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Carousel Court ➽ [Download] ✤ Carousel Court By Joe McGinniss Jr. ➲ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk After spending the better part of a decade at work Joe McGinniss Jr returns with another viscerally absorbing look at the seductive — and destructive — cutting edge of modern life this time throug After spending the better part of a decade at work Joe McGinniss Jr returns with another viscerally absorbing look at the seductive — and destructive — cutting edge of modern life this time through the lens of marriage Carousel Court is the story of Nick and Phoebe Maguire a young couple who move cross country to Southern California in search of a fresh start for themselves and their infant son following a trauma But they arrive at the worst possible economic time Instead of landing in a beachside property Nick and Phoebe find themselves cemented into the dark heart of foreclosure alley surrounded by neighbors being drowned by their underwater homes who set fire to their belongings flee in the dead of night and eye one another with suspicion while keeping shotguns by their beds Trapped broke and increasingly desperate Nick and Phoebe each devise their own plan to claw their way back into the middle class and beyond Hatched under one roof their two separate secret agendas will inevitably collideCombining the excruciating honesty of Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road with the social urgency of George Packer’s The Unwinding Carousel Court is a blistering and unforgettable vision of contemporary life It has the ambition of our most serious literary work and the soul of a thriller managing to be simultaneously sexy scary and powerfully moving Most of all it offers an unflinching portrait of modern marriage in a nation scarred by vanished jobs abandoned homes psychotropic cure alls infidelity via iPhone and ruthless choices No matter what kind of relationship you are in it will leave you simultaneously gutted and grateful for your own good fortune — if perhaps curious what your partner is really up to on that electronic device across the living room.

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  1. Felice Laverne Felice Laverne says:

    SEE MY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH JOE MCGINNISS JR HERE “He was a thirty two year old college educated father drowning his family in debt but energized by a simple prospect proving to Phoebe that he alone not a New York banker or some handsome young physician was the winning play still” Oh my God I can’t remember the last time I was so satisfied with a read and applauding of its ending It was so well done; the writing was just phenomenal It never came off as corny or cliché over embellished or melodramatic Just real Honest and real Fearless and foreboding raw and sharp at the edges McGinniss’ Carousel Court was like staring into a mirror with no makeup no fluff Nick and Phoebe Maguire are the everyman He remembers when they were both fresh out of college full of ambition energetic and in love He remembers before he lost his way and she met JW Now they’re 32—not old at all—but what has happened to them? So they decide to go for it “it seemed that everyone had a house or was buying oneyoung married professionals buying and selling houses for six figure profits So why not them? Of course them finally themthey uickly negotiated an interest only zero down 125 percent renovation mortgage on the house in Serenos” And so it began The first thing I thought when I opened this one was The Big Short Carousel Court takes that to a whole other level to a personal level that you can feel It reaches inside of the macrocosm that was our economy in 2008 and pulls out a first hand story of people who could’ve been your neighbors who could’ve been your friends And if we’re going to get one thing straight it’s this McGinniss’ voice is uniue his writing style distinctive It’s filled with a sort of nervous energy—ideas hopping around but somehow all fitting nicely together—that is magnetically kinetic It was almost like free hand jumping from topic to topic and scene to scene sometimes frantically creating a brilliantly fast pace set in the California suburbs It was a lens punctuated with short curt lines that hit home right in the gut and blunt observations that rang so true that they could only be that Honestly I found it hard to follow in the beginning—until I didn’t At some point a few pages in I relaxed into the writing style and let it carry me away If you’re resistant to an unconventional voice one that’s punctuated with terseness and modern day suburban grit think the movie Closer 2004 this read might take a second to sink into but that’s okay You’ll get there Keep going Though I had to re read some of the passages in the beginning to find my footing with them I found it intriguingly refreshing and immersive My sole ualm was a minute one I’m still not sure if it was my own misunderstanding but I found inconsistencies with Phoebe’s character which nagged at me but didn’t ruin the read or bog me down with the necessity of clarity is she fair haired or brunette 30 or 32 years old? I feel like I read all of these about her and wasn’t sure which was correct But those perceived incongruences didn’t make her any less appealing to watch or any less deserving of my attention I rooted for Nick and Phoebe every step of the way right up to the very last page Every wrong move every fight and sharp remark every scathing text message furiously tapped out on an iPhone and every feeling of self doubt—I felt it with them and it felt genuine They were people I wouldn’t mind grabbing a beer with and I know I’d love every second of it if I could I was behind them the whole way and I wanted them to win “Fall Daddy fall” In Carousel Court McGinniss truly captured the rhythms and fine grooves of our lives of college educated middle classers right on the line of Gen X and Millennial He tackles the uestion without ever explicitly stating it that we must all ask ourselves from time to time in this day and age “How did I go from walking the stage the world at my feet full of conuering ambition to this? How did I get here? And can I get back?” If life has ever dealt you a sobering swift slap in the face if you’ve ever asked yourself these uestions pick this one up And if you haven’t still pick this one up you might need a little dose of reality With that in mind Carousel grabbed a well deserved happily given 5 stars I received an advance read copy of this book from the publisher Simon Schuster via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewEXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR Behind the Name Joe McGinniss Jr Talks Life Writing and the American WayFOLLOW ME HEREGoodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Get a Copy of My Book | Book Editing Author Coaching Submit Your Book to Me

