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  • Kindle Edition
  • 259 pages
  • The Best Ever (Second Chance Neighbors #2)
  • Josie Kerr
  • English
  • 04 May 2016

9 thoughts on “The Best Ever (Second Chance Neighbors #2)

  1. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    4 A Serious Winner In My Book Stars In February of this year I read a book which had the insane idea of people over the age of 35 could actually have interest in love sex and careers They could be sexy and in loveand the men could be swoon worthy too It was a uniue idea I know and it warmed my heart as I am very far from 35 A Bad Bit Nice was the book and I thoroughly feel hard for all of the grown up characters in itit also didn't hurt that the men in it were Irish 3This is the second installment of the series and it is eually a winner We get the spicy uick witted romance of Rory and AshleyHe is 45 a very successful technical security business owner who has spent his time either working traveling for work and wooing women much too young to mean anything All of this was fine for him Got a little boring but it was just how things were to be He had his best mate Mickey and his business was doing fantastically wellAshley at 42 had experienced enough to know she was never going to get married she dodged that bullet a while ago Not realizing the man who had been her mentor in the real estate company they both worked for had been the worst type of ass She almost made the mistake of marrying him In perfect asshole form Tricky Dickie lets it be known he is only marrying her to have the wife for the image and had been banging his secretary for months Yes it was embarrassing but Ashley sucked it up and moved on She had the skills reputation and moved to another company without a second look back Ashley came out of that experience feeling stronger and cynical She enjoyed her boy toys and focused on growing her business These two meet because Rory's best friend is Micky; Em who just started working for Rory at his company has Ashley as her best friend Ashley and Em go to the pub that has bands sometimes and karaoke Turns out the hot Ginger Ashley is checking out is Em's new boss Rory One thing leads to another and both Rory and Ashley are taken with each other When Ashley meets Rory these two are perfect for each other Both are free in bed and surprisingly both are taken by how different from the start this hook up feels This is a fantastic story of heart romance nerves and spice too These two characters are people who have lived; who have not always understood how authentic love can work and just as scared of falling as of being without it We follow their romance every step of the way and it is full of real conversations of extremely sexy timesthat just feel right Both people have been touched by painRory from his twin passing in a terrible car accident Ashley losing her mom early as a child causing her to be raised by a burly dad and with 5 brothers all looking out for her They saw her fall for Tricky Dickie and now make sure they speak up if they think any guy is an ass This is a strong read especially if you have read the first book Knowing all of the surrounding characters and previous happening enhanced this tale I am so please I found this series because its charm is outstanding The Irish in it feels just right and I can see where the next installment is going to Colin Micky's younger MMA Champion brother Josie Kerr has a knack and I cannot wait to read from heras real people who are of an age do existand from personal experience we all still love the spicy happy ever after just as much as the young in's A Bad Bit Nice A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  2. Twinsie Talk Angie J Twinsie Talk Angie J says:

    Check out this review and others atwwwTwinsietalkcomwwwFacebookcomTwinsietalkwwwTwittercomTwinsietalkwwwinstagramcomtwinsietalkNewsletter I purchased this bookGAH When I finished Em and Mick’s book I was obsessed to see the secret relationship of Rory and Audrey I mean those two are busting with sexual tension in the first book so actually seeing their side of the story was AWESOMEI am going to say Lust is the best word to describe the two of them when they first meet But a they hook up and spend time with one another Smitten becomes the word of choice They both are smitten with the other but they are afraid to say anything Rory has a reputation but he is aware of wanting with Audrey then she will admit to herself Audrey is a woman who is out to prove herself She lives and works in a man’s world She wants to be taken seriously and respected So her fear of being less then in the eyes of others drives her to not open her eyes to all that Rory had to offer herThese two were such a fun book to read They weren’t as intense as Em and Mick but they definitely had me laughing at the shenanigans their fear of facing the fact they are in hardcore love with the other

  3. Shelly Shelly says:

    If you’ve not read the first book in this series I highly recommend that you do 1 – because it’s good and 2 – because that book has many of the back stories for what transpires in this book I was really looking forward to this story after reading Em and Mick’s story and their reuisite best friends Ashley and Rory Ashley Richards is in her early to mid forties and a realtor She’s a good realtor and has sacrificed much of her personal life to be one She used to go out with boys in their 20s before meeting Rory One of the less talked about aspects of Ashley is that she’s a former beauty ueen She’s the perfect sales person really because she’s got the looks poise and brains for the job But even with all that there was something about her I didn’t really like To be honest I don’t know if it was her character or just the story that I didn’t find appealing The thing is she’s a good person a nice person a good friend a good employee a good daughter a good sister and even with all that but there was just something that didn’t vibe with me Then there’s Rory he’s mid 40s and has his own very successful business He and Ashley have a few things in common actually they both date people in their 20s like karaoke enjoy drinking until drunk enjoy a good sexing and have best friends who are married to each other Their relationship actually runs parallel to Em and Mick’s – it’s just that they didn’t tell anyone that they’re having sex and really that’s all they were doing having sex There were some ups and downs that were fun to read Ashley’s ex fiancé coming to work at the same company she works was a nice change from Ashley and Rory’s sexy times Then there were her brothers and father who are all civil servants and slightly overprotective even though she’s the oldest And Em and Mick' extending their family then there's Em's ex fiance's baby mama uite a bit of secondary storylines There’s a scene I found especially touching it’s Rory’s birthday and he’s suffering We found out in book 1 that Rory’s twin sister was Mick’s wife So with every birthday it’s a fresh wound that his other half isn’t there and I felt for him I really did But Rory didn’t give Ashley a chance to help him through that time because he never told her it was his birthday so she didn’t understand why he was sad but they had sex and that sufficed There was uite a bit where one person’s going through something and they chose to deal with it and not involve or share with the other person For people who aren’t in their 20s any heck even their 30s Rory and Ashley were absolutely not interested in having someone to call your own To each his ownIt’s very hard for me to root for these two as a couple when they don’t seem to have an interest in being a couple I uestioned myself a lot on my obligations as a reader and what I should infer versus what I actually read on paper or ebook you know what I mean Unfortunately the HEA didn’t feel right to me – way too easy and convenient and Ashley didn’t convince me of her HEA and I’d already given up on Rory a while back I'll skip the rest of the series as I'm done with the tats and the sailor mouth chicks Happy Reading FolksRating CPosted at wwwredhotbookscom

