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    I got this book in the Goodreads Giveaways This is a great book of poetry that can be used as positive affirmations It would be nice to read a poem a day, and live it, then, continue to live it It has about 40 poems in it Nice and simple Some poetry can be way over my head, but this is simply sweet It is religious, but there is no definition of who the higher power is, althou...

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Living Prayer (The Mystical Traveler # 6) Living Prayer Perhaps This Book Relates Some Of The Significance Of These Two Words In Whispers Like Incense Offered In The Nave What S Written Here Only Hints At The Ineffable Like The Book Says, Even Without The Right Words, The Heart S Aspiration Is Enough Raise Your Sights Then Raise Them Again Become The One Through Whom All Is Done.