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Chaos Machines and the Universe Child (Usurper Kings Chapbook #4 The Universe Is Filled With Noise Must Have Been Some Kind Of Kiss Chaos Machines And The Universe Child Is A Poetry Chapbook Preview Of Sapha Burnell S Poetry Collection Usurper Kings Published By Vr Yda Literary An Inspection Into The Future Evolution Of Humanity, Chaos Machines Is A Performance Piece, Where The Universe Child Is The Finale Of The Usurper Kings Collection Savour The Chapbook And Grab The Full Edition Of This Up And Coming Canadian Speculative Fiction Author.

About the Author: Sapha Burnell

Sapha Burnell is a Norwegian Canadian chilling in the Pacific West Coast, and is on the National Council of The Writers Union of Canada 2016 2019 Surrounded by artists scientists, she bridges the gap between Left and Right brains on a daily basis She yanked a grab bag of English Francophone Lit, Theatre, Film and Chemistry at Trinity Western University, then played Life Hooky and volunt

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