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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    Okay I just can't do it I cannot go any furtherI am giving up around the halfway point which is arguably very generous for a 600 page book because I'm just getting and irritated I picked up I Am Pilgrim after seeing it on Goodreads' 16 Underrated Books That Deserve Your Attention post and thinking that it was about time I found myself a fast paced thrillerAnd it starts fairly well I'll give it that The novel is broken up into parts each dealing with a different part of Pilgrim's life as an Intelligence agent an assassin a criminal investigator etc and the first part is uite exciting It opens with a grisly murder seemingly sexual in nature with the victim dissolving in acid in the bathtub The scene is so lacking in evidence that it looks like we got a badass on our handsCome on murder sex perfect crimes who wouldn't be interested at this point? The bestest baddest super spy of them all the so called Pilgrim seems a little generic and lacking in characterization beyond the repeated affirmations by everyone that he really is THE BEST at everything but that's okay This book has over six hundred pages; surely he will develop a personality in timeHe doesn't The few times the author attempts to connect us with his protagonist are over the most obvious universal sentiments by that I mean he is sad for the people who were tortured and starved during the Holocaust and angry because of 911 Oh wow so that makes him like almost everyone elseAlso it seems strange that his narrative voice changes significantly in each part depending on whether he is being sad for the war victims or delivering a diatribe against the crazy Muslims I felt like I was reading stories told from the perspective of different characters AND it's all tell tell tell He is the best in the world This super badass former Intelligence Officer who knows everything or so we keep being told In action he acts like an idiot for the most part makes stupid mistakes is somehow allowed to publish a book about his time as a secret agent wtf? and then spends his life running from all the readers who want to hunt him downEvery single woman he meets is beautiful beyond belief and I lost count of how many times we had to hear descriptions of the various curves boobs legs and heels wandering around I'm not even looking at this as a feminist critiue political issues aside frankly it's boring And yes I absolutely would feel the same way if someone was constantly describing all the gorgeous men with rippling musclesYet this didn't stop me from reading Nope it was something else These things are in fact all minor criticisms compared to the raging Islamophobia It honestly made me very uncomfortable I know that authors are not their characters but I swear I could feel Hayes' disdain for the Saudi culture and people dripping onto the pages Now I'll admit it I don't think Saudi practices should be beyond criticism I don't agree with their laws limiting women's rights and the government is guilty of many human rights abuses BUT Pilgrim's self righteous superiority as he marches through this Muslim country is embarrassing Despite its huge wealth vast oil reserves and love of high tech American armaments nothing really works in Saudi ArabiaThe driver thought I was crazy but then his religion thinks stoning a woman to death for adultery is reasonable so I figured we were about even This whole book is about a white American milking 911 as an excuse to defeat the crazy Muslims It perpetuates the notion that Muslims hate America and that Saudis are lecherous pervs who lust after white women And by the way that last uote there just bugs the hell out of me I'm a British atheist and I have no religious affiliation but someone needs to say it the Christian Bible also thinks adulterers should be put to death If a man commits adultery with another man's wife both the adulterer and the adulteress must be put to death Leviticus 2010AND if we're being nitpicky the u'ran doesn't sentence adulterers to death it sentences them to a flogging The Hadiths however is the text that sentences adulterers to death BUT it does not distinguish between male and female adulterers When an unmarried male commits adultery with an unmarried female they should receive one hundred lashes and banishment for one year And in case of married male committing adultery with a married female they shall receive one hundred lashes and be stoned to death— Sahih Muslim 174191I read on for another couple hundred pages after the Islamophobia started because I wanted to give the book a chance to redeem itself But it didn't The story literally is about an amazing American agent defeating the Muslims It's cringy Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

