Bound by One Scandalous Night ePUB Û One Scandalous

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Bound by One Scandalous Night
  • Diane Gaston
  • English
  • 10 July 2014
  • 9780373298785

10 thoughts on “Bound by One Scandalous Night

  1. Susan Susan says:

    Good book about two people with scandal in their backgrounds who come together in a scandal of their own The night before the battle of Waterloo Edmund rescues Amelie from an attack She is his half sister's sister in law one he has been drawn to but feels is too far above him The emotions of the night overpower their common sense and they give in to the attraction they feel Three months later Edmund discovers that Amelie is carrying his child and insists on marrying herAmelie had been engaged to another man but after an argument he abandoned her on the crowd filled street She had offered him physical comfort before heading off to battle and instead he had said terrible things to her Now Amelie is convinced that she will never marry that no one will want her for herself The desire between her and Edmund gives her what she believes will be her only chance to know what it would be like I liked Edmund and Amelie together They had some serious obstacles to overcome individually and together Edmund is an honorable man He had tried hard to resist Amelie's advances back in Brussels because he knew it wasn't right When faced with her pregnancy he was determined to do the right thing He knew what it was like to be illegitimate and didn't want his own child to suffer the same way Because of his background he feels unworthy of her He also has to fight her family's opinion of him I ached for him every time he had to suffer through their rudeness I loved his determination to show them that he can take care of AmelieAmelie had her own issues to fight through She sees the love that her parents have for each other and wants the same for herself She thought she had found it and was devastated by the things her ex fiance told her She takes what he says to heart and believes that she is wicked and wanton for it When Edmund proposes marriage she blames herself for trapping him into something he doesn't wantWhen she loses the baby both she and Edmund blame themselves Each one's guilt is so deep that they can't even speak of it All Edmund wants to do is to make sure that he takes care of Amelie and that he provides her with what she wants I loved his devotion to her while she was recovering even in the face of her family's attitude Amelie is sure that Edmund wishes he weren't trapped in marriage and is determined to put a brave face on everything in order to make things easier on him I liked the fact that they talked enough to agree that getting away from London was the best thing to doOnce they arrived at the farm they finally began to regain some of their closeness The life there was so different than what they were used to that it really was a new beginning I really enjoyed seeing them both take to life in the country Their relationship still had its ups and downs because they were avoiding talking about the hard things There was a truly emotional scene when they finally talked about the loss of the baby A discovery about some possibly shady doings on the farm and a visit from Amelie's father brought about an unexpected result I loved seeing Edmund face down her father and show Amelie just how much he really caresThe secondary characters in this book all had important parts to play Marc and Tess from Bound by Duty were somewhat less likable in this one I was really mad at Tess for her lack of belief in and support for her brother and Marc's prejudice against him was disappointing I did like his sister Genna's immediate acceptance of Amelie and the friendship she offered The oldest sister's husband Lord Tin was a truly nasty piece of work I hated his attitude toward the family especially Edmund and I loved seeing Edmund shut him down I was also very disappointed in Amelie's parents For people who had stood up to scandal of their own their treatment of Edmund was especially bad My favorite character was Amelie's maid Sally I loved her parallel with Amelie and the way that they supported each otherI'm really looking forward to the next book in the series

  2. Amelia Amelia says:

    The Scandalous Summerfields miniseries is about a group of siblings who are trying to overcome the humiliating behavior of their parents but before they can find lasting love they have to prevail over shameful events in their own lives The half brother of three sisters constantly lives with the humiliation of being illegitimate and now a new incident will just add gossip about him Whether Edmund Summerfield can prove that he is a worthy hero will depend on how he responds when he finds himself in the same position as his father once did Diane Gaston makes BOUND BY ONE SCANDALOUS NIGHT emotionally compelling Belgium is being invaded by Napoleon and his army so Lt Edmund Summerfield knows he will soon be fighting this hated enemy But as he is preparing to report for duty he sees a woman being dragged away by a man with wicked intentions After chasing away the attacker he discovers the individual he saved from being harmed is Amelie Glenville someone whom he already knows Though Edmund is fascinated with her he realizes her social status is too far above his own to even think about courting her Yet the event has upset her and he stays around to talk which leads to them spending several hours together before he must return to his regiment When Edmund and Amelie meet up three months later at a family gathering he vividly recalls the night they were intimate But when she confides to him that she is carrying his child he is stunned but does not hesitate to do what is right Edmund has always been called a bastard and there is no way his son or daughter will suffer as he has over the years While a uick wedding may solve future problems it does raise all kinds of current uestions that could still cause disgrace While many people living in England during the early 1800’s would have always seen someone like Edmund as inferior to them he proves the nature of a man is much important than social standing He faced one hardship after another when he only tries to be honorable and I had a great deal of sympathy for him anytime some new difficulty arose What I truly respected about Edmund is how he tried to rise above what others thought of him and he often seemed a better man than those in a higher class His relationship with Amelie is very bumpy from the start and so much interference from others just adds to their troubles There were numerous times when she could have spoken what was in her thoughts but missed the opportunity and I feared how this would affect things between them Many emotional issues must be worked out before the marriage of Edmund and Amelie can turn genuine Different historical locations come alive in the story and a country setting is especially enjoyable as various activities are observed Lots of secondary characters are very likable while a few are individuals with despicable behavior and are easy to despise BOUND BY ONE SCANDALOUS NIGHT entertains with intriguing circumstances and a wide range of sentiments Diane Gaston creates a number of emotional situations for her romantic couple in the second Scandalous Summerfields novel where feelings are conflicted and doubts are hard to erase Copy received from author for Always Reviewing blog

