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How to be an Alien in England KINDLE How To Be An Alien In England Author Angela Kiss Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In England Everything Is Typical If Your Train Is Late, It Is Typical If There Are No Seats On The Upper Deck Of A Bus, It Is Typical If It Starts To Rain At Five O Clock Just Before You Leave Work, It Is Typical The English Do Not Like To Be Wished Have A Nice Day , Because To Them It Sounds Like A Command They Think, Who The Hell Do You Think You Are To Order Me To Have A Nice Day Ten Years Ago, Angela Kiss Arrived In The UK Without A Word Of English All She Brought With Her Was A Small Bag, A Sense Of Adventure, A Desire To Work And A Copy Of George Mikes Classic 1940s Humour Book About The Peculiarities Of The British, How To Be An Alien.Through Every Dodgy Flat Share, Low Paid Waitressing Job, Awkward Date And Office Mishap, Angela Held Tight To George S Wit And Wisdom With His Help She Began To Understand How To Live Amongst The English With Their Eccentricity, Spirit And Singing Train Drivers And Fell In Love With A Land Rich In Green Spaces, Pubs And Puddings A Wry, Often Affectionate View On The English, And How To Navigate Our National Personality.

About the Author: Angela Kiss

Angela Kiss was born in Hungary, she has lived and worked in London for ten years.She has had three books published in Hungary, one of which was her memoir, One Way Ticket to London , which has been translated in English and self published as an ebook.Her latest book How to be an Alien in England is a wry, often affectionate view on the English, and how to navigate their national personality.An

10 thoughts on “How to be an Alien in England

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    Having already read Angela s first book One Way Ticket to London, I was looking forward to Angela s next release Reading this from an Englishman s perspective gave me many laugh out loud moments and has made me realise just how Eng...

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    This was hilarious and 100% accurate 4,5 stars

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    As an expat in London I found this book utterly funny, interesting and inspiring.The author takes you through the character of English as seen by an expat, pointing out all their peculiarities in a witty and sharp, yet hilarious way, with lots of Lough Out Loud moments.The book is shaped into a number of short chapters, resembli...

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    Really nice little book Both funny and witty, full of interesting insight into the life of The English I myself have been living in England as an alien for over 5 years now, and I must admit, I have found myself smiling over and relating to many stor...

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    I can definitely relate to most of the stories as I am myself an expat living in London.It s a funny and relaxing read, but a bit clich d sometimes At least the English people I met are so different from one another that you can t generalise.All in all, not t...

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    This is all jolly good fun, and it would be churlish to point out that an interminable series of stereotypes can easily become wearisome I compliment Ms Kiss on her final chapter on the difficulties of being an Alien in Hung...

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    My opinion of Angela s book is I love people who make me laugh I honestly think it s the thing I like most, to laugh It cures a multitude of ills It s probably the most important thing in a person Audrey Hepburn

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    True story about living in the UK Really enjoyed it D

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    Very very funny book

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    Some chapters are definitely 5 star Hilarious.

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