  2. Audrey Audrey says:

    I had to make myself wait several weeks after reading this to write a review so that I could sufficiently calm down I could write numerous scathing pages filled with my favorite uotes but I'll try to keep this short and angry I was promised an awesome summer read I didn't realize that summer has become a euphemism for insulting to intelligence and poorly written trash But now I know And don't tell me well that's the thriller genre because no it's not There are a ton of well written ones out there But I've decided to turn this terrible experience into a positive thing for everyone Instead of telling you all everything wrong with this book I'm just going to give you a few tips on how to write a better book than this1If you are going to call your book a thriller don't spend the first 300 pages in pedantic flashbacks to memories of unimportant childhood happenings and wait til the last maybe 150 pages for things to start to get uasi exciting 2 For the love of god pick a narrative voice and stick with it And if you don't make sure its done well and done for a reason Oh and my main character is too boring is not a legit reason 3 Don't introduce every character with a description of their specific anatomical features Much as I appreciate it when every male character has a scar when I find myself asking oh I wonder what body part on this fellow is maimed? you probably need to try something else I also don't need to know about the tits curvy mouths slim hips mini skirts 6 inch heels and gaping blouses that every female character has I terrified my husband by throwing this book at the wall halfway through and screaming no ^%% high cheekbones which apparently is a must for every woman in Terry Hayes' fantasy world 4If you are going to claim your character is the most bad ass super spy everwho also went to Harvard don't put him in situation after situation in which he shows himself to be the worst intelligence agent in history Like when he robs a bank for useless records because in this high tech age super spies don't computer? or goes to the FBI for a contact because he knows fewer actually he knows none at all? hackerstech people in the intelligence community than the FBI directordespite the fact you were station agent in the UK???How is that possible? Oh and please write the obligatory ops hits and covert happenings with a little thought And by that I mean just make them planned controlled discrete and realistic than a preschool class on crank 5 Make your protagonist a little interesting Just a little If you actually have to use the Holocaust Bosnian genocide 911 and numerous other atrocities by telling us how your protagonist FEELS about them to garner empathy you're doing it wrong See my character hates genocide just like you is pretty much the lowest point of human relatability possible 6 Well golly I need a villain don't I? I don't really have time to be original because I'm writing about cheekbones and stiletto heels so let's just make him a Muslim who decides he hates 'Merica because his dad diedat the hand of other Muslims Every body hates Muslims They are all angry and irrational And that way I can make sweeping bigoted remarks like 'The driver thought I was crazy but then his religion thinks stoning a woman to death for adultery is reasonable' and no one will care Win 'effing win7 If you are going to put me through this many pages please don't introduce characters and story lines that contribute zero to the story Bradley Oh wait but you do need him because you need a guy that our hero passes super secret cryptic phone messages Our mutual friend will understand to because he can't call his handler oh yeah ya'll his handler is the director of intelligence and POTUS This agent don't play in the white house directly 'cept for all those times when he delivers the message to you and then calls the white house directly anyways 8 Complex Sentences are highly recommended It was sad really doesn't count And if I read one book that uses the words the gathering dark I will burn down the internetjust stop itSo basically start there and you should have a book a hundred times better than this one Save yourself from this summer reading

  3. Jim Jim says:

    So you're the top agent in a US government spy agency secret than the most secret secret agency that even The President has heard of If he has Which is unlikely as if he had he'd now be dead Assassinated in a way that the people would never suspect That's how good and secret you are However despite being the top agent you decide to get out of the trade You know you will be a marked man and therefore you have to disappear But before you do you decide to write a book about your exploits which despite the secrecy of it all the government allows to be published You then disappear Except that you don't because somebody tracks you down due to a glaring clue you left about your identity in that stupid book When he finally finds you you kill him instantly Sorry wait a minute you don't You befriend him instead because he's a Great American Hero You now have to really wipe out your past history so you visit the government who happily oblige Just as well because there's a Middle Eastern terrorist heading to The Promised Land America of course to cause carnage not seen since 911 Which incidentally makes you weep every time you think about it All those innocent people Heroes Unlike all the foreign scum you have killed over the years who deserved all they got because they're not AmericanI'm halfway through this garbage and am determined to persevere just to see how much worse it can get

  4. Anthony Dalton Anthony Dalton says:

    WOW Sometimes one gets really lucky you pick up a book and think it might be an OK read then you complete 5 or 6 chapters and come to the realisation you've stumbled across one of the top five reads of your life Such is the case with 'I Am Pilgrim' As far as spy thrillers go this is hands down the best relegates the likes of Clancy Ludlum and LeCarre as good as they are into the also ran section The style of writing is fantastic the plot totally mesmerising and the character development superb so much so I even began to empathise with the fundamentalist lunatic It is 700 pages of intelligent engrossing and breathtaking writing I was disappointed to finish this one not because I was dissatisfied with the ending but because I had been swept up in the entire story and didn't want it to end I cannot recommend 'I Am Pilgrim' highly enough