  2. Larry H Larry H says:

    If you're feeling the slightest bit down or depressed with the direction your life is currently heading I'd suggest you skip this book While certainly well written Joe McGinniss Jr's Carousel Court is a tremendously dark almost brutal depiction of how the American Dream can slip out of your fingers and its effect on a marriage and the psyches of both partiesPhoebe and Nick Maguire are tired They're tired of slaving away at their jobs they're tired of their Boston neighborhood and most of all as parents of young Jackson they're just physically tired When Nick gets offered a production job in Southern California they jump at the chance to restart their lives and dream of a house near the beachAs with many dreams their reality falls short They make the decision to buy a McMansion in a newer neighborhood and they add many extras—granite countertops a pool even a rock climbing wall—which will double their money once they sell it The problem is they've bought at the height of market and it's not soon after that they find themselves stuck with this house in a neighborhood replete with foreclosed house after foreclosed house where their neighbors light their belongings on fire and patrol the chaos with gunsNick is desperate to be the provider for his family which is no easy task amidst economic chaos but he comes up with a scheme that may put them back on the track they've wanted to follow Phoebe is surviving on an immense amount of drugs and is becoming less and less motivated to continue her pharmaceutical sales job a field in which she had stellar success back in Boston She mostly uses her body and her sexuality to convince doctors they should prescribe the drugs she's selling but even that power doesn't satisfy her As she becomes increasingly self destructive she too is toying with ways to regain her financial independence even if they put her at odds with NickThe threat of violence and unlawfulness is pervasive as Nick's new scheme catches the attention of people with very little to lose And as Phoebe's downward spiral continues Nick realizes he may have to choose between his marriage and his son and protect him before Phoebe's careless disregard causes them all harmThis is really a depressing book but I believe for those whose desperation grew during the financial crisis of the late 2000s it's not that far from truth in some cases You feel a sense of impending doom and danger and it almost makes you want to read the book with your hands over your eyes because you don't know if you want to see what's going to happen For those who react viscerally to reading about animals being mistreated or harmed you may want to skip this bookThe dissolution of Phoebe and Nick's marriage is really brutal as well I saw a blurb for this book compare it to Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road and it definitely has a similar feel particularly to the Leonardo DiCaprioKate Winslet film adaptation After a while the whole thing got to be too much for me—too much of the same behaviors over and over again too many days of prescription drug abuse and alcohol too much unhappinessI'd never read anything by McGinniss Jr before but I was really impressed at how well he portrayed a toxic marriage in the midst of economic disaster It was a little hard to take after a while much like Revolutionary Road but I was still impressed with his artistrySee all of my reviews at

