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January Download January Author Marie Corbett Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk An Intimate Look At The Life Of A Female Superior Court Judge, January Entwines Two Stories One Personal, One Professional Over One Challenging, Transformative Year.In The Month Of January, The Honourable Marie Corbett Is Adjudicating Criminal Trials On Childhood Sex Abuse And Other Difficult Cases At The Same Time, She Faces The Imminent Death From Cancer Of Her Closest Friend, Anne Armstrong Gibson Recently Widowed, Anne Must Prepare Her Two Young Sons For Life Without Her.Marie Travels Daily Between Hospital Ward And Courtroom, Reflecting On Her Own Role As Mother, Wife, And Trial Judge Recognizing The Limitations Of The Criminal Justice System, Devastated By The Death Of Her Friend, Marie Embarks On A Path Of Self Discovery And Faces A Choice Between Civic Duty And The Life She Wants To Live.

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    I really like the way this book was written And the story is both heart breaking and inspirational I did think, though, that there was too much detail given to the court cases, even though I learned a lot as I read them I preferred to read the personal mom...

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    A fascinating read than I was expecting, but not quite what I was expecting at the same time.First, the ugly While Hon Corbett wasn t born into upper class and she had to work hard to get there, that part of her life was really glossed over, and there was an air of aristocracy to the memoir that I struggled with at times while educated and relatively well read, I can t relate and struggle to find sympathy for the upper class and their unique problems.Now, the good stuff This book is full of fascinating little gems about Canada s court system, about life as an Ontario Superior Court Justice, about being a feminist working inside Canada s legal system at a time when women weren t seen as having a place, touching on a very sweet friendship instead of seeing other women as competition , and a subtle reflection of what it means to have it all and if it is even possible.I would have liked to see personal history and introspective, but she feels like a very private person even though she wrote this memoir It s possible that because she had hit a level of social status she didn t...

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    Excellent and refreshingI chose this book after hearing an interview about it on cbc radio Although I wished Marie had written about the changes she made to her life and how that wasn t really the purpose and I respect that This was an excellent caption of the true torment and suffering of someone with cancer and how it changes your life while you watch on the outside I learned a lot about how it truly is about what we do in our personal life outside work that ...

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