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  1. Marsha Marsha says:

    A new fun little cozy mystery Just when you think you know someone you have to go and get arrested for murder This smallish town setting proves that you never really know people as Misty finds out while trying to find out who the real murderer is and prove her innocence Not even the priest is who he appears to beThis book has all those characters you except to find in a good book The sleazy landlord the supportive best friend the hunky cop the crazy old lady the mean girl the oh too honest youth and even the slimy copThere are some laughs love and mystery in this safe for all ages read Even if Misty teaches the art of Burlesue ;

  2. Debbie Adreon Debbie Adreon says:

    This is what I call fluff reading Something to pass the time and make you laugh Don't misunderstand I enjoy reading fluff as well as non fiction fiction sci fi and anything else I can get my hands on Nut there is good entertaining fluff and there is some that seems like an imitation of the othersI felt like this was an imitation and sadly not even a great effort at that

  3. Sandy Taggard Sandy Taggard says:

    ok mystery fairly poorly written

  4. Ashley Carmichael Ashley Carmichael says:

    Fun uick readI always enjoy a good fun story by Gina LaManna She's an excellent storyteller Though the mystery is a bit predictable the characters make it worthwhile

  5. Henriette Henriette says:

    I uite simply love cozies There are different kinds The heroines range from professionals eg CIA agent in hiding to semi professional eg medical examiner or just avid crime novel reader to pure amateur eg lingerie sales person An important aspect of cozies is that she and her partner love interest mostly in law enforcement are well balanced Instead of showing that all police officers are imbeciles that couldn't even find the toilet without outward help think some Sherlock Holmes series the heroine brings something uniue to the relationship that perfectly balances out his abilities and thus they solve crimeWell that is most certainly not the case in this book An Ex Burlesue dancer comes home after some years in Vegas Her landlord is found in the alley behind her studio strangled with one of her fishnet stockings She has no motive whatsoever to kill him but her ex boyfriend who she left some years previously to go to college instead of accepting his proposal the sheriff never even looks at another suspect which is why she has to investigate herself The actual murderer is pretty clear from the beginning or as soon as you meet himher though it relies heavily on the I'm a nutcasetrope If you expect the heroine to find the killer because of smart deduction interesting investigative techniues or some uniue talent of observation be prepared to be disappointed She stumbles upon the solutionOverall a rather mediocre outing

  6. Barbara Hackel Barbara Hackel says:

    Mystery and a little glimmer of romance to come?Teased to Death by Gina LaManna is the beginning of a fun new mystery series about a burlesue dancer Misty who comes home to Minnesota to live in her Grandmother's house when an accident prevents her from continuing to dance in LA She rents a studio and pours all her savings into remodeling it and opening it for lessons in burlesue The sad fact is no students show up and her landlord is murdered in the alley behind her studio Guess who is #1 suspect for murder?Misty reconnects with her best friend's brother Jax who is her high school boyfriend and almost fiance After 10 years away she discovers that she still has feelings for him The re connection isn't a particularly good one since he is now the sheriff and has come to take her to headuarters to uestion her about the murder Fortunately Misty also reconnects with her best friend Donna sister to Jax and Donna steps in to help Misty solve the murder and prove her innocence What follows is often a lighthearted approach to murder solving with many unusual situations along the way Misty's notoriety results in dance students so some good comes from the murderThe book made me giggle and guffaw as I read it Every time Misty and Donna went sleuthing I almost held my breath until they were safely back at home This was an unusual topic for a cozy mystery I don't believe I have ever read about a burlesue dancer However it was interesting and by the end of the book I was hooked Now I am waiting for the second book of Misty's adventures in the small town of Little Lake Minnesota

  7. Elisa Elisa says:

    oh it was funny seriously funnyMisty is back home after than 10 years away she is ready to open up her dance studio when a murder occurs and Misty become suspect numero unoMisty is awesome she has a gung ho go get them attitude one minute and a slightly neurotic negative outlook the next I so love herlolMisty maybe back home but she is certainly not feeling the love well only from her little sister and her best friend but she is home to stay so everyone better get used to it because cyclone Misty has crash landedI love how Misty can be in town for such a short time and already be in trouble talk about a trouble magnetlol now can she use her dance classes to find the real murderer and before she becomes the next victimI really want to read from this series it was really funny uirky and the characters are just entertaining to the max

  8. Yvonne Cruz Yvonne Cruz says:

    REVIEW TEASED TO DEATHThis is the first book by this author I read and was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed itWe have Misty returning to her hometown to open a burlesue dance studio after 10 years of absence Donna her sidekick and best friend in school and Jax the sheriff who was Misty boyfriend and whom she left 10 years ago and never contacted againMisty has put all her savings into the studio and is anxiously looking for a new beginning in her life when her landlord is found murdered and she becomes the number one suspectThough it’s a mystery it also contains uite a bit of romance and “I love Lucy” kind of humor A light reading that will entertain you and keep you wanting to read another book with this funny and loving set of characters

  9. Cecelia Kelsey Cecelia Kelsey says:

    Misty moved back to Little Lake for two reasons She had inherited her Grandmother's house and she wanted to spend time with her little sister Harmony She has put all her money into opening a studio to teach burlesue Misty had been a dancer in LA until an accident tore her ACL and stopped her career cold Her landlord is found dead in the alley behind the studio He has been strangled with one of her fishnet stockings Life spirals into chaos after she is accused of killing Anthony Every character in this book is someone that anyone can find in their life or past to compare them with It is small town living at its best and worse Gossip spreads like lightening and everyone knows you There is humor mystery romance and lots of surprises

  10. Shirley Shirley says:

    After inheriting her grandmother's house in rural Minnesota and suffering several hardships in California Misty moves back home and opens a dance studio to teach the art of burlesue When her landlord is found murdered with a fishnet stocking Misty becomes the prime suspect She must prove she didn't commit the crime especially to Jax the town sheriff and former flameI found the story to be a very lighthearted and uick read Towards the end I found some of the stunts a bit forced and flimsy but overall it was a fun read

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Teased to Death [Read] ➲ Teased to Death ➺ Gina LaManna – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk It's all fun and dance until a body turns up When Misty Newman returned home to rural Minnesota the residents of Little Lake were surprised—and not in a good way Having skipped town ten years before It's all fun and dance until a body turns up When Misty Newman returned home to rural Minnesota the residents of Little Lake were surprised—and not in a good way Having skipped town ten years before with a scholarship in hand and the shiniest of futures Misty took a nasty fall from grace when she dropped out of Teased to PDF/EPUB or college to become a Hollywood burlesue dancer Though she didn't hope for a welcome home parade or an invitation to join the Monday night knitting club Misty never expected to become the number one suspect in a murder case However when her landlord is found strangled by her fishnet stockings things don't look good for Misty To make matters worse the town sheriff—Misty's ex almost fiancé—happens to agree All Misty wants is to fix up her grandmother's cozy house revive her struggling dance studio and rekindle the old friendships she's neglectedbut if Misty doesn't find out who's responsible for the death soon she may just be next on the killer's list.