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    3.75 starsI didn t think I d have any chance to read this memoir by Rudyard Kipling till I came across this one in the DASA BookCafe in Bangkok in early August 2012 I had read some of its few excerpts somewhere and longed to read it years ago When I was young, I first read a Thai translated version and wondered who wrote this wonderful story It s a pity its author was vaguely revealed to me then Till many years later, in my early 20s I finally found some of his books, especially The Jungle Books in some college university libraries and the hero s name Mowgli popped up in my mind Therefore, I understood why there are two Thai names, that is, the one mentioned above and another rarely heard one It s obviously a matter of Thai pronunciation from two translators, and I wonder which one has been popular so far For some reason, has been popular and seemingly widely used however, Mowgli generally read as two syllables, that is, mow.gli is closer in its pronunciation than mau.kli.This 8 chapter memoir is not lengthy some 138 pages so we can reasonably finish reading it if we ve known and admired him First of all, he was the first English writer who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1907 Second, he wrote the inspiring poem If and innumerable others Third, he was the first who famously stated t...

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    I first read this short 122 pages auto biography in an anthology of Kipling s shorter works For years I thought it must have been an excerpt, and hoped I would run across the full length work But no I suspect it may have been cut short by his death, or perhaps edited by his surviving family, who were very protective.Nonetheless, it s a fascinating read Among other enjoyable bits, I find his advice on editing to be excellent, and perfectly relevant to modern writers though as someone else who quoted it notes, beware if you write on an electronic device India ink won t help your screen clarity one bit This leads me to the Higher Editing Take of well ground Indian Ink as much as suffices and a camel hair brush proportionate to the inter spaces of your lines In an auspicious hour, read your final draft and consider faithfully every paragraph, sentence and word, blacking out where requisite Let it lie by to drain as long as possible At the end of that time, re read and you should find that it will bear a second shortening Finally, read it aloud alone and at leisure Maybe a shade brushwork will then indicate or ...

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    It s exactly what it says in the title, not quite an autobiography but some slices of Kipling s life Not always perfectly remembered but always interesting, insightful and very Kipling and a little something of the life of Kipling by Kipling is something to treasure.

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    It s a shame that those who have little of interest to tell us release the third volume of their biographies by the age of 30, whilst others with a fascinating history leave it until the final countdown before starting their first volume Such is the case with Kipling who did not leave enough time to complete his auto biography before being called onto a greater place.Where that greater place would be is difficult to say From the first paragraph Kipling invokes Allah,and later states that as Islam was his first taste of religion he found it the sweeter taste And so begins the slim volume, contradicting the racist colonialist impression that many post colonialists force upon him and any of their readers.Kipling was a product of his time, and a staunch colonialist but that does not mean that his works represent any ...

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    Kipling had a popularity with other writers Joyce put his talent next to Tolstoy s William and Henry James loved him that seems mysterious until you actually read him His sentences are dense and tactile whole pages drip with details made resonant and powerful through economy, architecture, and one of the most eclectic vocabularies I ve ever read Something of Myself is his very self protective memoir, interesting especially for the parts about India and writing The last chapter, called Working Tools, is fascinating the way it s fascinating to listen to a mason talk about a wall he s making A sort of proto craft confession, like the Art of interviews in the Paris Review Ink types, hours of work, revision, favorite paper all this is discussed as pedantically and therefore, convincingly as possible But the most compelling part, for me at least, is when Kipling speaks about his Daemon The idea of writer as vessel for a dictating power is usua...

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    Short but of course beautifully written memoir with some brilliant insights on writing

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    I really enjoyed this book , RK looking back and vaguely remembering bits of his life in little randomly selected coloured cameos The early days in India , the vile and hateful boarding house in England where he learned to insulate himself, immersing himself in his imaginings whence his writing , back to India and OMG just walking into an awesome job as a journalist on a newspaper in Lahore , oh and really getting on with his parents whom he hadn t seen since he was 6 cos they had sent him to board in England Seems amazing but true Then starting to write stories for his newspaper, then seamlessly becoming world famous and taking off round the world and living in New England , England , South Africa , Australia marrying , having Henry James at his wedding one of only 3 guests Also many of his family sort of automatically became or were at the forefront of either the arts , literature or politics quite a charmed life except for the great tragedy he lost his only son John in 15 in the war which does not get a mention Throughout all of this , RK remains completely modest and intimate as an author The voice is of one who is telling his story in a slightly quirky manner , with occasional unusual sentence and word choices across the table with a smile or chuckle I liked the man and of course you read it wistfully as he is now very long dead and what he is telling you is personal and from the heart.So a s...

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    Appropriately titled autobiography, a sketch rather than a detailed portrait, but full of interest.

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    Had to read the autobiography after reading the Jungle Books.

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    I enjoyed this look into his life, of a sketch than a deep autobiography An interesting look into another time, another place.

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Something of Myself: For my Friends Known and Unknown Read Something Of Myself For My Friends Known And Unknown Author Rudyard Kipling Buyprobolan50.co.uk Offers An Insight Into The Mind Of Rudyard Kipling, Who Upheld The Victorian Imperialist Values Of Duty, Patriotism And Obedience, And Yet Sympathized With Outlaws And Children This Memoir Describes His Bitter Childhood Years In The House Of Desolation , His Beloved Parents And His Pride In His Own Work.