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Boom [PDF] ✐ Boom ✑ Stacy Gail – Welcome to Mia’s travel nightmareDistraught that her long distance engagement might be on the rocks Mia Flowers needs a polar vortex diverting her flight to Montana like she needs a hole in the head Welcome to Mia’s travel nightmareDistraught that her long distance engagement might be on the rocks Mia Flowers needs a polar vortex diverting her flight to Montana like she needs a hole in the head She’s determined to get face to face with her philandering fiancée but her too sexy host uinn Kingfisher soon has her rethinking not just her final destination but everything else in her life All it takes is one stripping her naked glance from him and suddenly her world goes Boomuinn’s got a hell of a lot on his plate He’s opening Whiteout Mountain Ski Resort in a couple of weeks and if it’s not a success he’ll be wiped out Added to that his family and girlfriend abandoned him when he left the dynastic Kingfisher casino life to build his dream He’s learned the hard way that he can’t rely on anyone but himself so he’s not exactly in the mood to play host to a stranded travelerBut the tall redhead that fell out of the sky and into his lap has uinn re evaluating his priorities Suddenly his biggest problem is how he’s going to keep Mia from flying away from Whiteout Mountain forever wordsThis is a standalone contemporary romantic comedy complete with HEA No cliffhangers cheating or love triangles Not intended for readers under the age of eighteen due to adult languageswearing and several explicit sex scenes.

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  1. Stacey is Sassy Stacey is Sassy says:

    He knew what he wanted and tripped her to get itLook I'm not the sort of person who believes in love at first sight but I do believe that an instant attraction can be the foundation for a relationship Boom could be seen as love at first sight or insta love I think it was about two people attracted to each other's looks first then seeing beneath the surface and finding them even appealing on the inside uinn sees a beautiful tall redhead and it's the first time in two years that he is seriously drawn to a woman When she then makes him laugh he thinks he's found his perfect woman uinn has had a ROUGH two years He decided to step away from the family business and that decision cost him his family and his girlfriend Determined to still go ahead with his plans he works his butt off making his dreams a reality When he meets Mia and gets to know her he decides that her brand of loyalty and devotion is what he wants for himselfhe just has to convince herMia was making the journey from Chicago to Seattle to confront her fiance and find out where they are at with their relationship Her plane has to make an emergency landing when bad weather nearly causes them to crash After a very stressful and dangerous landing the passengers find out they're stuck in Montana For Mia the situation goes from bad to worse and she gets separated from the other passengers Luckily she gets separated and left with the sexy resort owner who's willing to take her in and let her stay with him She's attracted to uinn but she's engaged Unfortunately Mia is the only one who thinks she's engagedWith the two of them being forced to spend their time together they learn about each other and the situations that have lead them to where they are now Mia and uinn must work through some of their issues before they can even think of having a relationship but uinn is determined to keep his prize that fell from the sky into his lap Boom was a story that I could sit back and just enjoy It hit my radar because it was mentioned as being similar to a Kristen Ashley story which was a big draw card Yes I could see some similarities but there were enough differences to not be a duplicate I like to read a story where the hero only sees the heroine Boom was pretty low in angst too which was a positive The hero was a bossy Alpha and the heroine was intelligent and well spoken The sexy times were steamy freuent and not over the top Basically Boom was a great light hearted romance that left a smile on my face It was exactly what I neededI will definitely be reading from this author in the futureTo buy Boom from ’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance drink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons

  2. Eve (Between The Bookends) Eve (Between The Bookends) says:

    35 StarsThis was a decent sweet read for me I really liked uinn he was a sweet slightly alpha hero Mia was OK there wasn't anything specific about her that was annoying I just thought the whole thing with her fianceenot really fiancee thing went on way to long She was suppose to be this super smart person but really came off as super naive or super brain dead about JacksonThe plot flowed nicely but I did find parts of the book dragging and I had to fight myself from skimming The secondary characters were interesting and apparently will eventually get their own books It is fairly low angst besides her fianceenot really fiancee drama there is a short scene with some OW drama but I love how Mia put the OW's Kim Kardashian ass author's wordsnot mine in it's placeOverall it was a good read just not great and could have been a bit shorter Side note This is pertaining to the crazy OW who I get was made to look over the top crazy for the sake of the book But twice in the book uinn says some pretty nasty things about her or at least I found them offensive He says That bitch got her CHUNKY ass over here and another time he calls her a COW OK I get it she is OTT nuts we all hate her but can we find a way to express that hate that doesn't body shame someone?? I know I know I am being pickybut seriously

