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Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There Reading Through The Looking Glass And What Alice Found There Author Lewis Carroll Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Es La Continuacion De Las Aventuras De Alicia En El Pais De Las Maravillas Aunque No Hace Referencias A Lo Que Ocurre En Ese Libro Muchas Cosas De Las Que Acontecen En El Libro Parecen, Metaforicamente, Reflejadas En Un Espejo Mientras Que El Primer Libro Juega Con Cartas Vivientes, En Esta Ocasion Alicia Se Ve Envuelta En Una Loca Partida De Ajedrez Carroll Nos Proporciona Una Lista De Los Movimientos Que En Ella Se Producen, Aunque Algunos De Ellos Van En Contra De Las Reglas Del Juego, Como Si Fuera Un Nino Pequeno El Que Estuviera Jugando.

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    Reread July 2017 Reread for booktube a thon 2017 Do I really have to tell you I loved it I think you should know that by now

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    But are you really pro life asked Alice Because you know, I ve heard pro life people talk before, and they sound quite different When I use a word, Trumpty Drumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, it means just what I choose it to mean neither nor less The question is, said Alice, whether you can make words mean so many different things The question is, said Trumpty Drumpty, which is to be master that s all Alice was too puzzled to reply to this, so she thought she had better change the subject That is a fine wall, Mr Drumpty, she said after a while It must have cost you a great deal to build it It cost me nothing, said Trumpty Drumpty off handedly Every single cent of it came from my friends in Mexico They must be very good friends, said Alice politely Not in the least, said Trumpty Drumpty But they had no choice, you see First, I sent back all the...

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    Alice at the ripe old age of seven and a half is still bored , as she plays with her adorable black and white kittens, yet she needs something better, again ignored by her older sisterwants stimulation, excitement, yes adventures, so decides to go through a looking glass and escape the tedium of everyday life of Victorian EnglandShe will not be disappointed, in reality probably much too much for Alice s childish taste The girl sees a magnificent garden and a twisting road leading thereNevertheless she ends back were she started disoriented, perplexed, downright anxious Welcome to the fantastic world on the other side of the mirror, the fast traveling Red Queen not to be confused with the Queen of Hearts tells the little girl she too can become a queen ifa mighty big one, if she partakes and wins in a giant game of chess , the enormous, beautiful squares have been built on the ground and the player follows the course they being the pawn Alice must navigate the maze of dark woods, losing her way, asking directions and getting baffling answers, from s...

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    Goodreads having eaten my first review of this book, I need to hastily rewrite another Basically Alice in Wonderland is the superior book, but not by much Book 2 is proof that Lewis Carroll can make lightning strike twice.In book 2, Alice finds herself through her mirror, and interacts with the kingly...

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    It s not fair that I have to review this book.I mean, no one is making me Technically speaking, I am in no way obligated to review this But also, in a much real important way, because I am the one saying it I absolutely must.Because I love this book so goddamn much.BUT HOW AM I POSSIBLY EXPECTED TO PUT THAT LOVE INTO WORDS.There s only one way to do it.By cheating.Read my review of Alice s Adventures in Wonderland so you understand the immensity of my love for these books which I kind of count as one book, spiritually, and only don t actually count as one book for reading challenge purposes.But you still won t really know how much I love these books, so you should probably read me scream about it in my review of The Annotated Alice And Alice s Adventures Under Ground, for good measure.And also, you should read all of Shakespeare s love sonnets, and the great love letters of history, and the collected works of Jane Austen You should watch the bird scene from The Notebook, and the sad part from Titanic, and t...

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    If you love children s stories, you will love Through the Looking Glass.If you love magic, you will love Through the Looking Glass.If you love words, you will love Through the Looking Glass.I love Through the Looking Glass.

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    A charming book, full of surprising insights into the true meaning and historical background of various seemingly straightforward passages in the Alice books So much so, that one wishes that there were of these annotations.That I had missed while growing up It has lots of lessons that are currently applicable to people in their everyday life For instance, the Cheshire Cat when Alice asked him where she should go So many people in life don t know where they re going and so they just settl...

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    I think that the failure not only of Children s Literature as a whole, but of our very concept of children and the child s mind is that we think it a crime to challenge and confront that mind Children are first protected from their culture kept remote and safe and then they are thrust incongruously into a world that they have been told is unsafe and unsavory and we expected them not to blanch.It has been my policy that the best literature for children is not a trifling thing, not a simplification of the adult or a sillier take on the world Good Children s literature is some of the most difficult literature to write because one must challenge, engage, please, and awe a mind without resorting to archetypes or life experience.Once a body grows old enough, we are all saddened by the thought of a breakup We have a set of knowledge and memories The pain returns to the surface Children are not born with these understandings, so to make them understand pain, fear, and loss is no trivial thing The education of children is the transformation of an erratic and hed...

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    Finished Lewis Carroll s Alice in Wonderland and plunged Through the Looking Glass At first, while it was enjoyable, not much seemed new about Alice s continued adventures However, Carroll s inventive, evocative and fun use of language takes over and turns this into a different kind of adventure Even if you haven t read this one before I count myself in this number , you should find that you re familiar with the basic elements of the story Alice s adventures through a landscape drawn up as a chessboard and characters including the Red Queen, White Queen, Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, ...

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