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The Champ (Bad Boys, #5) ❄ [EPUB] ✼ The Champ (Bad Boys, #5) By Jordan Silver ➝ – Wyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ home for the holidays fresh from the circuit and all he wants to do is unwind between the thighs of some hot young thing who knows the rules He wasn’t looking Wyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ home for the holidays fresh from the circuit and all he wants to do is unwind between the thighs of some hot young thing who knows the rules He wasn’t looking for her didn’t even know she was out there; until he walked into a smoky bar on a cold winter’s night and saw the world’s greatest ass from across the room Everything changed for him that night within a split second the hardcore bad boy who was only looking for a good time was hooked Traci Starr is a budding law student with nothing on her mind than passing the bar and going back to her little hometown in Nebraska Out on a dare from her friends who thought she needed to unwind after fending off the unwanted advances of an admirer for the past few months she’s out of her element when the hotshot overly masculine and extremely handsome Wyatt sets his sights on her She fights him all the way but she’s no match for The Champ.

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  1. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    5 CHAMP STARS “Nope never met anyone who deserved the honor not before last night when I walked into that bar and saw the girl I’m gonna marry” And there you have itMeet Wyatt a Champ looking to get laid while home for thanksgiving He his brother and his friends go out to the local bar to find some action when he sees an ass he wants to get up close and personal with He is captivated by her ass but when she goes on the dance floor to let it all hang out he is overwhelmed by his feelings I’d already lost my fucking mind and was already thinking of her as mineTraci has always been a good girl but tonight she wants to let go and enjoy life for once So when her girlfriend makes the DJ put on her favorite song Royals by Lords She just lets go Little did she know the she had meet her destiny Now he only needs to control his inner caveman long enough to convince her that she is his one and only That what they share is real and lasting He promises her “I’m going to make you so fucking happy baby you wait and see” I could only nod my head too choked up for wordsSeriously I WANT A WYATT This book was amazing and so worth it I hope you give this one a chance I know not all of Jordan Silver's books are great but this one is IMO and it's worth the risk THANKS AGAIN CARVANZ FOR DOING THIS BUDDY READ WITH MEI'm sorry this crazy French lady is making you read this smut I should be ashamed of myself butTHIS WAS A REREAD REVIEW Safety is perfect hero is a player heroine is a virgin no drama no cheating no condoms but he used them in the past Original Review June 2016 This is one of the better books by Jordan silver The hero is a professional fighter he meets the heroine one night at a bar when he literally sees her ass He is drawn to her and it just so happens that she is being stalked by one very sick twisted scary dude The story is a gradual built up for both of them but still very fast I don't know how this author does it but some of her books are just nope gross and another one surprises me This one was a pleasant surprise I loved it and if the hero had been honest with her I would have given it 5 stars But it was a 45 Just awesome Keeper for me

  2. Deborah Deborah says:

    35You always know what you're getting with a Jordan Silver book and I just fancied a nice hot alpha male romance you know the kind I mean over possessive male falls instantly for innocent female resulting in loads of sex and usually the declaration of mineWyatt Hunter is the reigning UFC champ and he's home for the holidays all he wants to do is get laid easy sex no strings but instead of heading to the city and a nightclub they're in Smileys'Our little end of the world doesn’t run to nightspots So Smileys is about as close as we’re gonna get to some action'Wyatt's attitude changes the second he's through the door and he sees the most perfect ass he's ever seenI found it amusing the way he talks to his dickDown boy not yet let daddy make the introductions first then you can come out to play I fixed my dick in my pants as I kept my eyes trained on her Grade A ass Damn I actually felt a slight thrill run through me at the prospect of the huntI liked the characters and it ticked all the boxes but I just felt at times too much time was spent with internal monologues and after a while I found myself skimming these parts Wyatt is completely OTT possessive and I do mean OTT his 'meat' as he calls it is over 12 inches long and my eyes were watering for poor Traci when he pushed past her cervix and into her wombI loved the Hunter family especially the grand baby wanting parents the humour and easy relationship they all had I like Traci and CrisThis is a hot enjoyable and humorous read as you'd expect from this author it's just not my favourite

