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Push Dig Scoop [Read] ➲ Push Dig Scoop By Rhonda Gowler Greene – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Down at the construction site mama and papa trucks show their youngsters how to build Push oosh goes a big mama bulldozer and her one little dozer Dig schlup goes a tough papa excavator and his two li Down at the construction site mama and papa trucks show their youngsters how to build Push oosh goes a big mama bulldozer and her one little dozer Dig schlup goes a tough papa excavator and his two little excavatorsCount along with every scooping mashing and spinning family of trucks in the construction site all the way from the bright early morning till it's time to snuggle in to bed Picture book talents Rhonda Gowler Greene and Daniel Kirk have joined together for a book that will dig its way into the hearts of those who love Push Dig Epub / Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night and Digger Dozer Dumper.

10 thoughts on “Push Dig Scoop

  1. The Library Lady The Library Lady says:

    If you are going to do a book that is clearly patterned on Over in the Meadow the least that you could do is make the rhymes smooth enough to sing These aren't they are choppy and in spots downright dreadful Fewer simpler words would have worked a lot betterHowever the anthropomorphic vehicle art by Daniel Kirk will delight young readers who won't give a damn about the uality of the rhymes So for its kid appeal I am giving it a 3 I find it note worthy though that Daniel Kirk was also involved in the recent version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas which also murdered the scansion of the original poem in several places Is he working with an editoragent with a tin ear?

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    Rhyming Counting Vibrant illustrations Simple text Yes please I plan to use title for my next storytime

  3. Mandy Mandy says:

    Picture Book This book seemed familiar to me but I couldn't uite place it I finally looked it up and realized this is based on the rhyme Over in the Meadow which I think I have read other iterations of but don't recall the original Anyway this is a counting rhyme based on a construction site The different euipment is introduced on each page with sound effects The parent alternates between mother and father which is always nice My son loves the personalizing traits of the various construction children this one has a stuffed animal this one has a hat etc Yes it is weird that the steamrollers have big toothy grins and the verse is a bit awkward But it's cute it has good theme helps with counting and my son loves it So overall it's a win for me

  4. DeA DeA says:

    This book is a bit to long for a storytime setting but was great fun to read and reread with my three year old nephew this past week We not only counted each set but counted how many in total It was super cute and he was very sad to see it leave the house today Recommend to anyone with young children who love machines

  5. Bonn Bonn says:

    Of course this had been W's bedtime book for two solid weeks It's a fun variant of the construction counting rhyme with good sound effects typed in The illustrations are great for the toddler though not my personal favorite style of vehicle personification And the ending lines were completely original

  6. Vicki Vicki says:

    A fun book begging to be sung to the listeners Appropriate for all most interested would be construction euipment lovers Cute illustrations with human like characteristics given to the euipment and numbers on each pageA counting book at its best

  7. Kerry Kerry says:

    Told with the Down in the meadow rhyme we count both mama and papa vehicles at the construction site Kids loved to spot the numbers on each spread and enjoyed counting a long Great for early preschoolers just learning their numbers

  8. Viviane Elbee Viviane Elbee says:

    This is an adorable parent truck and baby truck counting picture book that ends with a bedtime scene making it perfect for both number counting story times and bedtime story times Great for kids who love trucks I also liked that there were both mom trucks and dad trucks featured

  9. Brooke Brooke says:

    This is a nice rhyming book that features counting and construction euipment The euipment is very specific and is nice for teaching eager young children the names of different pieces

  10. Amy Amy says:

    I didn't love the art and I thought the integration of the counting idea was weak

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