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The Undying Monster: A Tale of the Fifth Dimension With A Vengeful Werewolf And A Dark Family Secret This Is An Early Horror Original Crawling With Supernatural Suspense An Ancient Family Curse And A Demonic Creature Are The Focus Of This Horror Mystery Penned By The Imaginative Jessie Douglas Kerruish An Unknown Monster Lurking In The Misty Pine Forests Has Plagued The Hammands For As Long As They Can Remember, And When Oliver Is Savagely Attacked, His Sister Acts In Desperation To Save Him From Madness Or Death.The Only Possible Help Is Luna Bartendale, A Supersensitive Detective Who Soon Unravels To The Mystery Than Anyone Thought Possible Uncovering Occult Items, Strange Burials And Dark Family Secrets, The Shadow Of The Monster Draws Ever Nearer Soon They Realize They Must Risk Everything To Discover The Chilling Truth If They Are To Survive And Prevent The Monster From Killing Again.FLAME TREE 451 From Mystery To Crime, Supernatural To Horror And Fantasy To Science Fiction, Flame Tree 451 Offers A Healthy Diet Of Werewolves And Mechanical Men, Blood Lusty Vampires, Dastardly Villains, Mad Scientists, Secret Worlds, Lost Civilizations And Escapist Fantasies Discover A Storehouse Of Tales Gathered Specifically For The Reader Of The Fantastic Each Book Features A Brand New Biography And Glossary Of Literary, Gothic And Victorian Terms.

About the Author: Jessie Douglas Kerruish

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Undying Monster: A Tale of the Fifth Dimension book, this is one of the most wanted Jessie Douglas Kerruish author readers around the world.

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    So I wanted to watch the 1942 horror film THE UNDYING MONSTER and then found out it was based on a 1922 novel I checked my never to be finished in my lifetime reading lists and, yep, there it was I ordered the Ash Tree Press fine purveyors of beautiful reprints and collections of vintage supernatural writings done in such small numbers that we mere peasants cannot afford them edition from inter library loan Instead, I got sent an old Macmillan Company edition published in 1936 from some library in Utah viva Inter Library loan.I have some things to say about this book but if you think you re likely to actually read it, perhaps you shouldn t read much further Short version for you enjoyable, if excessively wordy typical of the time, and not as bad as some from this period horror novel modern readers won t find it scary, probably exploration of that horror staple, the ancient family curse that has haunted the local gentry for eons mixed in with some post WWI era psychic sleuthing and a healthy dollop of love amongst the well to do If that sounds good, go for it There s some stuff to like here.Okay, that out of the way THE UNDYING MONSTER opens with a bang as view spoiler young Swanhild Hammand drives through the windy, cold Sussex night ...

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    It was around five years ago that I had the pleasure of watching the 1942 horror thriller The Undying Monster on DVD I was moderately impressed with the film, enough to write the following B material given A execution is how film historian Drew Casper describes 20th Century Fox s first horror movie, 1942 s The Undying Monster, in one of the DVD s extras, and dang if the man hasn t described this movie to a T The film, a unique melding of the detective, Gothic and monster genres, though uniformly well acted by its relatively no name cast, features a trio of first rate artists behind the camera who really manage to put this one over And the film s script isn t half bad either Here, Scotland Yard scientist Robert Curtis James Ellison comes to eerie Hammond Hall, a brooding pile on the English coast, sometime around 1900, to investigate some recent attacks ascribed to the legendary Hammond monster Viewers expecting this legend of a voracious predator to wind up being explained in an anticlimactic, mundane fashion may be a bit surprised at how things play out Ellison is fine in his no nonsense, modern detective role he uses a spectrograph to analyze various clues , and Heather A...

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    I m a huge fan of the 1942 film of the same name, and so I was excited to read the book upon which it was based Aside from the broad strokes of plot, they re actually pretty different form one another, and while I still love the movie, the book certainly has some advantages Notably, that the book is a whole lot weirder It s got ...

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    What a wild ride The Undying Monster reads like a Gothic serial but with the recent memory of World War One hanging over the characters It s got ancient curses, Norse mythology, family secrets, red herrings, and anything else you could want from what feels like a later period penny dreadful I enjoyed seeing a woman in the role of occult detective, and I found her and the other characters endearing enough compared to a lot of similar books, I could feel that this one was written by a woman, mainly in the way the characters and relationships are portrayed Kerruish s prose is pretty purple delightful or annoying, depending on your tolerance for that The Flame Tree 451 edition is riddled with typos I have to wonder if they just printed the text from a corrupted PDF file , so not worth buying at full price, but if you can get it used or at the library, and you enjoy Gothic melodra...

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    I started to type a review and then found that Sandy had already said everything I was planning to say So please, read her review, because it s completely accurate about everything, both the book s strengths and its weaknesses But if you want to know what I thought of the book myself, I found it to be gothic in 1920s England , atmospheric, dramatic, well researched, compelling I couldn t put it down , puzzling,...

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    Despite the hilariously terrible cover, this was probably the best postwar Gothic Scandinavian English Theosophist werewolf drawing room mystery I ve ever read.

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    This was utterly amazing One of the best books I ve read Written in 1922 by a deaf woman it is a wonderful occult tale of suspense, in a big old mansion with a family curse What makes this book unique is that it s all about the women in it It starts with the daughter saving her brother and a servant girl from the monster, then has her using th...

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    Cliched and dull, couldn t get beyond the first fifty pages before starting to skim read it Not recommended

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    4 stars from Sandy

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