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  1. Jake Jake says:

    I call this a “pseudo review” because I’m not really reviewing this book in depth There were a few sections I glossed over and a few I didn’t even bother reading So it’s possible I’m not giving this a fair shake but I’ve read 90 95% of the book and I think that’s enough Besides this is gaming material not high literatureMany moons ago when the earth was young I was wandering through Twilight Book and Game in Syracuse when I stumbled upon a marvelous little book Okay it wasn’t little; it was a reasonably sized hardcover It was blue It had a big picture of Darth Vader on it It was of course the Second Edition of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game The fact that it was Star Wars related was enough for it to be a sale as far as I was concerned So I spent my hard earned money collected from the mowing of lawns and the taking out of trash and picked up the book Inside I found a great little game that I ran several times and had a blast doing each time It was fun Part of what made it fun was the setting Part of it was the players And part of it honestly was the system which I somehow found incredibly easy and intuitive to run in a way that most gaming systems were notFast forward to my time in college when roboknee decided to launch a Star Wars game of his own Once again it was fun It was enough fun that after the first one died as all games eventually do we tried to play a few None of the other campaigns really flew but I was again impressed by the ease and simplicity of the system that lay underneath the whole thing It crossed my mind briefly that it might be good generic system for running other games but of course no one made anything like that and I wasn’t going to do that kind of work especially not when I had GURPS with which I was uite enad at the timeFast forward again to a couple of months ago when wandering through Pandemonium looking for something to do with my sizeable store credit I stumbled across a copy of the d6 Fantasy rules and the d6 Fantasy bestiary lying on the discount table Remembering how much I had enjoyed the system knowing that I wanted something to use for a future fantasy game which has been percolating in my head and knowing that it wasn’t costing me real money anyway I decided to grab itOn the one hand I’m glad I did The system is in fact just as simple as I remember it And this rulebook lays it out pretty well for running a fantasy game It’s a very small rulebook and frankly I think it’s badly designed for new gamers but since I’m not a new gamer I can take it in stride The game assumes a certain amount of knowledge not just about fantasy tropes but about gaming tropes and how to roleplay It’s basically just a system guide and even then not the best laid out one ever But in the end it does a serviceable job of presenting a serviceable system My only major complaint is that the designers felt the strange need to build a distinction between “magic” Wizards and “miracles” Clerics thereby enforcing a trope that is mostly a holdover from Dungeons and Dragons and seems to have very little real reason to be thereBut like I said I think it’s a pretty serviceable little book and a serviceable little system I have no doubt that I could use it to run some fun games I may I actually may use it as a replacement system for my former GURPS fantasy world I’m not however convinced it can do gritty sword and sorcery gaming really well and I’m leaning towards running something like that for my next setting So this may not see a lot of use right off the bat On the other hand there’s something so inspiringly fun about it I may just have to bust it out sooner or later Nostalgia value perhaps but again this is gaming not high art

  2. Cyber Killer Cyber Killer says:

    Good evolution of WEG d6 rules a lot better and clear than what is in Star Wars 2nd RE edition but I'll revise this opinion after I read the D6 Space book Overall a good uite high crunch alternative to d20 but not as high crunch as that Despite being pretty old this system seems to be uite relevant today definitely going to use it for running some games

  3. Patrick Patrick says:

    No surprises here D6 is an easily adaptable universal system from before that was a thing and this book basically contains some default layouts of fantasy worlds for you Where Fate is competence porn and Savage Worlds is action action action D6 might be the way to go for a game of intrigue and skill use It's useful to have in your toolset

  4. Craig Maloney Craig Maloney says:

    This is a pretty solid little system though I think the magic rules need some help It provides a toolbox to make spells and magic systems There is a separate magic system book though

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