  5. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    I finally finished this monster of a book I normally read a book in a days time but this one wouldn't allow that I kept having to put the book down to look up stuff The author captured my attention so much that I wanted to see what the characters were seeing I love when that happens The only problem isit takes me forever to read the bookThere has been a murder in a run down hotel in New York A woman has been soaked in a tub of acid and her teeth removed The killer does not want this woman identified That little tidbit starts the spin that is this bookThe main character is the super spy guy I'm going to call him Scott but he has so many different names that I don't think he remembers his own either Scott has retired from the business He just wants some peace and uiet after giving all he has to his country You know that ain't gonna happen though There is a major terrorist out there that is about to start his dreams of taking down the infidels of the west America He doesn't plan on stopping there though He wants to wipe out as many people globally as he canEnter Scott's old bosses those types of guys that never give you much information because it's classifiedThis guy is what Jason Bourne would have been if he wasn't played by this puss head Times a hundred ostly I was thinking about how the secret world never leaves you it's always waiting in the darkness ready to gather its children back againI don't want to give too much of the book away I will say that this story line terrified me Completely and utterly I could see this happening and I hope to all that is Tom Cruise that some nut job doesn't decide to make it come true BE PEACEFUL MOTHERFUCKERSThis was also a debut for this author I never would have guessed that There were a few bad things This would have gotten a full five star otherwiseThe book does drag at times but if I put it down I could feel it calling to me I couldn't take not knowing what was going on when I wasn't reading There is a TON of info I feel like I know this character inside and out I added him to my Christmas card list We cousins now There is a few boo boo's with the medical stuff There are two instances that I had to stop and sayyou got that shit wrongbut there is enough right that I didn't hold it against him Some readers are going to say that it's bent towards America winning I'm Americanso I'm okay with that I hear that a movie is in the works for this big old sucker I'm going to go and practice my DEFCON 1 look and get ready Booksource Library but I am ordering copies for my husband and ex father in law My friend Mark's review uses words better than I do Don't be scared of the clown face I don't think he bitesmaybe

  6. LeeAnne LeeAnne says:

    Everyone loves this book but me I am flabberghasted by all of the gushing rave reviews of this book ?I Am PilgrimSummary A Jason Bourne like super spy must stop a genius jihadist planning a pandemic by unleashing a potent strain of smallpox which will kill off most of the population in the United StatesMy thoughts This book is a long winded string of action spy movie cliches It lacks momentum There are many unbelievable coincidences and plot twists There are endless backstories and side stories that meander all over the place The dialogue is so silly it sounds as if it was written by a 12 yr old boy who has watched every 007 James Bond movie ever made a million times Oh and even though our super spy is in a race against time to try and save the world he still has time to swing by NYC and look into a crime scene to help a detective solve a murder mystery eye rollMGM is already adapting this book into a film Go figure Oo

  7. Tony Mac Tony Mac says:

    This long and often rambling thriller just left a bad taste in my mouth There's no denying that the author has clearly done a lot of research and he has an economical way with words that allows his often fragmented narrative to remain essentially readable But there is still a lack of realism shoddy plotting and a nasty veneer of racism xenophobia and right wing triumphalism that is barely hidden throughout For all the intricate plotting the story too often depends on some pretty unbelievable coincidences all of it a result of trying to lever far too much in There is simply no need to try to mesh a New York murder mystery with an international terrorist plot not to mention a revenge vendetta It all ends up contrived and silly and Hayes would have been better saving one plot for a seuel It's not even clear what kind of book the author is trying to write Is it a serial killer detective thriller or a CIA confessional or a middle eastern polemic or a James Bond exotic caper or a race against time globe trotting adventure? It tries to be all of these things and simply ends up confusing itself As for our hero a super spy come existentialist loner he's eually bemusing and unbelievable throughout his backstory maudlin his pompously self styled expertise unconvincing his effortless retirement unlikely and his actions irrational He's like a cypher sueezed into whichever literary genre Hayes is cheerfully butchering at any given timeHowever it's the tone and undercurrent of this book that are particularly repellent The neocon posturing is endless as the author tut tuts at every hackneyed liberal position from freedom of information to European Union immigration policy One can only wonder at the kind of functional world he actually wants All foreigners are reduced to one dimensional stereotypes corrupt officials leering gigolos psychotic jihadists incompetent policemen unscrupulous bankers crass nouveau riche We even have a comic relief Turkish hotel manager who seems to have wandered in from an old episode of the Benny Hill Show All of them are irredeemably sleazy particularly in contrast to our ever principled American heroes and all of them bizarrely appear fluent in American style English to avoid the author the trouble of translation or language barriers Even the Saracen for all the commendable detail put into his story never amounts to much than a typical fundamentalist nutjob and his Achilles Heel at the end is totally unconvincing and negates 600 pages of careful developmentIf you are a conservative American you'll probably love this If not beware It's like Jack Ryan with Fox News editorials