  3. Debra Guyette Debra Guyette says:

    With a major battle looming Lieutenant Edmund Summerfield notices a young woman alone and being accosted Amelie Glenville knew she should not have been alone that night especially when emotions ran high But when he saved her and realized who she was one scandalous night follows leaving behind conseuencesWhen Edmund learns of these conseuences he resolves to not allow his child to be raised as an illegitimate child One himself he knows first hand the difficulties the feeling of not being wanted The two marry amidst scandal but is there any hope for this marriage of convenience?Edmund was uite an admirable man He shouldered all the blame and wound up taking considerable heat He was an amazing hero Cool calm and collected he tries hard to keep it all together in spite of all the resistance thrown his way Amelie was a bit in shock Would she ever realize the gem she captured? To find the answer you will need to read Bound By a Scandalous Night It contains passionate romance the right touch of danger a hero to die for and a heroine who is his match Take a step back in time and live through the uncertainty of life during that era

  4. Coral Coral says:

    Plot 45Characterisation 35Prose 35How much I enjoyed it 45

  5. Regina Regina says:

    Actual rating 35 stars Despite starting off barely knowing each other Edmund and Amelie were great communicators and trusted each other early on What a joy it was to not have to slog through misunderstandings One huge hurdle they faced was Amelie's parents' and their unwillingness to accept Edmund as her husband This conflict only strengthened the young couples' bond and I really enjoyed watching their marriage develop into something special Even when they faced tragedy they learned to support one another If you're in the mood for a romance with a realistic slant on human nature pick this one

  6. Ingrid Hahn Ingrid Hahn says:

    I LOVED this book Such a joy to read With my little one I get a few minutes to read every few days if I'm lucky and it was extra tough to put this one down I loved Edmund Gaston is a wonderful writer

  7. Harlequin Historical Harlequin Historical says:

    Miniseries The Scandalous Summerfields

  8. Walter& Walter& says:

    I wasn't a big fan of this book Amelie felt a little too naive and weak for her to be a character I rooted for Her insecurities especially in the beginning were a little annoying as she came to the conclusion that because one man rejected her all men would and she'd never be able to get married I wanted to shake her and tell her to stop with the self pityI wasn't interested in the maid's story and not sure that having her point of view really added anything We weren't in her point of view enough for me to feel a connection to her I found myself skim reading those partsThere were times in the plot where outside events felt too convenient a way to move the emotions and plot forward such as finding the crib leading to Edmund confessing his feelings and the father turning up in relation to the embezzlement I did like perhaps not the right word the miscarriage element as it felt like an unusual angle and an interesting tragedy to explore as it doesn't normally happen in romance fictionMy problems with this book might have been because I recently read another book by this author which had similar events opening with women being rescued an unexpected pregnancy and a man who wants to do the right thing but felt satisfying

  9. Renaissancecat22 Renaissancecat22 says:

    I enjoyed A Reputable Rake so I decided to try another one of her recent books What happened??? It's like Gaston spent 10 years forgetting how to write A Reputable Rake wasn't perfect and the characters behavior was a little silly at times but Bound By One Scandalous Night is amateurish It's like she got burned out or even handed it off to someone else with no experience to write I don't know what to say The descriptions are completely flat The characterization is almost nonexistent You could make a drinking game out of the number of times the Hh think about saying something to each other and then don't so we can remain stuck in this dull mess of a plot 2 stars only because I didn't hate it but there's nothing here to like either These aren't real people Read a bit of the story and you'll see It's been a while since I've read something so flat from anyone but a novice writer

  10. Mary Craven Mary Craven says:

    Enjoying this series So close to the action at Waterloo and the aftermath of that great battle in British history Really like the down to earth characters of Edmund and Amelie Patience love and trust are hard won but so very wonderful to have

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Bound by One Scandalous Night❰Ebook❯ ➠ Bound by One Scandalous Night Author Diane Gaston – Marrying a stranger On the eve of battle Lieutenant Edmund Summerfield rescues mysterious Amelie Glenville from attack by marauding soldiers Heady from the anticipation and uncertainty in the air the Marrying a stranger On the eve of battle Lieutenant One Scandalous Epub â Edmund Summerfield rescues mysterious Amelie Glenville from attack by marauding soldiers Heady from the anticipation and uncertainty in the air they spend the night Bound by Epub / together but their scandalous actions have one inescapable conseuence The illegitimate son of an aristocrat Edmund won't consign his unborn child to the same fate so he offers Amelie marriage With a honeymoon spent by One Scandalous Epub Ý weathering a storm of scandal can these two strangers hope to turn their convenient marriage into something real.

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Diane Gaston’s dream job had always been to One Scandalous Epub â write romance novels One day she decided to pursue that dream and has never looked back; she is now writing full time Her books Bound by Epub / have won Romance’s highest honour—the RITA Award the National Readers Choice Award and the Golden Heart She lives in Virginia with her husband and three very ordinary house cats Diane loves to hear by One Scandalous Epub Ý from readers and friends.