  4. Ukgardenfiend Ukgardenfiend says:

    This is real raunchy fun We have a mature heroine and a mature hero who have been burnt before in the relationship stakes They are not ready to settle down nor to have a committed relationshipThey meet and have a light relationship which is mostly hook ups and which develops slowly but neither is willing to admit that their emotions are changing and their ideas of what a relationship could be are also changingA light writing style that moves the story on so it is easy to read and keeps the interest It did get a little stale at around the 75% mark but once over that a nice if somewhat predictable twist ends the story well

  5. Robyn Robyn says:

    I read this on an airplane flight today and whoo at certain points I was uite glad indeed that the stranger sitting next to me was asleep and not reading over my shoulder Hot and satisfying

  6. Bethany Bethany says:

    Josie Kerr continues to impress Her characters are real people with real jobs and problems and you want see them together and happy The sex scenes are hot maybe too hot to read on the bus as I was doing I look forward to books from Ms Kerr

  7. Ginny Pearson Ginny Pearson says:

    Rory and Ashley have been sneaking around for uite some time They both keep telling themselves that they are serious about relationships Rory is busy with work as so is Ashley She is trying to move up in the real estate business she works at They have brought in her ex and he got the job she has been striving for As usual she does all the work and he sits back and collects the money When things with her and Rory turn serious she gets scared and runs After the accident and the news her and Rory decide to talk Will they find out who caused the accident? Will her and Rory take the next step in their relationship?

  8. Pam James Pam James says:

    Love the Irish Can be a stand alone But I recommend that you read the first book then this one Ashley is Em's best friendRory Irish is Mick's best friend They all meet the same night Ashley and Rory can't stay away from each other Neither really wants to settle down Their story is a bit rocky Love the family that is formed Get your copy and start reading Pam James

  9. Zeia Jameson Zeia Jameson says:

    The Best Ever is the second in the Second Chance Neighbors series While you do get a little of Em and Mick's story this book primarily follows hottie Irish businessman Rory and the spunky smart Southern real estate agent AshleyNeither Rory nor Ashley do relationships It's too complicated But they have done other things and those certain things keep them drawn to one another They form a companionship of sorts that they think they are keeping secret from their best friendsRory has a sudden change of heart when he realizes life without Ashley would be dreadful But Ashley doesn't feel the same Or does she? Either way it becomes low on her priorities when a ghost from her past returns to seemingly ruin her career one she's worked all of her life to build Rory plans to find a way to help her stay on track with her job as well as convince her that their relationship is than physical It's a tall order but he is certain it's a task he can accomplishThis book is full of sass drama and suspense It's just as great as book #1 but in a completely different way

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The Best Ever (Second Chance Neighbors #2)➽ [Reading] ➿ The Best Ever (Second Chance Neighbors #2) By Josie Kerr ➲ – What happens when two control freaks meet their matchRory Doyle likes to be in control in control of his career in control of his home and in control of his relationships The one thing he can’t cont What happens when two control freaks meet their matchRory Doyle likes to be in control in control of his career in control of his home and in control of his relationships The one thing he can’t control is his reaction to real estate agent Ashley Richards a feisty ex pageant ueenAshley Richards is a woman with a plan; always has been always will be She’s got her sights set on conuering the Atlanta The Best PDF/EPUB ² commercial real estate market and the last thing she needs is Rory Doyle disrupting her carefully planned lifeAfter their best friends get their happily ever after Rory wants to take his relationship with Ashley to the next level but Ashley has other things to worry about including planning the perfect wedding for her best friend Add a bonus complication of the biggest challenge of her professional career and she definitely does not need the distraction of Rory’s sexy Irish brogue and his hot dancer’s bodyCan Rory convince Ashley to listen to her heart or will she decide that he doesn't fit in with her plans.

About the Author: Josie Kerr

Josie Kerr is a transplanted West Texan living on the edge of semi profoundly rural Georgia aka the southernmost edge of the northernmost county in Metro AtlantaShe has an MEd in Secondary English Education but discovered that she hated high school the second time than she did the first so she decided to meld her love of technology with her education background and became an Instruct.