  3. Julie Julie says:

    Carousel Court by Joe McGniniss Jr is a 2016 Simon Schuster publication This novel absolutely nails the dark depressing and desolate desperation that befell the upwardly mobile college educated classes after the economic fallout of 2008 Phoebe and Nick are parents to a toddler named Jackson living in a home at Carousel Court both working night and day to keep their heads above water but drowning just like their neighbors who are taking desperate measures too while Jackson spends time with his nanny than he does his parents Nick and Phoebe’s marriage has broken down with Phoebe addicted to a myriad of prescription medications which nearly got her and Jackson killed and threw the couple into an even deeper tailspin leading up to their current day issues They are deeply in debt now after moving to California at the wrong moment in time To ease the pressure of their financial burdens each of them privately schemes to dig their way of debt but neither plan is a good one or an honest one and could come with a heavy price not to mention all the risks involved on all fronts Sure enough things go from bad to worse as their plans blow up spectacularly which will lead to a do or die decision Will Phoebe and Nick make it as a couple or are they too damaged to recover? Well I’m afraid I’m sort of at a loss for words here This novel is very dark disturbing on a many many levels and while I watched this couple crash and burn I kept holding on to this ridiculous hope they could somehow manage to wake up and smell the coffee before it was too late for them and for their son who is as much a victim of this as anyone Be warned this book is very raw disheartening and not just dark but almost black it is so very bleak But it’s like a train wreck I couldn’t keep myself from watching it happen There is very little joy in this feverish portrait of the modern day rat race the pursuit of the failing American dream the pressure that robs couples of anything resembling respect and takes the biggest toll on their children The uirky and sometimes sinister neighbors combined with other threats from wild animals as well as the constant presence of cicadas help build the atmosphere around Phoebe and Nick as the speed increases toward an inevitable head on collision But after all was said and done the ending was ultimately satisfying and I will admit I actually heard myself exhaleI’m not sure which audience to recommend this book to It is not a cheerful novel to be sure but one many of you can certainly appreciate remembering the hard times endured during the financial crisis while highlighting the habits of our times with Starbucks and iPhones playing a large role in the story alongside the troubling abuse of prescription drugs So overall I commend the author and his skill as a writer for capturing the essence of the times so perfectly for creating such vivid conflicted and flawed characters building such incredible tension and for his ability to draw it all together with a conclusion I could appreciate and respect 4 stars

  4. Sara Nelson Sara Nelson says:

    This book is or at least should be a sleeper hit this summer It has shades of Gone Girl but boy am I sick of making that comparison Enough already with Gone Girl but is a much relatable story of a marriage that frays and frays and fraysOk the couple in uestion here is a little off to start with the wife works for a drug company and will do just about anything to make a sale to a doctor; the husband is so desperate for cash he basically becomes a criminal but the way McGinniss tells the story you can see how economic pressure makes their lives explode In that ways it reminds me of a book called The Financial Lives of the Poets by Jess Walter a kind of elegy to screwed up suburban 30somethings whose lives don't go as planned

  5. Rae Meadows Rae Meadows says:

    Enjoyable is not the word I would use to describe Joe McGinniss's second novel Carousel Court It is dark seriously dark and the characters are for the most part odious But man was I impressed This is a story of a couple that goes completely off the rails in the housing crashfinancial collapse The setting is a new construction community exurb of Los Angeles that feels like an apocalyptic wasteland The story of their spiral into a moral cesspool is told with remarkable tautness and finesse I didn't like either of the main characters at all But they are well drawn and complex satisfying in their way and McGinnis is a talented writer In one sense Carousel Court is a critiue of America and its belief in the get rich uick scheme and the grand plan that will fix everything at once and the hail Mary pass that will surely be caught The belief that you deserve than you have Particularly searing was Phoebe's rejection of the regular life that Nick could have offered when they lost it all She was betting on him and he didn't pay off Even as I found Nick and Phoebe awful people I still rooted for them still hoped one of their disastrous ideas would work for them and they would rise above their circumstances and the ugliness of their relationship This book filled me with anxiety It was a tense page turner I did have some critiues The son who is supposed to be 2 close to 3 seems like 1 and a half He doesn't have a personality or much of a presence And the ending although a welcome relief in some ways was hard for me to fully embrace But I give this five stars because it felt masterful It was picked by Kirkus as one of the best books of the year And it is also timely and important in the make America great again era

  6. ♡ Kim ♡ ♡ Kim ♡ says:

