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Enduring Night (More Heat Than the Sun, #7) ❮Reading❯ ➼ Enduring Night (More Heat Than the Sun, #7) Author John Wiltshire – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk You’d have thought that Ben and Nikolas would have learnt that their romantic holidays inevitably end up as disasters A short break on the polar ice sees them trapped in a nightmare of murder and de You’d have thought that Ben and Nikolas would have learnt that their romantic holidays inevitably end up as disasters A short break on the polar ice sees them trapped in a nightmare of murder and deceit Neither of them however foresees the long term impact that endless winter has on their relationship They return with a metaphorical darkness that threatens everything they have created together Desperate and fearing for Nikolas’s life Ben makes a bargain with a surprising ally For the first time Nikolas meets an enemy powerful than he is But fortunately not as sneaky.

  • ebook
  • 255 pages
  • Enduring Night (More Heat Than the Sun, #7)
  • John Wiltshire
  • 21 December 2016

About the Author: John Wiltshire

John spent twenty two years in the military perfecting the artof looking busy whilst secretly writing He left as a senior officerwhen his tunnel was ready for use He is now living in NewZealand until he can raise enough money to leave Although hehas no plans to return to the army he can occasionally be caughtpolishing his medals.

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  1. Baba Baba says:

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  2. Renée Renée says:

    John Wiltshire is a brilliant writer I guarantee that I couldn't stomach some of the same storylines from anyone else The blurb for this one was the most ambiguous yet And this book was set up much like some of the earlier in the series were In two parts The first part of the book is action after Nik and Ben go on a little trip to an island north of Norway together Haven't they learned that vacationing together is dangerous?The second partwell the second part was where Wiltshire proceeded to rip my heart out of my chest He's surprisingly good at this I thought he was done with this for a while after the fake out cheating with Jackson But no He still has a way with making you bleed We spent most of the last book yelling internally at Nik It's Ben's turn folks He has uite a shocking surprise for Nik It changes Nik's life and he doesn't let Nik have any say in the matterThe blurb is vague for a reason And I won't spoil anything with my review But this was an amazing addition to the series There isn't a cliffhanger but there is another book coming Fans to the series will love it

  3. Tina Tina says:

    John you're awesome “You are everything I wanted him to be but he never was You are mycompleteness” OMG Another roller coaster ride to hell and back Enduring Night is the 7th book of the More Heat than the Sun series and the series ins’t getting old Fortunately John has no intention to finish it in the foreseeable future The first part of the book Ben and Nik make a journey to Spitzbergen is full of suspense and nail baiting tension I loved John’s vivid description of this beautiful but cold dark and life threatening place The Northern Lights danced their otherworldly un choreographed celebration across the vast dome of the night sky their green luminescence reflected back off the snow and ice as if tiny land trapped creatures were dancing in tribute beneathThere were no words for how Ben feltHe’d given up thinking moments in his life were perfect because events inevitably transpired to prove they weren’t But somehow this flickering dance of light put his life in perspective—perfect but transient Changing Unpredictable What happens in the perpetual ice scared the hell out of me Nik and Ben have to fight for their lives and nearly lose that fight but never give up Living or dead nothing would threaten Nikolas ever againIt was a promise Ben had made to himself and intended to keepLife was learning to swim hard and fast and keep your head above the shitLife was having someone alongside you in every single manoeuvre every fall every painful rise again and knowing that win or lose the war was never fought alone Anyway what happens in Spitzbergen is the reason both of them Ben and Nik come back to England as very different menWhat made me forgive Ben his sudden turn towards God My fear that John might exaggerate the religious stuff was thank God without any reason I should have had faith in him and his author skills I loved Nik in the 2nd part of the book His determination to do everything in his power to conuer the love of his life and get him back at his side his perfect plotting with the help of Sueezy btw I loved Nik’s scenes with the hard ass ‘drill instructor’ was wonderful written I fell head over heels for Nik Again Ben had a cunning ally nowBut Nikolas was subtle and clever too And he reckoned he knew Ben better than even God did He knew him in ways God didn’tAt least he hoped He didn’t In the end though it’s Ben himself who gets his life back on track And how he does it Wow Even Nik is completely overwhelmed “I have had a north star guiding me since I met you Nikolas Mikkelsen I’ve never strayed never not loved you never not wanted to be by your side My only fault is wanting you too much wanting you beyond this life which is something you can’t control or give me” Btw if you are a Radulf fan you will love his scenes All in all this book is amazing written I loved it so much that I can’t wait to read the 8th book of the series ‘His Fateful Heap of Days’ Thank you for another wonderful ride John

  4. Christine Christine says:

    Only one book to go 😿 What can I say about this series? I love it Amazing storylines ✔️Great balance between plot and romance ✔️Writing so superb you hang on to every word ✔️Phenomenal side characters ✔️Perfect pacing ✔️Steam ✔️Humor ✔️Banter ✔️Tear inducing moments ✔️How the hell will the survive this moments ✔️Hardly ever a scene that doesn’t include both MC’s ✔️✔️Hardly ever a scene that doesn’t include true devotion ✔️A willingness to die and kill for each other✔️✔️Actually dying sort of and killing for each other ✔️I could go on and on and on There’s going to be real grieving taking place when this is over 😭SUEEZY I LOVE YOU 💕

