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    We discuss each paper, even the latter In the criss cross of our conversation the idea of animal money appears None of us can account for it, none of us can take credit for it.The idea silences us for a while, as we try to grasp it, each within ourselves It really is only a chance coupling of two words, but they seem to call to each other It is immediately obvious to us that animal money does not refer to the age old practice of rating wealth in head of cattle or otherwise using livestock as money there is something new in our minds As far as I can tell, Cisco is the best of all authors currently active in the long form Weird Fiction New Weird space.And there are a ton of qualifiers and retractions and specifications that go along with that, most of them actually unimportant But I will say that the general speculative scene has over the years become progressively less interesting and compelling to me, to the point that it receives little of my attention or passion, and that has been the case for at least a few years now There are a few authors I still pay a...

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    Threaded by confusion that compels you to wander until you reach the end Lovely words, ideas mingle, brackishness throughout So many things, so many of them amazing, so many confounding Interpretation is critical and it is only yours We are all economists of our own reality yet slaves to a tong...

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    Sort of like the surreal offspring of Julio Cortazar s THE WINNERS, Samuel R Delany s THE EINSTEIN INTERSECTION, and Renee Gladman s Ravicka novels By which I mean that I enjoyed this a whole lot.

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    VOICE What can you tell us about Animal Money Assiyeh awoke after the conference and began to wonder if all of her revolutionary technologies had made a difference, but it is not the difference that she wondered about, but rather, the idea of the technologies being revolutionary and what it meant for those technologies to be revolutionary There is a sort of awareness that occurs for Assiyeh while reflecting upon the definition of a revolution and whether or not something can be revolutionary, and her mind began to consider the idea that a revolution is a movement that can only exist in opposition to stagnation and that same movement might better be understood during her attempt to create a state of absolute rest Assiyeh began to experiment, and her conclusion that we are always moving to search for something that is better than ourselves by constantly creating materials that will enhance our state of existence whether it is a brand new television set or a new way to have sex by using only your fingertips each new idea both a quantitative and qualitativ...

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    This is an excellent, if disturbing read.It is a surrealistic narrative organised around four economists who attend a conference and come up with the concept of animal currency or animal money Except, it s not that simple In this reality economists like other academics are almost mystical and certainly cultish, with esoteric aspects to their learning, swearing in and continued existence They have identifying tattoos on their faces, for example.The idea of animal money which takes root in their imagination is disturbing to the rest of the world, and a series of strange events begins to unfold Lest you think this is boring, the...

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    Does the reader want the incidents the reader fantasized Yes Does the reader want to escape from the incidents the reader fantasized Yes Does the reader want to have not lived those incidents No Does the reader want to live incidents of an entirely different kind, without going into the details of the difference Yes Does the reader want things to change or things to freeze I prefer change, but both, really Does the r...

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    So far it is a lot of hilarious non sense and I love it There is to hold onto than I feel Cisco usually allows There was an early narrator switch that I think was just a mistake as right now Ronald Crest appears to be the man in charge.

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    This is a difficult book to review, and I think it will be a five star book for a small number of people On the one hand, I enjoyed the writing enough to continue through to the end Cisco has a strong voice and can create compelling imagery He has a wicked sense of humor and the occasionally graphic or explicit content stands out in contrast to the rest of the text to good effect I think I did not ultimately enjoy the book as a whole because of several issues Animal Money is willfully non linear, with the narrative jumping perspectives, times, and in and out of hallucinatory episodes without any warning or roadmap I can live with this I m a big fan of David Lynch, and I am than willing to do the work to try and meet a work on it s own terms However, I didn t have a sense of this technique reflecting any underlying coherence It too often read as surrealism for its own sake If you enjoy the disorienting long strange trip for its own sake, then you might get mileage out of this than I did I don t need to read nearly 800 pages to get the point that things don t...

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    By far the craziest book I ve ever read What in the bizarro weird world just happened for 780 pages Animal Money contains so many fantastic passages, and often has some wonderful narrative momentum It s some of the most fun I ve had reading in years I also would be hard pressed to describe a plot to someone without sounding like a lunatic There were chunks of the book where I had no idea what in the hell I was reading but decided to just go along, enjoy the ride, and not insist on clarity or anything being easy The book starts in a bizarre fictional future where a bunch of economists traveling to a conference all coincidentally get hilarious head injuries As they recover together, they find their recent work has common themes and the collaboratively develop a new, bizarre and fascinating economic system and it gets them in a lot of trouble with the powers that be The book becomes an adventure conspiracy, with all sorts of powerful forces trying to suppress their treatise on Animal Money and it gets weirder as it goes, including aliens and space travel, extra dimensions, at least one dead ghost narrator, a heavy drinking journalist controlled by his louse infested tongue, a giant spider who runs an island that appears from nowhere and communicates by people drinking her venom or something , a scientist who may or may not be a fictional creation of other characters to distract from their economic theories that ...

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    Psilocybin in book form.

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