you wonder is that the end or will she see anothe day i really enjoyed this book there was so much passion with them that i could relate with the characters i recommend this book 100% wee care

  5. Maria Maria says:

    Cassie has been kidnapped by mistake Nick just so happened to see her being brought to a hotel and thought there was something wrong When she wakes up confused and in Alaska instead of being worried about herself Cassie is worried about the woman they were trying to get When Nick offers his help she has to decide if she can trust him or if he's a plant espically after realizing some horrible things With a mystery to solve and their feeling for each other growing they have to sort through the evidence to find out what's really going onGood short story loved the details of the kidnapping and what was going on there but I did think their feeling grew pretty uickProvided for review through Book Junky Reading Club by author

  6. Alisha Alisha says:

    First I would like to say that I received this book as an ARC I enjoyed reading this book It drew me in from the very beginning literally it starts fast I thought the writing was very good It was very descriptive and I really felt like I was there with the characters There were some twists that I did not anticipate I can't wait to read some of Kristi Cramer's other work I would recommend this bookI would also like to mention Wee Care which is a Community Outreach child literacy program Every child should have the opportunity to read

  7. Robin Robin says:

    I received this book as a giveaway It is well written with an enjoyable plot Well worth the read I look forward to checking out of Kristi Cramer's workPS I am than happy to mention Wee Care I am a life long reader and know that with the ability to read comes the realization of dreams

  8. Nadine Nadine says:

    This was a sweet romance and like the author said an easy read The male main character was totally different to most romance novels one would read I personally was not too crazy about him a bit too sweet for my taste The romance bewteen them was a bit unrealistic I cannot think people can say I love you so uickly I preferred Blinding Justice another book by this author

  9. Riah Pilling Riah Pilling says:

    BreathtakingI love love love this book The change in narration means you're never uite sure who's right The whole story is shrouded in mystery and the first page grabs you instantly A small read that can be done in a few hours but will leave you desperate for I'm already dying for the next instalment The characters are so well written it's easy to get lost in their lives I honestly cannot recommend this book enough

  10. Charity Foster Charity Foster says:

    This book wastes no time in taking off It hooks your right from the beginning and keeps you wondering what is going to happen next I really enjoyed this book and the characters The only downside of the book if it can even be called one is that I would have enjoyed of it I could have just kept reading it Great job Kristi and I look forward to of your books

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