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Silent Hall ❮PDF❯ ⚣ Silent Hall ✈ Author N.S. Dolkart – A coward’ son a merchant’s daughter a young prince a wild girl and a half dragon all find themselves refugees from their island home When a plague destroys their home they try to forge their own f A coward’ son a merchant’s daughter a young prince a wild girl and a half dragon all find themselves refugees from their island home When a plague destroys their home they try to forge their own future Along with a sinister wizard they awaken a dragon and defy the godsAfter their homeland is struck with a deadly plague five refugees cross the continent searching for answers Instead they find Psander a wizard whose fortress is invisible to the gods and who is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to keep the knowledge of the wizards safe With Psander as their patron the refugees cross the mountains brave the territory of their sworn enemies confront a hostile ocean and even traverse the world of the fairies in search of magic powerful enough to save themselves and Psander’s library from the wrath of the gods All they need to do is to rescue an imprisoned dragon and unleash a primordial monster upon the world How hard could it beStory Locale Fantasy island of Tarphae and the nearby continentSeries Overview Five refugees find their own way running afoul of some gods becoming chosen of others and tangling with wizards dragons and other strange powers.

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  1. Bob/Sally Bob/Sally says:

    This was an interesting book with some really outstanding aspects to it but even roadblocks to a good solid read I nearly gave up on it twice but persevered to the end although I will freely admit to skimming some chaptersThe good? I liked the concept and I liked the characters I was intrigue enough by the latter to want to know to read past those roadblocks and entertained enough by the latter to trust in them Narky and Bandu especially even if I was uestioning their journeyThe bad? The world building was muddled with far too ambitious of a mythology for a single book I read a lot of epic fantasy and I like my stories to be well detailed but this was too much Also the plotting of the book leaves a lot to be desired If never really felt like the storyline was moving forward or approaching any sort of climax Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins Disclaimer I received a complimentary ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for review consideration This does not in any way affect the honesty or sincerity of my review

  2. Koeur Koeur says:

    Angry RobotPublishing Date June 2016ISBN 9780857665683Genre FantasyRating 485Publishers Description Five refugees from a plague stricken island cross the continent searching for answers Instead they find Psander a wizard whose fortress is invisible to the gods and who is willing to sacrifice anything – and anyone – to keep the knowledge of the wizards safe Review Wow this was crazy good especially when you consider that this is the authors first novel The world building is spectacular and the movement spans different territories while entertaining specific uests along the way The character development is really well done Each character has named chapters that give their uniue perspective on the traveling entourage and their own internalizations Add in some wizards Elfs a dragon and a few angry Gods and the recipe for great entertainment is complete I sure hope I get to read about Narky Criton Bandu Phaedra and Hunter GET THIS

  3. Talya Talya says:

    Wow So good You won't be able to put it downThis book is incredible in its character creation Everyone will have their favorites mine is Narky but each one is created so realistically and thoroughly that you will hate and love each one of them in certain points Dolkart builds off traditional fantasy tropes like uesting and characters to make them into real characters The uppity princess the brawny hero the outcastsCharacters SOME SPOILERS BELOW DON'T READ ON IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ SPOILERSPhaedra twist on the classic uppity princess Think Cine from Patricia C Reade or Ella from Ella Enchanted Phaedra is the upper class girl who is smart and wants a broader life but yet realistically she is unable to throw off all aspects of her former life particularly her world view This is so much realistic than simply disregarding everything about that life What I loved most about Dolkart's characterization of her is that he made me hate her in places and uppity princesses are usually my favorite Initially she is the leader of the group but as they learn to work together she can't seem to let go of this role even as she is no longer needed in it Really realisticCriton twist on the outcast because of magic Criton is really similar to many characters in books who are outcasts for possessing certain types of magic However unlike them he realistically bears these scars Criton is a bad person trying to be a good person Love the careful prodding to the reader to think about this as Bandu's back and forth about him being good or wicked He is pretty deeply messed up and as a result doesn't always do the right thing not as in leave my friends in danger as in physically harm them myself Criton is my least favorite character for this reason but also one of the best written I definitely know a few Critons in my lifeBandu twist on the outcast of society Think Daine from Tamora Pierce But Bandu has much depth Dolkart uses Bandu's unfamiliarity to explore and critiue some very obvious social norms Unlike some other reviewers I found Bandu and Phaedra's discussion of virginity to be beautifully written especially given Bandu's lack of command of English enlightening feminist and realistic Think Broadway's Spring AwakeningHunter twist on classic brawny hero many fantasy books now make fun of this trope by making these characters dumb comic relief but Hunter realizes this issue with his character and really tries to be something different that what he's trained as One of my favorite characters by the end and I usually despise the brawny heroNarky where to begin? Narky is almost totally original Social outcast but otherwise completely free speaking not always morally right character So good

