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    Antarctica, the last place on earth to be unexplored in certain areas yet today has held a fascination for all those who dream of exploring When we re done with her it will be our own solar systemnext We ve visited the moon in spots, but not gotten down on the ground and tramped over itthoroughly We ve still yet to do that to Antarctica.Since the days of the ancient Greeks when Ptolemy postulated the existence of a southern continentlots of folks tried to find it Australia when Captain Cook finally landed on it for the west was there,but didn t account for the ancient legends Still a lot of open water and there just had to be landsomewhere James Cook did come close, but ships in those days just weren t prepared to deal withthe cold and ice.Marilyn J Landis s book contains a lot of brave and resourceful people, Captain Cook being onlyone of them A lot of the nations of the west wanted to be first in discovery and you ll read aboutthem all The sea voyages read like adventure stories and they were some of humankind s greatestadventures.When we had an idea of the shape of Antarctica what to do next but land and get to the South Pole.The race was on an the race betwee...

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    There is plenty of information about the history of Antarctic exploration in Marilyn J Landis s book, recounted in a reasonably entertaining way, and so the book is marginally recommendable but it s got a lot of problems that keep me from rating it above three stars First, it s clear that Landis has done no new archival research, so the actual necessity of the book is in question there are plenty of other books that cover this subject matter Second, the material is very badly arranged Landis s Chapters 8 through 12, comprising Regional Explorations, should have been folded into her Chapters 1 through 7, General Exploration, and the whole should have been put in strict chronological order as it is, she keeps circling back to the same stories that she has told already It s not apparent what Chapters 13 and 14, Exploring Antarctica s Geography and Wildlife, are doing her...

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    Non Fiction Ah, a book with two subtitles, rarely a good sign I wanted a history of Antarctic exploration, and this was the closest thing I could find It does exploration, sort of, but it also covers the whaling and sealing industry of the 1900s which basically made me want to vomit Antarctic land use and treaties, everybody who ever sailed past the subantarctic islands, and penguins and other wildlife Now, the descriptions of each penguin species were easily my favorite part of the book some steal pebbles from their neighbors and then, if caught, pretend to be asleep but, uh, that s not what I was reading this for.The book covers the same ground repeatedly, as if each chapter were meant to stand alone, and its episodic nature and disjointed chronology make it difficult to get an accurate picture of Antarctic history Not even the time line was in chronological order And it omits important points like first to reach the South Magnetic Pole and first to reach the South Pole Why even bother putting in a time line It s also wrong, at least twice In Landis account of North Pole history, I found two misstatements one minor, but one so bizarre I had no idea where she even got it It makes me wonder what else was wrong about this book.It s got black and white photographs, many taken by the author, a glossary and an index, but absolu...

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    Landis focuses on the discovery of Antarctica, in terms of first contact with humans, interior explorations, and its wildlife The organization is a bit disjoint and there are some repetitions in later chapters on...

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    Really interesting historical account of the numerous folks who discovered the polar continent and what motivated them to do so Definitely made me excited about the upcoming trip Well, except for all the accounts of scurvy, dysentery and falling through crevasses.

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