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The Year of the Poet II November 2015 Ebook The Year Of The Poet II November 2015 By The Poetry Posse Preface Dear Family And Friends, As We Come To The Close Of The Year Of 2015, I Would Like To Express My Gratefulness For Every Member Of The Poetry Posse We Are One Month Away From Concluding Our Second Year In This Effort, The Year Of The Poet Over The Past 23 Months, We Have Featured Many Poets From Our Global Poetry Family, And Shared Them With You We Are Looking Forward To Continue In This Process Of The Offering Of Our Verse You May Or May Not Be Aware That The Cost Of This Effort Is Fully Underwritten By Inner Child Press On Another Important Note, We Are Also Currently In The Process Of Taking In Submissions For The World Healing, World Peace Anthology This Project Has Been Active Since 2011, And The Upcoming 2016 Publication Will Be Our 3rd Installment Where Poets From All Over The World Contribute Their Voices Pertaining Their Thoughts, Feelings And Insights The Anthology Will Be Published In April Of 2016 To Coordinate With What We Call International Poetry Month Words Are Powerful Instruments That Have A Greater Potential For Change Than Many Other Efforts We May Mobilize The General Consensus Amongst Most People I Speak To These Current Days All Voice A Concern And A Need For Change In How We As Humans Integrate With Each Other There Are Many Challenges Within The Fabric Of Humanity That Upset The Balance And Affront The Potential Of What Life Can Possibly Be Learning To Coexist Seems At Times To Be A Daunting Task I Am So Honored To Be Amongst Such Wonderful Poetic Souls Who Contribute Their Thoughtful Words To That End World Healing, World Peace Thank You All For The Love Bless Up Bill

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