  3. Bookloverme Bookloverme says:

    The longest book of this series and another good story written by Jordan Silver I miss her releasing books often though I hope she releases books again soonThe story was about Wyatt 25 and Traci 22Wyatt was in his hometown for the holidays He's the reigning UFC champ He went to a bar with his brother and friends to find a woman a one night standAs soon as he entered the bar he saw Traci Well not her face but her ass And he wanted to have her but once he saw her face he felt something than lust Traci was a law student and an intern at the law firm downtown She's out with her friends to relax and forget her stalker A stalker who also showed up there But Wyatt was there to protect her from not one but two menLike what Jordan Silver usually writes her alpha men are very possessive and faithful to their women They'll do anything to take care and protect their women Wyatt proved to her he can be trusted and that she's special to him And he won't leave her until the stalker is on the loose There's also an epilogue I loved it I really love Jordan Silver's epilogues SAFETYview spoilerNo cheating No love triangle No OWOM drama But there's a stalker who attempted to kill her No abuse But it was mentioned that another woman was beaten really bad by the stalker and lost sight in her left eye And in his hometown stalker there were reports of break ins and pictures that he took of women while they were sleeping Same as what he did to Traci No push and pull Traci's a virgin and Wyatt's a manwhore but he hadn't had any in a while because of his training He also mentioned that he's an ass man and that he liked the taste of pussy He also had a high school flame that he brought home but it's because his mom insisted and no one liked the girl Traci was the only woman who's ever slept in his bedroom No condom used between the Hh but he never go without one before There's anal sex Her mom had cancer when she was still young but she's okay now and it was just mentioned hide spoiler

  4. CC CC says:

    Classic JS and I loved it I thought it was one of her better stories but the formula and story will be very familiar to JS readers It was hot steamy and had some humor Safety gang safe A few spoilers view spoilerManwhore or at least a former manwhore who has been too busy fighting to be one recentlyHis past was only discussed with heroine in that he said that he did not sleep with all the women he was pictured with Those were many times set ups for a stress free evening Virgin very typical JSCondoms were not discussed and as is typical for JS the hero is pretty enthusiastic about unprotected sex hide spoiler

  5. Eve (Between The Bookends) Eve (Between The Bookends) says:

    35 starsTypical Jordan Silver uber possessive alpha slightly annoying heroine I did feel that it dragged on a bit No sexy times til halfway through the book but overall a good read

  6. Hana ♡ Hana ♡ says:

    This was an ok read for me I didn't real feel the heat or passion between this couple that I usually expect with Jordan Silver's books I'm excited for Cord and the rest of the Seal Team Seven though

  7. Carvanz Carvanz says:

    Thank you Chantal for pushing me to retry this author

  8. Deserie williams Deserie williams says:

    325 stars this was ok I really did enjoy Wyatt's OTT possessiveness but idk at times I was laughing and really into this and then other times I found my self a tad bit bored There were some really Hot scenes i loved the epilogue though everything I love and want in one Safety of course hero was a manwhore not too much is mentioned about his past he had a gf in the tenth grade but thats it nothing serious until the h the beginning of book he is out and his intentions are to find a girl to have sex with he also says something indicating him givingliking the taste of oral before yuck lol he never does find ow he sees h and that's it for him I'm seriously insta love totally Ott possessive haha I love it of course herione is a virgin she does have a stalker he is someone she went out on a study date with one time he is one crazy guy no ow or om except for the stalker drama they don't use condoms he does say he always have before

  9. Emily Emily says:

    UFC champ Wyatt Hunter knows he can have any woman he wants but when he sees Traci Starr from across the room at a bar he knows she is something different Traci has no clue who he is and is not sure she wants to Wyatt stakes his claim immediately on Traci he takes the time for Traci to get to know him but everything is rushed when it appears she has a stalker Wyatt has a big fight coming up and he wants to keep Traci safe as well as have his ring on her finger Now he just has to get Traci to agreeI thoroughly enjoyed this one I thought it was a tad bit different for a Jordan Silver book Liked Wyatt he is caveman in his own way but he really tries to let Traci set the pace at least for a little bit Traci is adorable liked her even if she was a bit naive

  10. Astraycat Astraycat says:

    25 stars Typical Jordan's books It will be better if she added sth new in this story

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