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The Painter Download The Painter J.W Deas Chardonneret.eu Life Can Be Complicated For A Liar And Fake Artist As A University Art Student In 1992, Andy Has Stealing Bits And Pieces From Other Works Down To A Science His Deception Is Rooted So Deep Within Himself, He S Even Beginning To Believe His Own Lies When Andy Meets Henry, An Actual Artist, His Life Tumbles Farther Down The Rabbit Hole Henry Lives In The Shadows Of Athens, Georgia, Unable To Face Humanity For His Own Dark Reasons When The Two Join Forces, Henry Gives Andy The Keys To The Art Kingdom, A Move Which Will Alter Both Of Their Lives As Andy And Henry S Duplicity Takes Form, An Eclectic Cast Of Characters Add To The Deceptive Backdrop Andy Is Creating With His Lies A Girlfriend And Her Roommate, A Musical Bartender, A Blind Man And A Crazy Beatnik All Take Shape In Andy S Colorful Life Within A Story Of Love, Laughter, Hangovers And Lies, Andy Must Decide Between The Life He S Painted Using Someone Else S Brush, Or Finding His True Self Within The Gray.

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    I never really felt connected to the characters but kept reading because the references to Athens amused me Any novel that talks about the transition of Shrimp Boat to China Boat and dipping pennies in Guthrie s sauce is worth a read It was fun to rea...

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    Tremendous An honest and startlingly bold story, with excellent pacing Seemingly unconnected themes come together late in the book in a way that makes you shake your head A true story of redemption One of my favorite books of the year.

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    Rec d by Colleen Hoover

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    When I was half way done with this book, I started trying to figure out how I wanted it to end I decided I wanted Henry to be ok being out to the world, and I wanted Grayson to forgive.You see Andy s world is made up of lies Not hurtful lies, just lies He lies and tells everyone that Henry s art is his Hernry wants him to Unfortunately that means lying to Grayson Andy has such a big heart and connects so deeply with everyone His love with Greyson is on another planet He is sweet to a mentally handicapped man, he tries to help a blind man see red.As the book comes closer to it s end...

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    A funky stroll through an eclectic rock n roll townReading this book is like taking a walk through that funky Southern town, Athens, GA A town known for 80s bands the B 52s and R.E.M., it has developed into an arts hotbed The music scene is still thriving and artists of all varieties long ago joined the party The town may be small, but it has the cultural assets of a big city, which is what makes it so unique, so loved, so special In this story set in Athens we meet Andy who struggles with a past he can barely admit to himself He wants to be something he s not a visual artist Paintings live and breathe to him, but he doesn t think much of his own efforts to create them So he lies, fabricates, pretends As the novel begins, he happens into an artist who doesn t want to be the face of his own art Henry and the two make a matched set Together, with Andy as the face of the art and Henry as the maker, things seem to be going tickety boo The journey takes us to football games, university classes, drinking to excess, and experimentation that come with coming of age Oh, we can t forget love Andy meets Grayson, a girl who shares his tendency toward excess and he wonders if he s found his partner for l...

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    Loved reading about Athens in the 90 s Couldn t put this one down

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    I enjoyed this tale of a very untalented art major at university who is persuaded to present an exceptionally talented painters work as his own There is a foray through his college life, his friends and his search for himself

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    unique plotFell in love with each character, couldn t put the book down Quick ending I didn t want it to be over.

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