  5. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ says:

    Full reviewage on Prism Book Alliance®This book is a love letter Granted it’s an intense painful death defying love letter to survival family and yes even to love but it’s a love letter On that premise let’s proceed shall we? Here’s the evidence for my case which I’ve already won if you were wondering about the outcome Though Ben and Nik are all the proof necessary let’s have some funLet’s get this outa the way first Radulf enjoys a role as usual and always and it’s an important one as usual and always I have to say though he nearly takes a backseat to Sueezy Yes Sueezy He and Tim both actually Of all of the other characters in this book and series they get the most page time and certainly have the most impact this time around Well except for one certain little lady but on all of that later Radulf Sueezy and Tim make for a formidable team in their work to make this love letter even get written to begin with I love them for it I don’t even want to say than that for fear of giving an ounce of anything away As I trust Wiltshire as my storyteller you can trust me on this There were too many silences that needed to be filled Ben heard them in Nikolas’s head – the spaces of cold terror that could not be eased even by his unfailing love and attentionChapter one folks chapter one and I was already wrapped up in Nik Ben and Wiltshire’s writing I should have realized I should have realized this being Wiltshire and Ben Nik how important and much of a foreshadowing this passage is Even so I had taken a deep breath and told myself that no matter what happens it’ll all be ok Maybe my subconscious knew I mean it must have known if I was already talking to myself in order to get through this book On the flipside I also remembered that with this storyteller I needed to trust him because he’s never let me down I went with thatThe insights into these characters lawdy Wiltshire knows them inside and out and back again and he’s not at all afraid to demonstrate that by way of making then suffer and soar at the same time Oddly this is why and how Ben Nik keep this world of theirs grounded when the craziness commences Mostly This is vital in this particular story because Ben and Nik are pretty much center stage without most of the other characters – this family they’ve created – around them for most of it That’s probably the one thing that I missed in this book spending time with Emilia Babushka Molly Rose and even Miles and the rest Yes they are here in bits and pieces but that’s about it This is the Ben Nick Show one that has been building for a long time now It took over the airwavesWiltshire knows how to give us a three dimensional picture and the ways it surrounds and effects and connects to his characters This is nothing new It’s also not to be taken for granted His ability to make the place and the person feel as one is what makes it so easy for me to feel as if I’m right inside that picture experiencing everything Isn’t that what we crave from our stories? I know it is for meHis writing style also has a uniue rhythm that is natural and fits this particular world and characters The dialogue bounces along making the humor and the surprise and the pain and the love traipse and amble and run at full speed setting the mood tone and atmosphere Yup it’s that goodTo put that another way Wiltshire makes me chuckle clutch my heart and carry the worry for Ben and Nik all on a single page It’s the best kind of whiplash It’s real and it works He was Nikolas’s freedom Possible the first and only time Nikolas had found someone to be entirely himself with and he’d found it deep inside Ben’s body Freedom and life lived without restraint It didn’t get any better than thisBen lost sight of this I don’t even know what to say beyond that without giving something away The cause of his major lax in memory is worthy it’s everything Still he lost sight of it and well there are always conseuences for these two any time either one of them loses sight of the other Haven’t they learned that this just shouldn’t be done?I guess I can understand it though Like Ben and Nik Wiltshire makes me feel 100% confident in what’s going on while simultaneously making me wonder if I have even the first clue This is when I must hold onto my trust in my storyteller I was gripping tightly A lot Most of the time Jussayin’ However many times he told Ben that they made their own paths in life the sneaking suspicion often hit Nikolas that there was in fact a very sure and certain hand at the helm of this Someone had given him Ben after allIt can’t be said any simpler or clearly than that This is also just about as revelatory as you’ll ever experience Nik Like I said these two help to keep me grounded in the story especially when things get tense uncertain and hit the fan in every sense which is often I mean this is Nik BenRiveted Unable to pull myself away I was at the halfway point and already exhausted and awash in a post adrenalized haze and still had half the book to experience Yet to come desperation hard work suffering newly introduced elements brief respites thanks to those who now ualify as old friends and so much I’m pretty sure this is the first time in this series I was close to tears at the endThis is a love letter to Benjamin Rider Mikkelsen and Nikolas Mikkelsen I think they’ve already taken a gander at it furrowed their brows smirked not so secretly agreed pretended they’ve done so secretly and wish and hope and vow to try to live out their lives as destined Given the title of book 8 His Fateful Heap of Days and where it’s set – per some recent interviews with the author – I too have hopes I know I’ll be there ready to experience of Ben and Nik and their family and this life they continue to build

