Revenge Killings - Chris Dorner: The Cop. The Serial

10 thoughts on “Revenge Killings - Chris Dorner: The Cop. The Serial Killer. The Manhunt. (True Crime Cases, #1)

  1. Lee Husemann Lee Husemann says:

    This is another excellent book by R J Parker about Chris Dorner Chris was a former LAPD officer who was fired for trying to do the right thing Things go rapidly downhill from there with a very sad outcome The book has been well researched and is very well written I remember when this case happened and I learned a lot of details that I was previously unaware of I highly recommend this book

  2. Dayna Dayna says:

    Interesting but poorly edited Way too much repetition It gets 3 stars tho because it's an interesting event and this might be a good starting point if you wanted to inuire into what is stated to have motivated Dorner's terror spree and ultimate demise

  3. Donna Destefanis Donna Destefanis says:

    Very good read RJ Parker is amazing This truely opens your eyes Maybe law enforcement can learn from this case

  4. Jacque& Jacque& says:

    Although the book brings up Dorner's motives and the extremely bad handling of this case by the LAPD there was to much repetition of information

  5. Cid Cid says:

    Very disjointed presentation of facts with a broader emphasis on racismThis book about Dorner raises some interesting uestions about the LAPD and their heavy hand at pursuing cornering and ultimately killing Dorner There seems to have been a coverup of both the excessive force Dorner accused his training officer of and the clear intention of the LAPD to make sure Dorner never was tried in a courtroom for his crimes The facts the author presents make it clear the LAPD had appointed themselves judge and jury They sentenced Dorner to death and they were going to execute him as soon as they caught up to him I find that extremely disturbing but its difficult to dispute considering two separate incidents where police opened fire on autos that they just thought Dorner might be inside ofThe book answers a lot of uestions but it is for the most part about racism Racism is examined in detail emphasizing the way it shapes the lives of people who are victims of it and those that perpetrate it I cannot say that i liked the book very much The biggest flaw was the way the author skipped all over the place and seemingly forgot his audience It was extremely disjointed and not at all enjoyable to read It gave insight to who Dorner was and why he acted in the ways that he did What it didnt do was present the information in a way that was logical or even readableThis was like notes from a research paper that hadn't been sorted or organized yet Very dry reading

  6. Tony Parsons Tony Parsons says:

    Accusations against Officer Teresa Evans LAPD training for kicking Christopher Gettler in the face as he was about to be handcuffed taken not custody What really happened to Christopher Jordan Dorner AA La Palma PD USN Reserve LieutenantSouthern Utah U; PS Psychology? Warning This book contains extremely graphic adult content violence or expletive language which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive or have potential adverse psychological effects on the reader I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover great font writing style A very well written true crime book It was very easy for me to readfollow from startfinish never a dull moment There were no grammartypo errors nor any repetitive or out of line seuence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios with several twiststurns a great set of uniue characters to keep track of This could also make another great true crime movie a PP presentation or better yet a mini TV series or even a documentary True Crime; American Crime Story; Investigative Discovery It was just OK for me so I will only rate it at 45 stars Thank you for the free author; EBookStage; Digital Services LLC; book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

  7. Ann237 Ann237 says:

    Many uestions leftThe pursuit and ultimate death of Chris Dorner seemed over kill to me The amount of law enforcement officers the real lack of evidence for the murders he was being blamed for plus the overall behavior of the LAPD It was like they wanted him dead and for reasons then what he was accused of Yes they had the manifesto of threatsbeing online left it perfect for others to pursue To be the perfect way to put blame on Doner It is a shame that as time passes the relationships have become a one that lacks trust Police being targets because of the uniform and citizens because of actions of someI gave 3 stars for the reason that there was much repetition throughout the book

  8. Christy Christy says:

    Not badThis brief read is non fiction and is about a real life nightmare after a policeman was fired from LAPD several years ago He appealed multiple times to get his back but each time they were denied Officer Corner claimed racial slurs from colleagues retaliation being fired after he reported his training officer for alleged using excessive force on a person while he was handcuffed The incident set off a series of revenge killings as Corner out it He even ranted a Facebook publicly of his situation lashed out at all LA police officials even his threats

  9. Alexandra Mitchell Alexandra Mitchell says:

    Florid and repetitiveRJ Parker is obviously passionate about his work and his topic I'm not sure what the aim of this short work is because it switches abruptly between topics and has an extremely loose organization He has written what started out as a story about Christopher Dorner an LAPD Cop turned spree killer and turns into a weird rant about racism This author is in dire need of an editor for his self publishing empire

  10. Sandra Burns Sandra Burns says:

    Good uick readThis is so sad Chris had so much potential Did the LAPD finally make him break? I say yes It does suck when you tell the truth still get screwed over

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Revenge Killings - Chris Dorner: The Cop. The Serial Killer. The Manhunt. (True Crime Cases, #1) ❮Ebook❯ ➧ Revenge Killings - Chris Dorner: The Cop. The Serial Killer. The Manhunt. (True Crime Cases, #1) Author R.J. Parker – Chris Dorner was a cop with the LAPD who was fired after reporting that his training officer beat up a suspect He appealed Lost Then snapped In his manifesto that he posted on Facebook he vowed to kil Chris Dorner was - Chris ePUB ☆ a cop with the LAPD who was fired after reporting that his training officer beat up a suspect He appealed Lost Then snapped In Revenge Killings MOBI :Ê his manifesto that he posted on Facebook he vowed to kill those associated with him being fired and their families His first victim was the daughter of the Killings - Chris PDF º LAPD lawyer who represented him and her fiance This case is most recent and includes several pictures some of which are uite graphic including the all out Killings - Chris Dorner: The PDF/EPUB or manhunt for Dorner and his controversial death This is the first book in a new ' True Crime Cases' series by Peter Vronsky and RJ Parker VP Publications an imprint of RJ Parker Publishing.