  8. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    Superb That was a six star ride for me sure enough I like the way he took a philosophical turn at the end without getting too cheesy I am determined to write a review without spoilers which means I can't tell you much about the plot By the time I got around to reading the book I'd forgotten why I reuested it and that turned out to be a very good thing I prefer my surprises and plot twists to be unadulterated by book jacket blurbs and blabby reviewersHere's the all you need to know version of the plotThe man who calls himself Pilgrim has a long history in secret operations He is pressed into service to apprehend a Saudi Arabian dude who has manufactured a “homemade apocalypse” All by his little old self he made it No secret terrorist cells or Al aeda Just one way too brilliant guy who has been planning for many years to destroy America There's a whole lot of other stuff going on including an investigation of a murder in NYC but it's all incorporated into the main story arc Sounds simple right? Nope Not simple at all and that's why I loved it so and wanted to give it six stars Complexity Depth of back story for the primary characters Lots of globe trotting with just the right amount of detail about each location to make it feel real without sounding like a tourist guide And what else? It's scary as hell because this kind of thing could happen Right now Tomorrow Next year The tragedies of September 11 2001 would almost seem small compared to what's possible Small in the sense of number of lives lost not small for those who lost loved onesAnd here's what else is exceptional about this novel Terry Hayes is a veteran of the movie business so he knows a thing or two about pacing suspense and setting up exciting bang bang shoot em up scenes and car chases There's a great scene in a boat house in Turkey that could be shot on film as is and blow your socks off Enough of my raving Just go read the book My review copy was 606 pages and I read it in about a week That was hard on my dry eyes but I couldn't resist the pull Is it perfect? No But I'm not going to tell you what I perceived to be the flaws I don't want them to jump out at you just because I mentioned them It's one hell of a ride and that's all that matters

  9. David Putnam David Putnam says:

    For me this book was stunning I have always been a fan of espionagespy thriller and have read widely in the genre but this one is the King Last year during Barnes and Noble signings I was approached by readers and naturally talked about books This one one was brought up a number of times and the reader always asked if I knew when the seuel would be coming out The seuel at this time is a mystery I Am Pilgrim came out in 2014 and there is no word on as yet on the next one Pilgrim is a masterpiece complex in plot with great characterization I can see why a second book might take awhile to write hopefully the author is writing one To sum this book up in one word it would be Brilliant Of course the reader would have to be a fan of spy thrillers to see the same way as I do But for right now it goes to the top of the listDavid Putnam author of The Bruno Johnson series

  10. Jennifer Masterson Jennifer Masterson says:

    Wow Terry Hayes is absolutely Brilliant I loved this book so much I slowed down my reading because I didn't want it to end The best book I have read in a long time It is so much than a thriller This book takes place all over the world including Greenwich CT where the main character was brought up after his mother died It's not only a fantastic story but it has such wonderful character development This is a MUST READ even if you don't read a lot I cried in parts that's how good the character development was A Thriller has never made me cry before Without giving away too much I Iove how it took a spiritual twist at the end It was absolutely wonderful

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  • 06 October 2016

About the Author: Terry Hayes

Terry Hayes began his career as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald when I Am Epub / as foreign correspondent in the US he covered Watergate and President Nixon's resignation among many major international stories He then went on to become a successful screenwriter having written the screenplays for Mad Max Dead Calm Bangkok Hilton Payback and From Hell He lives in Sydney with his wife and fo.