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When I Grow Up: A Young Person's Guide to Interesting and Unusual Occupations What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up Consider All Your Options How About Being A Game Designer And Creating Computer Action Games Similar To The Ones You Play Or, If You Like Chocolate, You Could Become A Chocolatier And Make Delectable Treats There S Even The Possibility Of Studying Fascinating Bugs For A Living As An Entomologist The Choices Are Endless So Come Read About Fourteen Professionals And The Unusual And Satisfying Work That They Do Maybe Some Of These Career Paths Will Inspire Ideas Of Your Own.

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    When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a Karate Guy when I got older Apparently, I wasn t aware of the whole you have to make some money thing It just sounded like a cool job to me As a child, I didn t know I would grow up to be a children s librarian I m guessing the same goes for kids who grow up to be alpaca farmers When I Grow Up contains a collection of unique professions that will be useful for kids thinking of the future A solid addition to your careers section.14 uncommon professions are represented here, from entomologist study of insects to robotics engineer I was pleased to see that they actually profile people associated with each career, instead of just providing facts It puts a human face on the jobs A healthy dose of photographs show these individuals at work, giving a behind the scenes look at their day to day tasks And there are some fairly obscure jobs that deserve that inside look treatment, as this may be the first time a cheese maker, chocolatier, and kite designer all have shared the same pages.It should be stated that When I Grow Up is not your first stop for career titles, but a supporting one Be sure you re stocked up on the conventional jobs before adding this into the mix...

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    Fourteen careers ranging from Alpaca farmer to robotics engineer, set designer to pet photographer are given individual double page spreads as they are highlighted for the reader with colorful photo essays Each occupation includes basic information about the j...

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    A fun look at alternate career ideas for the when I grow up interested My husband would have wanted to be a master cheese maker like the featured man in Vermont and my youngest, of course, flipped over the game designer Personally I was smitten with the notion of being a Lobsterman which featured ...

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    This came up when I was searching my library database for books about alpacas, and while that s not the actual theme of this book, I need some ideas about what to be when i grow up so I figured I d check it out.

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    Borrow or buy At home, this is a book you can share together a couple of times If you are a teacher, you will want to buy a copy because you ll be using it every year

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    Lots of interesting occupations in this book Chocolatier, entomologist, set designer, master cheese maker.etc.