  4. Elaine Aldred Elaine Aldred says:

    Five teenagers leave their island for very different reasons Soon after they discover that the world they left behind has disappeared forever because everyone they knew has died from a mysterious plague The wanderers manage to find sanctuary in the wizard Psander's fortress but is not long before their patron sets them off to complete tasks that will change them all than they could have ever imaginedThis is a very special debut novel because the uality of writing takes this tale way beyond a simple fantasy adventure The style of writing is interesting because the story is told from the perspective of all of the five main protagonists and therefore makes for some interesting perceptions of the world of Silent Hall and the people in it This type of narrative also has the feel of a narration by someone sitting with you as you both huddle by a roaring fire This creates the type of distance between you as the reader and the characters in a way that gives you the space to get a grandstand view of all their enthralling adventures while feeling as if you're in the thick of the actionThe interactions of the teenagers are wonderfully subtle as they come together in individual conversations to share confidences with each other or as a group to take part in decision making which affects the future of all of themThe five characters each have different ualities The extent of these is gradually revealed and forms part of the rich texture of the story rather than dominating it Each of them has strengths but also weaknesses which shift and change as the story moves on and they are able to see their way through by working as a tight knit groupAs teenagers they have the same kind of issues that developing adults must face and yet must deal with crises that would test even the most experienced hero But they begin to build the type of strong bonding that is usually only found in a family which is essentially what they becomeIt is not only the uality of the writing that makes this novel exceptional Silent Hall is a book which fits comfortably into the adult fantasy genre but will also appeal as powerfully to a young adult marketThis is a book which rewards with good old fashioned story telling that relates an epic story on a very intimate scaleSilent Hall was courtesy of Angry Robot via NetGalleyIf you want to know about the writing of this book then there is an interview on my blog Strange Alliances

  5. Kitvaria Sarene Kitvaria Sarene says:

    This book is a mixed batch It had some really amazing parts but it also had uite some things that annoyed meI'll start with the bad part to me it felt like there wasn't any real plot The characters wander around get some rather random feeling uests now and then and wander around some It all lacks a sense of direction or meaning Some of the decisions about where to go just didn't make any sense to meThe characters were really really tropey I did still like them and I found them interesting but they were The warrior who isn't too bright the intelligent girl who reads a lot the coward who would rather run away a girl who grew up alone in the forest since she was about 6 and therefore isn't too good at communicating and a half breed who doesn't really know who he is looking for of his kind I would have really liked them a bit less stereotypical even though I kinda liked them They could be divers and a bit depth would helpThere's a romance in this that just didn't work too well for me Two of the characters get together and though the girl is told that one doesn't have sex before marriage and one shouldn't run around naked in front of others still they all simply pretend they don't notice if the two go away to have sex Or as the wild girl calls it mate I could have done with less mating without the described birth and the relationship problems between the two which are at least rather realisticThis book just has too much It has gods and plenty of them It has fae and wizards God magic and Fae magic And wizards do learn to use a mix of both of them It has a war and a curse and sacrifices and different religions and priests and living fortresses and god knows what else And while I love a deep and rich world to explore this did feel like a disordered mess instead It just did too much instead of fewer things but those well The worldbuilding didn't suck me right in but rather flowed by me on both sidesThe prose was ok but felt rough in some parts Definitely not especially good or fluent but not so bad it would distract from the storyThe good things I really liked the perspective of a character growing up in the wilderness Even if at some points it got too repetitive The other characters were interesting enough to let me care about what happens to themThe curse at the start of the book was really well done I just hoped a relevant plot would have sprung from it All in all it was one of those books that fall under the category I don't regret the time and money spend on it but I also wouldn't miss it if I had read something else instead

