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10 thoughts on “Concerning Cats: My Own and Some Others

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    Delightful language and sentiments regarding many special feline friends.

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    i finally gave up using a librivox audio file, the woman reading was slaughtering the language and i couldn t take it any bummer language delivery matters, imo it isn t often that i start a book and cannot finish it but it happens once in a while always a disappointment.

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    Cats and cat lovers indulgers haven t changed much over the years Interesting book on cats that the author has owned or known Plus sections on cats in the various art forms, types of cat breeds and the origin of cats Some of that can be skimmed through if you don t find it interesting.

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    Constant pleasure

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Concerning Cats: My Own and Some Others She Was Such A Pretty Lady, And Gentle Withal So Quiet And Eminently Ladylike In Her Behavior, And Yet Dignified And Haughtily Reserved As A Duchess Still It Is Better, Under Certain Circumstances, To Be A Cat Than To Be A Duchess And No Duchess Of The Realm Ever Had Faithful Retainers Or Half So Abject Subjects.