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Swan Feast Download Swan Feast Author Natalie Eilbert Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Eilbert S Lush, Dense Debut Collection Records A Woman S Journey To Take Back Sovereignty Over Her Body From The Anorexia That Has Swallowed It The Multiple Voices Swirl Like A Collision Of Hot And Cold Fronts They Contradict Themselves And Combat Each Other In The Way That One S Own Mind Operates In Seeking A Singular Voice Of Reason To Follow Eilbert S Array Of Referents Can Be Dizzying, But Her Intoxicating Language Is Sure To Keep Readers Under Her Spell PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Swan Feast Is An Appropriately Enigmatic Title For A Book In Which Everything Rage, Joy, Grief, Fear, Pain, Hope Will Happen To You, And Than Once, And In Than One Way This Gamut Of Intense Emotion Is Probed By The Speaker In Relation To Two Implicit, Guiding Questions What Is Beauty And What Is Hunger Everything Happens In This Book Let It Happen To You THE RUMPUS Trust Us On This One You Want To Remember Natalie Eilbert S Name TIME OUT NEW YORK SECOND EDITION This Title Has Been Redesigned And Updated Since Its Initial Release In April 2015.

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    I am a huge fan Dark, brilliant, and daring LOVE the wicked language Exceptional I will read everything she writes

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    I was really looking forward to this book after reading Eilbert s poem in The New Yorker a bit ago I think that poem is maybe indicative of what Eilbert is up to next, though, as it feels vastly different than the stuff in Swan Feast Overall, I think I enjoyed most of the book, which has within it some terrific lines the agony of loss is its refusal to be a vocabulary, the world doesn t want me but the world has awful taste, but there were definitely times where I sensed a certain limit to Eilbert s image system, and a repetition of certain notes being hit again and again Perhaps that s to be expected, as the poems do orbit one central figure and concern, but all the same I sensed my eyes skipping ahead in certain poems to s...

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    Swan Feast is the banquet of a fallen goddess, told through the trance of an autobiographical duckling girl Time, and the world, want the body, and are coming for it Natalie Eilbert tears the body down, and makes time...

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    This edition is out of print Please see new edition, December 2015, from Bloof Books here

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    very taken with the way this book manifests its obsessions

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