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SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller PDF Epub SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller Author Shailendra Gulhati Bandcamptomp3.co.uk SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller, Is A Brilliant Narrative, Which Combines Mystery, Mythology, And Meditation To Reveal A Profound Spiritual Journey Shailendra Presents Shiva, The Supreme Lord Of Yoga, As The Protagonist Who Rises Through Time And Space To Establish His Sublime Presence In The Most Endearing Way, Transforming And Delighting The Reader In A Timeless Love Story, The Perfect Yogi Meets The Perfect Yogini Will They Be Able To Embrace The Perfect Destiny Or Will The World Create Obstacles, Not Having Understood Perfect Love Shiva, Who Sports The Title Of The God Beyond Mortal Understanding , Is Portrayed With An Enchanting, Almost Human Quality As We Travel In Time With Him Through Myriads Of Mystically Visualised Renderings, We Are Transported To A Magical World Of Divine, Intriguing Experiences, Where The Search For Self Unfolds As The Quest Of Every Soul As It Seeks Its Way Home.

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    Beautiful narrative, showcasing the paradoxical essence of ShivaThis book is an easy read What I like most is that it does not use heavy handed theology or secretariat principles of religion or sects in Hinduism.It reads like a metaphor akin t...