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10 thoughts on “Finally My Forever Meant for Me #1

  1. Candace Stiles Candace Stiles says:

    Lovely I fell in love with Micah tooHe's beautiful talented loving and sincere Such a sweet book with great characters

  2. Kathy Kathy says:

    This is Christian Fiction with the whole saved by Jesus thing so if you don't like that this isn't for you Along with that this was a sweet although somewhat sappy love story I liked the characters and would pick up another book by this author35 starscontent cleansource kindle unlimited download

  3. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  4. Jennifer Robb Jennifer Robb says:

    I'd like to rate it higher than average but I don't feel I can given some of my concerns with the plotCarly begins the book as a teen who seems to be going down the wrong path Her parents force her to put in one day of volunteer work painting at Happy House Thomas had Down's Syndrome and he is one of the people Happy House is designed to help Thomas's brother Micah is also volunteering there that day and Carly uickly becomes infatuated with him so much so that she borrows an ID from the sister of a friend to be able to get in to the venue where Micah's band is the opening act for another band that her friends like Concern 1 Her parents who seem so concerned that this friend Gigi is leading Carly down the wrong path are okay with her going out with this same friend the same evening as her punishment during the day Either her parents aren't as concerned about her as they seem to be or they aren't parents who stick to their guns about punishmentAt the concert Carly realizes Micah has a girlfriend She immediately wants to leave but Gigi talks her into staying to hear the main band that they paid the cover charge to hear They start talking to some guys from their school and it turns out that Carly and Zeke start dating that night They date for about a year before Zeke commits suicide Carly is the one to find him About four years later Carly's and Micah's paths cross again Micah's become a Christian in the meantime causing his previous girlfriend to drop him His new girlfriend died in a car accident about a year before he and Carly meet again Carly's become a science teacher in the meantime Her science experiments with the kids at Happy House are neat Carly's not a born again Christian at this pointAs they trade stories and realize both have seen things no one should really have to see or remember Micah becomes convinced that they are meant for each other because he prayed that God would send someone who understood his pain Concern #2 If Micah is truly a born again Christian what about the verse about not being uneually yoked that most churches seem to interpret to mean a Christian should not date or marry a non Christian Yes Carly does profess to become a Christian as a result of a conversation with Micah but it takes time to see if the profession is true or just wordsConcern #3 the pace at which their relationship develops They go from meeting each other after 5 years to him asking her to marry him in what seems to be a very short time Have they really had a chance to get to know each other? Couldn't they still be in the infatuation or honeymoon stage of their relationship at this point?

  5. Vibliophile Vibliophile says:

    Low key but still swoony romance Loved this story of a relationship development between the heroine a crush from the past And I really appreciated that it didn't stoop to the typical romance tropes like the mean girl was actually pretty realistic sadlyThe research kiss was a little too contrived but the banter when Thomas was looking for them was so cute that I ended up enjoying it despite the unlikeliness of itClean romance level Some pretty steamy kisses but no lines crossed

  6. Arlene Brauckmuller Arlene Brauckmuller says:

    Not my favorite I’m a huge fan of Brooke St James Read most of her books and it shocks me that one person can come up with so many different story lines This book just didn’t do it for me The Christian side was much dominant in this story and I was never able to connect with Carly or Micah Their story was too unbelievable and I never was able to feel their love for each other like I could in almost all of her other books Sorry just felt like this story was just thrown together to fill up the pages

  7. Jamie M Jamie M says:

    My favorite authorI seriously love pretty much everything Brooke writes and thank heavens she’s written A LOT I think that’s because she’s been blessed with a talent that she’s meant to share to lift others and to remind us of what love and marriage can and should be like in this world if we make Christ apart of it Thank you for that

  8. Julie Holdsworth Julie Holdsworth says:

    DifferentThis was an interesting love story that kept my interest Brooke creates 3 dimensional characters with real life problems The speed with which they declare their love and marry is the most unrealistic thing she does

  9. Donna Campbell Donna Campbell says:

    Really funThis was a really cute story I really enjoyed the characters and how their relationship progressed There was some religion in the story but it wasn't overly preachy Sweet clean romance

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    GoodI enjoyed this book It had an interesting aspect of both of the main characters experiencing trauma and learning to rely on Christ I also liked the involvement of the kids with disabilities

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Finally My Forever Meant for Me #1 ❮Epub❯ ➥ Finally My Forever Meant for Me #1 ➤ Author Brooke St. James – Carly Howard fell for Micah Bennett the moment she laid eyes on him She dreamed of their happily ever after and only hoped he felt the same way Within hours that dream was soon replaced with the reali Carly Howard fell Forever Meant PDF Ê for Micah Bennett the moment she laid eyes on him She dreamed of their happily ever after and only hoped he felt the same way Within hours that dream was soon replaced with the reality that Carly would have to settle for someone else Carly moved on and Micah soon became a distant memory When their paths unexpectedly crossed again Carly hoped that second chances would make her dreams come true Maybe this time Micah thought the same thing too.

  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • Finally My Forever Meant for Me #1
  • Brooke St. James
  • English
  • 07 June 2015
  • 9781519239952