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In the Deep End (Art & Coll, # 2) In The Deep End Art Coll, 2 PDF Epub Author Kate Cann Oknalubliniec.eu Coll Has Just About Forgiven Art For Assuming That She Ll Sleep With Him He S Promised Her That They Can Take Things Slowly, That The Time Has To Be Right For Her But Just When Is The Right Time And How Will Their Relationship Change Afterwards There S Only One Way To Find Out Coll Is About To Plunge Into The First Truly Passionate Relationship Of Her Life And She S Excited, Scared, Exhilarated But Will She Sink Or Swim

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    Total nostalgia read well, listen and it took me right back to being a young teenager I think Kate Cann writes obsessive relationships so well.

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    The main reason why I enjoyed this book and why I m enjoying this series overall is because of all the fond memories attached to it Memories of first picking it up years and years ago I think I was 14 years old and it becoming one of my favorite books to read and reread Back then young adult books were scarce and books that dealt with mature content like sex even so If this were my first time reading this book I probably would have rated it lower because of all the flaws in the characters and the relationship between them.I don t really like Collette I thought she was okay in the previous book but her behavior was really off putting in this book She is so obsessed with Art it s borderline insanity But I get it, she s a teenager and it s her first love and it s intense and makes her feel things she s never felt before But the reason I didn t like her this time around is because this book delved deeper into her feeling for Art and I found them to be incredibly shallow She says she loves him which I don t doubt but she names the most vain reasons why, like his stunning good looks And she doesn t really care that she can t confide in him because she says that s not what he is for and that she doesn t need him to be her friend....

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    I ve read the first book in this series and I actually thought it was pretty good So when I picked this one up from the library I was excited to read it I have to say, I was very disappointed in the second book Really the only thing it was about was sex It seemed like every other chapter the main characters were having sex It was boring, bland, and I...

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    Art and Collette s relationship is nauseating at best, but I unfortunately found myself relating to pathetic Coll s woes about not being loved as much as she loved I think it s something every girl has to go...

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    I read this book when I was about 13 as it is a young adult book and I absolutely loved it It s a typical teenager book with both love and heartbreak and the book continuously reaches out to the reader to make you feel involved As a teenager I felt as if the book deal...

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    Probably the most sexually explicit YA book I have read There s sex in almost every chapter I appreciated the unflinching honesty but found it severely lacking in depth Too bad because I liked Art and Coll in the first book.

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    it was a good read for the topic, and the three books didn t go over the top with PSA, and that can be hard to find in stories like this.i would read it again if i was asked but not out of free will smiley i love t...

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    Although typical chicklits, I remember that I loveeeed reading Kate Cann s books as a teenager Really, I bought every book as soon as it got out here in the Netherlands Lovely books for young teenage girls In my eyes this trilogy is t...

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    I feel like this book really ramps up the relationship between art and coll but the ending wasn t as great as I remembered it from the first time I read it