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This Is Why (The Why Series Novella # 1.5) ➽ [Reading] ➿ This Is Why (The Why Series Novella # 1.5) By Nessie Wallace ➲ – This Is WhyBryson and Jenna knew they were soul matesand would be together foreverCaden and his sisters have been reunited and couldn't be happier That is until Caden reveals asecret he has held ontof This Is WhyBryson and Jenna knew they were soul matesand would be together foreverCaden and his sisters have been reunited and couldn't be happier That is until Caden reveals asecret he has held ontofor three years This Is eBook è Their happiness lies inthe hands of a cold hearted woman Will Jenna and Bryson risk losing everything to do what they know is morally right or will they go to their grave with a secret that will set Evil free.

10 thoughts on “This Is Why (The Why Series Novella # 1.5)

  1. Judy Miracle Judy Miracle says:

    Once again Nessie has me speechless and a sobbing mess This book made me fall in love with Bryson Jenna and Caden all over again My heart hurts for Caden for all that boy has gone through in his short 12 years The first book Tell me Why must be read in order to understand this book And that book was just as amazing as this one Jenna and Bryson thought they had it all and honestly they do but the strength they both show during some obstacles that are thrown at them as well as their family is absolutely amazing They love deep and hard and will do anything to help and protect the ones they love This Is Why will pull at your heartstrings and make you once again fall in love with these characters Your heart will break for what Caden has been holding on to You think you know it all but you have no idea Nessie Wallace is now a must read author for me as I cannot get enough of her characters

  2. Atlanta Whitlock Atlanta Whitlock says:

    Seriously I have no words for Nessie Wallace yet again she has made me fall in love with her work all over again I know that some of you might think well how is that possible but honestly I can tell you that it is the only way for you to know is for you to pick up this pretty amazing series and give it a try for yourself I felt the story connect with me in so many ways I actually love that when an author can achieve that and with her work you can see this clearly Yet again I was blown away with the whole storyline not for one moment did I think of what would happen and I honestly think that a story works best when this happens You might think that this book is just about Jenna and Bryson and their family however it is that much and if you read it yourself you will find yourself falling in love with Caden even because he is such sweet kid This is the most hardest time for him because he has been through so much in his thirteen years he has seen things that no child should see I honestly think that even though he has everything that he could ever ask for and now has Jenna as his legal mom I honestly feel like he just wants closer from his birth mom but in some aspects I think he is afraid that something will happen and that he will lose everything and everyone around him Honestly he is such a sweetheart and he had a place in my heart from when I first read about him I would love to tell you and give you all the details but honestly I just can’t do that just take my word for it that it’s honestly amazing I can’t wait to read the next one these books stand out to me so much they will always have a place in my heart

  3. Samantha Hanson Samantha Hanson says:

    Nessie Wallace has done it again I have decided to officially start calling her “King Midas” Everything she writes turns into gold  See what I did thereThis Is Why is absolutely amazing Nessie had no trouble transitioning from the YA genre to NA in this exuisite story She also broadened her target audience by adding some steamy sex scenes I was hot and flustered after a few of them I love the strength that Jenna and Bryson show through all obstacles They have a deep love and passion for each other but an even stronger bond as a family unit Caden their oldest son owns my heart This child made me cry multiple times This book will pull on your heart strings but ultimately you will love yourself so much after reading it All of Nessie’s works should be an easy one click for everybody

  4. Ashley Bair Ashley Bair says:

    when I started this series I had saw someone on my facebook post about reading these books by Nessie Wallace So I thought well I will give them a shot Now I am so glad that I did These books are so full of emotion strength courage devotion love There were times when reading these books where I was holding my breath not knowing what was going to come next crying at parts that were simply amazing and saying oh hell no at other partsand hate certain characters I really thought when I started these that they were going to be like all the other books that I have read but they were nothing like that at all Wonderful book series ready for

  5. Angel Lee Angel Lee says:

    Another great story Bryson and Jenna have a child and have adopted kids as well This is a story of love forgivenessand familyI really enjoyed finding out about them and cant wait for her next book

  6. Bloggers From Down Under Bloggers From Down Under says:

    Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under And so continues Jenna and Bryson's story A story that proves that everything happens for a reasonA little over a year ago Jenna could never imagine her life as it is now All she had was herself and her unborn childNow she has a large loving family and a husband who absolutely adores herThat doesn't mean that their life is perfect but it's pretty damn close They do have their ups and downs but love and understanding usually saves the dayWouldn't it be wonderful that in a world filled with hate and violence if everyone had the life and understanding that this family does The world would be a much better placeA beautifully written novel that I couldn't put down55⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. Margie Margie says:

    Here we go againemotions all over the place Have you ever wanted to choke a authorlol two books in and Nessie has me all to pieces another great book Let me just say this the love scenes are HOT HOT HOT but that’s one of the ways you know a great author wrote it You have to read this series because you will kick yourself if you don’t Jenna and Bryson have the kind of relationship that all little girls dream of having a family having a special bond with the love of your life The situation that this happy little family has to go through no loving parents should have to To know something could tear your family apart is the most devastating feeling to go through do you do what is right or do you protect yours at any cost Another five star read

  8. Michelle Rene Michelle Rene says:

    This Is Why gives you another look into the lives of Jenna and Bryson This book's focus is the children and struggles they have faced But with Jenna and Bryson on their side they will be able to handle the final hurdle placed in front of them This Is Why will tug at your heartstrings make sure you pick it up today

  9. MilVa MilVa says:

    The story of Bryson and Jenna continues and the love for eachother and the childrenadopted or their own it doesn't matter Blood isn't the binding factor but love isThe story of Caden and his sisters is sad and you know in real life this happens tooAgain the concept of Soulmates and unconditional love fills your heart while reading and make you believe in a better world

  10. megan wykle megan wykle says:

    Another great heartfelt novella in this series Beautifully written and amazing characters that suck you into this story I cannot wait for I received this book in exchange for an honest review

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