  6. Bookwyrm Speaks Bookwyrm Speaks says:

    You know that little voice in the back of you head when you start a highly touted debut novel can this live up to the hype? Well in the case of NS Dolkart's Silent Hall the answer is an enthusiastic yes This is an original fantasy with elements of coming of age epic fantasy uest and social commentary In turns funny action packed tragic and thought provoking it is a character driven story that has you rooting for the main characters warts and all The five main characters are Hunter a noble's brave selfless son trained as a warrior; Phaedra a rich merchant's daughter who lives for books; Bandu a wild girl with fairie magic that was raised by a wolf; Criton a Dragon Touched some draconic features such as scales magic and fire breathing as well as basic shape shifting and Narky a coward's son who is running from his past After barely escaping from their homeland as the inhabitants were cursed to death by an angry god the five travelers find themselves on the mainland shunned for being from a cursed island and for their dark skin Determining they cant afford to stay in the port city they landed in they head inland determined to find a place in the world In a small village they come to they discover the village is about to be raided by freedom fighters and the party hears of a local wizard from the villagers Determining the village can't afford to be robbed yet again they convince them all to come with them to the wizard's castle for shelter The castle is Silent hall and is home to Psander who appears to be an old man Bandu and criton see through the Glamour though and realize Psander is a middle aged woman hiding under an illusion Silent Hall was constructed to hide Psander from the eye of the gods who years earlier had roused their followers to destroy the wizards Psander interviews each of the party and she agrees to help them attain their goals in exchange for performing services for her These task include helping the freedom fighters help slay a Sacred boor and bring the skin back as well as bring back some magical mineral and mushrooms from an old dragons lair On these uests they meet suspicious villagers travel to exotic locales and are almost killed by an invading army The story takes months to progress but the author isn't one of those writers that fills pages with fluff If a journey is uneventful he just says a month later they arrived at their destination He is very focused The party decides to go start searching for some of their own goals but they decide to keep together to do it This has mixed results as they are captured by elves and not the Tolkien kind like the Brothers Grimm the children are so tasty kind They escape in an action packed seuence rescuing a bunch of kids as well As they are returning the kids to their families the fanatical High Priest of the City of Ardis goes on the warpath and crosses paths with them Since he slew all of Criton's kind he sees it as his mission to kill him and his companions too The party determines they need to find and bring back the dragons if they can and with some clues left by a goddess they manage to cross the veil and find one They figure out that to free him they need something from the elves home and some help from the gods They find out the last thing they need is the tears from someone cursed which basically means the king of their homeland left alive all alone on the island with the dead This means a trip home for them After a nerve racking trip they discover the King and convince him to come with them with the wrath of the vengeful god nipping their heels When they return to Silent Hall it is surrounded by two armies and they have to make their way in to save the day What follows is a mix of magic and steel single combat and the return of dragons to the world The story leaves off there with the party having won the day but a long fight for justice ahead of themThe thing I really enjoyed most about this story was how character driven it was Yes the book has magic and battles but the author really chose to focus on the characters their differing personalities and the way they interact together and grow as individual characters He doesn't get heavily into explaining every facet and detail of the magic giving a uick view as they are used and leaving lots of room for future growth I think my favorite character was Narky His character arc is probably the biggest because he keeps trying to fight his true nature and only at the end is he able to reconcile that he will never be selfless like Hunter magical like Criton educated and cultured like Phaedra or fearless like Bandu He can just be Narky the guy who will help his friends but is willing to do the job dirty as long as it gets done as well as the guy who will scream run away when theres danger as wellAs far as who will enjoy this book I believe any fan of epic fantasy or anyone who just like a well written focused character driven story will enjoy this book If your big into Anthony Ryan's Blood Song series Michael Sullivan's Ryiria series Tim Maruitz's Blood War series or Jeff Salyard's Bloodsounder's Arc series then this book should be a must read for you

  7. Nathan Aronheim Nathan Aronheim says:

    I had the opportunity to get my hands on an early draft of this book and it's gloriousThe characters are as real and differentiated as they come Like teenagers generally they have gaps in their knowledge which lead to some hilarious moments and their interactions have real depth The setting is a fantasyland but with plenty of individual uirks that set it apart like vengeful petty Gods in the classic Greek tradition The ending is epic and just right if you know what I mean Appropriate in all the ways you'd want from a fantasy novelThe author knows exactly how to subvert tropes like the kindly bearded wizard mentor but also how to play them straight effectivelyLike all the best fantasy it has analogies for contemporary issues The characters like us have to confront these issues on a personal basis and can't magically solve them for the whole world any than we canCan't wait for a seuel

  8. N.N. Light N.N. Light says:

    Well done fantasy adventure I really enjoyed it

  9. Vippi Vippi says:

    ARC Kindly provided by Netgalley and Angry Robots in exchange for my honest reviewDNF at 51%Silent Hall follows the adventures of five teenagers – Hunter Narky Bandu Criton and Phaedra – who find themselves together in the same boat both figuratively and literally ending up as the only survivors of the mysterious curse sent by the gods on their homeland This is just the trigger event that will lead them to face a series of adventures and even to challenge the gods themselvesI really really wanted to like this book The premise was really interesting and the first chapters seemed to start off on the right footBut then sadly it was all downhill from hereThat’s the problem of this book in a nutshell It seems to me we’re wandering aimlessly Narky remarks until we find something better to do Even though good old Tolkien reminds us that not all those who wander are lost in this case I really felt lost in all that wandering aimlesslyThe plot fluctuated between dragging in some parts and being too rushed in others The world building lacked details and the complex mythology maybe a bit too ambitious for a single book never felt smoothly embedded inside the whole story The characters are interesting especially Bandu and Criton but I struggled to connect because they lack depth and their emotions motivations and reactions felt superficialAll in all this book had some potential but apparently that was not enough to hold my attention or make me care for the story and its characters

  10. Bradley Jerzy Bradley Jerzy says:

    For the longest time I've been searching for a fantasy novel that captivates me Anthony Ryan's Debut trilogy did just that ever since however as been a slew of books I've picked up and never finishedI found this at my bookstore picked it up and put it down uite a few times actually My hesitation with books lately has really spoiled the magic of reading for me I eventually picked it up bought it and read it all uite uicklyI devoured it This book to me wasn't so much about the story though that is a huge point to why it captivated me but about the characters Five very different loveable troubled teens who felt so real to life that I found myself caring for them rooting for them and cursing myself that I have to wait for book 2 All I can truly say is thank you for finally giving me a novel I can read from beginning to end Something that truly gripped me and will find itself a much welcome place on my bookshelf

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