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Calendar Girl Ebook Calendar Girl By Stella Duffy South London Sleuths Maggie And Saz Come Together On The Trail Of A Mystery Woman Known Only As September, Who Shuttles Between London And New York In A Whirlwind Of Drug Smuggling, Gambling And Prostitution When A Murder Occurs, Maggie And Saz Must Find The Culprit.

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    This Mask Noir title from the literary Serpent s Tail imprint has been sat in a pile of books I ve intended to read for about half a decade and very nearly got donated to a book sale last week until I realised that it was written by THE Stella Duffy, was in fact a British feminist lesbian mystery novel written in the mid 90s and really sounded like the kind of book I should be reading after all And yes, it served its purpose by being something to read at those times when the doorstop of the next Neal Stephenson book I was am still reading was not appropriate to read, such as bedtime, but it was so damned good that I actually put down the Baroque book and then stayed up to finish it This really shouldn t surprise anyone even vaguely familiar with the quality of Duffy s literary work, and I m not talking about the kind of genre bollocks that the literary John Banville churns out as Benjamin Black either, Calendar Girl has a very inter...

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    Saz is ok, but the story lacked reality Some things seemed to happen because the story had to move along The end was no surpise really.

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    Very well paced and plotted, with awkward as hell dialogue in parts a very interesting examination of how little we can know the people we think we know intimately.Maggie s first person narration was chilling, if a little on the nose, and takes the reader through a gauntlet of certainties about her and The Woman with the Kelly McGillis Body, most of which end up being proved false in one sense or another It s good noir, and good misdirection, and intertwines subtly with the main third person private detective storyline.I m fairly new to the tart noir gen...

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    I first read this almost twenty years ago It was the author s first novel I guess I must have liked it back then because I ve kept it Anyway second time around I enjoyed it again It introduces a young lesbian private eye, Saz Martin and the case she gets involved in has her travelling between London and New York She manages the two different voices ...

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    It took a little bit to get into this, with alternating narrators, 1st and 3rd person , that were so jarringly different But once I settled in, this was excellent.Saz is a great character, I look forward to reading her in books.

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    alternative chapters, saz investigates september girl

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    I loved this when I read it Great story.

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    ambiente lesbico.solite tirate alla scottolone.incasinato.noioso.

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    Intriguing mystery and format Two parallel stories unfold, but, as parallel lines meet in infinity, here, they draw closer much faster London detective Saz Martin is hired to find mystery woman September by a man with whom she the mystery woman has dinner every other Friday, but whose name he doesn t even know Meanwhile, comedienne Maggie has an on again off again relationship with the girl with the Kelly McGillis body, who has some major secrets as well The two stories become and closely entwined, eventually merging in whatis definitely not a happily ever after ending The writing is sassy and insightful, wry and hip, at times, introspective and moody It s Raymond Chandler, updated a few decades, and with 2...

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    c1994 FWFTB comic, mysterious, prostitution, drugs, PI This was a recommendation from a reference book regarding crime fiction I had high hopes especially as The Times felt that it is Fast, witty and clever..with cracking dialogue and exuberant characters Not for the first time, I wonder at the reviewers at The Times I can t agree with any of the hyperbole The pace is fast with 2 differing POVs but really..who could not guess what was going to happen The San Francisco Examiner even goes so far as to say The downbeat denouement packs an unexpected, morbid wal...

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