  6. Tess Tess says:

    5 starsI told you once that we burn hotter than the sun What good is there to life on this planet if the sun decided not to burn? Tell me thatThe first half of this was chilling and dark with small breaks of light and humour in that way that John Wiltshire does so well I'm thinking especially of The Bridge of Silver Wings and Aleksay's Kingdom The second half is the aftermath When we get to remember that Nik and Ben are not so perfect This part is fun because well we get to see Nikolas in full manipulation mode It's impossible not to love him when he's like this Yet there are also poignant moments here because although he wouldn't want people to realize this Nikolas is just human too Nikolas felt a smile forming and rose to his feet with a wince He ached everywhere Except in the place that counted the most It was amazing how uickly a broken heart could be healedAnother wonderful addition to this series ps If you're a Radulf fan you're going to love this one Believe me

  7. Ran ♠ Ran ♠ says:

    45 STARS “But I think you’ve changed than I have As I told Stefan— do you recall my son? Of course you do As I told him— at a very apt moment— I never really change I just call myself by different names But you Ben I think you’ve become an entirely different man from the one I fell in love with” Nik and Ben already knew how most of there vacations usually go but a weekend in the Polar north seems too tempting to resist And it's not that all their vacation ended up into a disaster Unsurprisingly though the few nights spent in Svalbard went awry when isolation and murder loomed over them In the midst of it Nik's life once again was in grave danger Ben would do anything to save Nik He would sacrifice anything just for him to live However in the process giving Nik a life to battle a war alone Or was he waging war against the right enemy? For if Nikolas had once fallen from heaven as Ben had accused him of once or twice in private moments then wasn’t it eually possible that he could one day rise again? WowOnce again John Wiltshire went beyond my expectations Clearly this series portrays how talented John is I was speechless when I finally finished this book last night and despite having slept on it this book was the first thought I had the moment I woke up As usual beautiful writing that strikes through the bones unexpected plot twist engrossing setting endearing beautiful characters so many fun moments angst so deep and love so so passionate it kills you “If you could only have one part of me ever again what bit would you choose?”“I have decided” Ben turned his head lazy with heat and orgasm the tension of the morning uite gone “You don’t really need to tell me I can still feel you inside”Nikolas smiled eually relaxed “Then you would be wrong min skat I would choose your heart You are the only person who has ever loved me and that would be hard to replace” I spent the first half of this book in cloud nine The characters never fail to make me smile and grin like an idiot It was so fun reading about the life Nik and Ben created for themselves It was so heart warming to once again witness their love for each otherAlso one of the best things that happened in this series is Sueezy And I loved that I saw another side of him in this book view spoilerI love seeing how much he truly cared not just of Ben but of Nik as well Helping Nik with his health and of his battle to get Ben back hide spoiler

  8. A.B. Gayle A.B. Gayle says:

    John's done it again Another 5 star readThis book reminded me of Book 4 than the intervening books Once again in two parts and the first section is basically the set up for the secondThe blurb is brilliantly ambiguous Desperate and fearing for Nikolas’s life Ben makes a bargain with a surprising ally For the first time Nikolas meets an enemy powerful than he is But fortunately not as sneakyThere was a lot of speculation about who the ally and the old adversary would be and I did not see THAT coming But it worked brilliantly And in a way that I could identify with personally If only I had a Nik in my life at the timeIt is so hard to say about the book without revealing spoilers so I'll simply say that if you liked Book 4 you will love Book 7And there are to comeThe series is not getting old This book explored an aspect of themselves and their relationship that hadn't even been touched on beforeThe extended family is there but not invasiveAnd Sueezy He even had me wanting to go out and exercise

  9. Czarria Czarria says:

    This author just amazes me Here's the thing I've heard a lot of people criticize this couple for not having chemistrywhich I don't get People also criticize the lack of believability or realism Here's the thing I have developed over the course of all these books an intense trust of the author and his relationship to these characters Whatever is happening even when it sueaks me out at the time is always necessary Not one situation if implausible is extra it all brings us to the moments of sublime perfection The romance is intense It may not be gushy and cute and traditionally happy but Nik especially he doesn't say a lot but when he does it's INTENSE It's heart wrenchingly right to the center It's PERFECT They may not be for everyone especially not for those into instant gratification and effortless cutesy made for tv romance novels But if you like your characters flawed and you like the perfect punch of angst perfectly balanced with a very potent dose of SOULFUL and unforgettable connectionswell try itcan't wait for #8 Too good I wanted to choke Ben a few times And I wanted to choke Nik tooIt's not a More Heat Than The Sun book if I don't want to choke and comfort them both at some point

  10. Em Em says:

    Sometimes Ben reckoned Nikolas was at his best when he wasn't awake Then he wasperfectLoved loved loved this book so much I thought the setting on the polar ice was fantastic really creepy at times and I was on the edge of my seat I also enjoyed all the scenes back on Dartmoor especially the part in Ben's dilapidated cottage with them trapped by the snowNik's time training up with Sueezy was fun as you would expect and it was great to see them on their own for once Also as much as I would have liked to see them 'together' even for one night I'm glad they didn't It would spoil everything You are everything I wanted him to be but he never was You are mycompletenessI loved it when Nik went into action mode him versus God I would have expected him to fall apart maybe give up but he knew what needed doing and just went for itJohn's writing is perfect as always and he's now one of my firm favourites Looking forward to the next book and hope I don't have to wait too long

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