    This is one raw and real read The ending was great

  7. Mike W Mike W says:

    Nick and Phoebe Maguire have a beautiful home on Carousel Court a property they had plans to flip in the ultra hot housing market of the mid aughts Having uprooted their young family from Boston and used all of their savings on that property the Maguires have had nothing but trouble since First the job offer for which the family relocated was rescinded before they even made it to Southern California Then Phoebe a very successful pharmacy rep in Boston finds herself in the bottom third for sales her job hanging in the balance And of course there's the housing market initial signs of instability rapidly becoming evidence of a historic collapseThe Maguire's marriage is toxic than the housing market Phoebe has not adjusted well to the changes relying increasingly on drugs like Klonapin to get her through the day Nick instead of pursuing work in the field for which he's trained is cleaning out foreclosed homes for a pittance Phoebe harbors ill will wanting a husband with drive who will succeed even in these troubled times Someone who will fight Nick is increasingly dissatisfied with Phoebe's drug use lapses in parenting and the ghost of a former lover whom he worries may not be out of the pictureCarousel Court is a fascinating look at the collapse of the housing market and refreshingly it is not told through a family seemingly duped into a bad loan by evil bankers Instead it is told through a family whose selfishness and greed is on full display Only they lack the self awareness to see things as clearly as the reader does Each spouse under mounting pressure makes increasingly damaging choices both for themselves and for their young son until the marriage seems destined to burst almost as visibly as that housing bubble didJoe McGinniss Jr takes on marriage and money by creating situations that now seem almost absurd but looking back to those times of uncertainty many of those actions feel at least plausible though Phoebe's are at times over the top Carousel Court is about a marriage put through the wringer much of which is self inflicted and holds a mirror to what many might call the American DreamNote ARC provided free from publisher via NetGalley

  8. Lori L (She Treads Softly) Lori L (She Treads Softly) says:

    Carousel Court by Joe McGinniss Jr is a bleak unflinching look at a contemporary marriage falling apart It is recommended for only a select group of readers those who appreciate dark disturbing literary fiction with overtones of hopelessness and plenty of self medication It was a so so read for me but the writing is very goodNick and Phoebe Maguire are a young married couple who have relocated with their young son from Boston to Southern California to live their dream Instead Nick's job offer was withdrawn once they arrived and Phoebe let's just call her Klonopin is hardly working as a pharmaceutical drug rep They had bought an expensive home expecting to ride the tide of buying and flipping houses for a profit Instead they joined the ranks of those who are upside down in their mortgages in a neighborhood full of abandoned homes and foreclosures Their neighborhood is one of civil disorder and financial ruin where neighbors set fire to their belongings and one lives well armed in a tent in the front yardNick is working for EverythingMustGo a company where moversemployees clean out foreclosed homes for banks This leads him to a plan to make money Simultaneously Klonopin Phoebe who is constantly popping pills and maintaining a drugged out high is in contact with JW her previous bosslover in Boston Their son Jackson lives at daycare or with a sitter most of the timeFor those of you like me who have no idea what Klonopin is it is the brand name of the drug Clonazepam which is a medication used to prevent and treat seizures panic disorder and for the movement disorder known as akathisia It is a tranuilizer of the benzodiazepine class It is also mentioned on almost every page and Klonopin Phoebe is constantly popping multiple tablets often with alcohol This constant mention of her taking Klonopin became annoying Very annoying Distractedly annoyingCombining the explosive turbulent abusive and combative relationship of Nick and Klonopin with the neglect of their son and add the bleak hopeless dangerous and almost surreal atmosphere and you have a novel with some extremely unlikable damaged people in an setting the mirrors and magnifies their worst traits She's high all the time and regards Nick with contempt and disdain He obsesses over grabbing her jaw which sort of creeped me out They aren't good together and have absolutely no moral compass or sense of working together to overcome anythingThe uality of McGinniss's prose managed to keep me reading with a sense of disgust and urgency about these two people I loathed a major feat I have to give kudos for establishing their characters and keeping them true to form with the inevitable approaching train wreck He left me thinking People suck Three stars for the writing but don't read this without being warned about the ominous toneDisclosure My advanced reading copy was courtesy of the publisher for review purposes