  3. Victoria Victoria says:

    35 RATING I stuck it out even with a heroine I didn't respect much in the beginning and am glad I did The hero was definitely alpha but there was a light heartedness about him too Kind of sappy at times a bit cheesy too Definite fluff but the kind that is easy to enjoy I think this might be too chick litsweet for some of my friends but I liked it I'll definitely read in the series when available

  4. NMmomof4 NMmomof4 says:

    35 StarsOverall Opinion This was a super sweet read I didn't have any frustrations with how things went down I think my main hang up was the ending I wouldn't say it was bad but it wasn't enough for me I wanted to see them happy in a big jump ahead epilogue I know that's all my personal bias but I know what I like ; The H reminded me a lot of one of KA's good heroes He was alpha in the best way possessive but not OTT loyal where nobody else existed knew what he wanted and took it protective by not letting anyone do anything bad to the h even herself and knew what to do in bed and would have sweet monologues about all the appealing things about the h that just made her and me melt Even with the OW and OM drama I would call this an easy and low angst book I think it's a good one to read after a heavier book to lighten you up but I wouldn't pick this up expecting a super deep readBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Mia and uinn's story Mia is on her way to confront her fiancé who she hasn't seen in 7 months He recently started posting Facebook pictures of himself with another woman and has been avoiding her calls and texts On the flight there they have to emergency land in Montana due to a winter storm She ends up with uinn at his new and soon to opened mega ski resort The sparks fly between them but she is hesitant to do anything because she is still engaged in her mind There is some family drama some ex drama some sexy times and some sweet momentsand the couple get their HEA endingPOV This alternated between focusing on Mia and uinn in 3rd person narrativeOverall Pace of Story Good I had a little issue with the ending being abrupt than I prefer but otherwise it flowed well and I didn't feel the urge to skim at any pointInstalove I would say yes The story took place in less than 2 weeks so they fell in love really uick It wasn't the annoying instalove though where it doesn't feel realisticH rating 4 stars uinn He was pretty hot He knew what he wanted and he wanted Mia He was really alpha but in the good wayh rating 4 stars Mia I thought she was sweet super smart and sassy I liked how loyal she was but I was frustrated with her putting up with the jerk ex for so long especially for being portrayed as someone so smartSadness level Low No tissues neededHeat level Moderate They have some hot chemistry There were enough but there weren't so many scenes that it took away from the storyDescriptive sex YesSafe sex Yes Condoms are mentionedOWOM drama Yesview spoilerThe h believes that she is engaged to this jerk that she met in law school The jerk convinced her to uit so she could pay for his way and then send her back to school after he got a job He started posting pictures of himself with another woman on Facebook and the h was on her way to confront him when she was stranded in Montana She struggles with feelings of needing to be loyal to her fiancé but later learns that her gut feeling that he has just used her was true There is also the H's ex that shows up and causes a scene She even gets physical with the h but the h puts her in her place and it is resolved H has no residual feelings for her hide spoiler

  5. Amy M. Amy M. says:

    This was the perfect book for the mood I was in The romance was sweet and sexyHero view spoilerI really liked his go get her attitude He was not perfect but really close hide spoiler

  6. I.Heart.Romance I.Heart.Romance says:

    35 stars

  7. Dallison Dallison says:

    I was in a book slump when I picked up this gem and BOMB I was hooked I loved everything about it and I hope the author is serious about giving me of Honey Pot This is the first book I have read by Miss Gail and I am hooked

  8. Kelly Kelly says:

    Hellllo uinn There's something about a sexy man who has NO PROBLEM with casual affectionate touching that works SO FREAKING WELL for me So HELLLLO UINN I wouldn't mind seeing of youAnd boy do I want to know about his bother and cousins Those guys have stories to tell LOTS OF STORIESahem Now that the capslocking is out of the way I want to talk about uinn and Mia I like uinn and his drive I like his dedication I like how despite not being a morning person he made an effort to get up early just to spend time with her Also bacon I think the bacon might have added to her allureAnd Mia had some serious issues about relationships While part of me wanted her to gleefully drop her fiance so she could get horizontal with uinn I also admired her loyalty Given her past her actions make sense Once she gives her loyalty she gives her allI loved uinn and Mia I loved uinn's family I loved SO MUCH about this book big thumbs up all around Kelly Reading the Paranormal

  9. Danielle Tate Danielle Tate says:

    OMG I want a uinn Kingfisher This story was awesome I won't go into a lot of detail because you should read this goodness for yourselfIt has a totally different feel than the House of Payne series which I loveThis story was Sweet and Funny as heck with hot love scenesI adored uinn and loved Mia she was feisty and smart and the secondary characters were very enjoyable I'm hoping for Kingfisher men

  10. Michele Cooper Michele Cooper says:

    I loved this book Funny feisty sexy heartwarming it had it all The only reason I didn't finish it in one night was a flat battery because I completely lost track of time

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