  9. Mel Mel says:

    Before I polish my thoughts; who slipped me the hallucinogenic? This book feels like coming out of a drugged dream state running barefoot over crushed glass just a half step ahead of snarling demons Reality is a hazy scene on the other side of a veil of graffiti smoke and flames Is this reality somewhere? Have I just been sitting with Alex and his droogs at the Korova Milkbar ?Carousel Court reads like a dystopian action film than the story of a young couple trying to make it through the financial crisis of 2000 ish Lucky Nick and Phoebe got the last ticket on the final boat to Pleasure Island took their dreams and bet high on their sudden good fortune and the phenomenal rise of the financial climate When the bottom falls out and the jobs dissolve the couple is sucked down financially trapped in the lavish dream home they built to flip The neighborhood is riddled with similar dreamers foreclosure signs and looters swimming pools choked with green slime An armed neighbor sleeps in a tent in his yard to ward off the bank sanctioned home invasions keeping a raging bonfire fueled with furniture and electronic euipment; aggressive coyotes prowl the half vacant cul de sacs silhouetted by the blazing California canyon fires; mothers pack loaded pink pistols; swarms of cicadas seem to have crawled out of their hibernation to witness the urban apocalypse Helicopters flying low overhead the whirring and chirp of cicadas the crackling of fires gun shots and coyote howlsthe soundtrack of Carousel Court Inside their breathless home Phoebe spirals into a self medicating routine of fistfuls of Klonopin gulped down with bottles of booze It's Escape from LA or at least some part of the Southern California dreamscape turned nightmare It's Eurydice and Orpheus descending into Hell McGinniss Jr keeps it on a low burn for a good portion of the book taking you through this wreckage of the American Dream at a rubbernecker's pace The stress poisons the marriage as you would expect Arguments between the couple are as freuent as collection calls escalating in toxicity and revenge sex But tangled in the degradation drugs and adultery McGinniss Jr gives us moments of tenderness that hover just below the tension The moments are like a life saving breath of fresh oxygen in a toxic cloud Almost battered by the abuse and depravity created by the author I wondered if I could finish the book I've been known to toss aside a read 400 pages in with only 25 pgs to go I had to go on One of the author's father's Joe McGinniss Sr students was Bret Easton Ellis an author whose style several critics mention when reviewing McGinniss Jr Carousel Court had that same dark surreal sense as Less Than Zero a book I loved but it was a painful read You almost surrender yourself to finish that's the power contained in this novel If I see 1 reviews I'll understand as well as I do the 5 reviews

  10. Elaine Elaine says:

    I must secretly be a sadist because why else would I have continued to read and finish this book when I realize there was nothing worthy to glean from it?Warning Adultery abounds within these sordid pagesCarousel Court tells the tale of Nick and Phoebe Maguire a couple with a son who are drowning in debt and fail to meet their own high expectations of life love and living They are also morally abject detestable and pathetic Phoebe is a closet drug addict who whores herself out to a former boss because of serious daddy issues not because she's seeking an escape from the money pit she and Nick have found themselves inAfter being cuckolded once while Phoebe was pregnant with their son Jackson Nick remains married to her even after almost killing herself and said son in a traffic accident months earlier because he doesn't want to leave Jackson and its so much healthier that a child have two deficient parents who can't stand each other than have him be raised by a single parentThen there's some side stuff about allowing people to rent homes illegally blah blah blah You know what? I don't careYou all still with me so far?No? Yeah I didn't think so Is the recap of a failing marriage about two educated privileged people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions an honest depiction of our society today?I don't blame people for making mistakes We all make mistakes We're human Hopefully some of us learn from them But I do expect you to hold yourself accountable for the choices you makeInstead Nick and Phoebe blame each other for the mistakes they've made; for not being man enough for not holding up their end of the marriage bargain for losing respect for one another and thereby driving each other into the arms of their respective adulterous partnersI call bullshitCarousel Court is pretentious drivel that pretends to bewell something better what that could possibly be I have no idea because the only thing I wanted to do with its pages was throw it into recyclingYou want a realistic tale of how the collapse of the housing market affected innocent people uprooted families and wrecked lives?Check out 99 Homes starring Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield A sad bitter tale about the housing market and the tragic effects the housing collapse had on familiesYou won't regret watching the movie but I can assure you you will regret reading Carousel Court

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