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Project Ordell ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Project Ordell Author Susanna Hays – Ordell Rutledge lives in the small town of Blackwick where he helps in his father’s modest automaton shop While he enjoys interacting with the few people who grace his father’s business he feels i Ordell Rutledge lives in the small town of Blackwick where he helps in his father’s modest automaton shop While he enjoys interacting with the few people who grace his father’s business he feels isolated because he can’t relate to them For ten years life’s been uaint and peaceful but Ordell has a secret he is an automaton sentient enough to pass as humanOrdell’s life is upended when the person he trusts most betrays him Heartbroken he sets off for Linnesse a city that accepts automatons as people and is booming with the latest technology With another sentient automaton Elias Griffith at his side they overcome obstacles and uncover the strange truth behind Ordell’s past But sometimes the past is best left in the darkGenreMaleMale Romance Science Fiction Light SteampunkNoteProject Ordell is set in a steampunk setting but is listed in the scifi genre This is due to the fact that it does not have extensive world buildingContent Warnings suicide non graphic sexual assault attemptClick here to order the paperbackClick here to order the ebook.

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Project Ordell
  • Susanna Hays
  • English
  • 27 April 2015
  • 9781634768672

9 thoughts on “Project Ordell

  1. Samantha Samantha says:

    I had the absolute pleasure of helping to beta this storyIt's different than anything else I have ever read and the background just grabbed me You know when a story comes back to you with ease that it left a mark which is rare for me I often forget what the hell I read so that says something Enjoyable and a definite adventure If you're willing to try something new I encourage you to do soAnd thank you to Susanna for giving me the privilege to help you along the road to publishing this story

  2. Elaine White Elaine White says:

    Book – Project OrdellAuthor – Susanna HayesStar rating ★★★☆☆No of Pages 200Movie Potential ★★★★☆Ease of reading – very easy to readWould I read it again – Possibly I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK BY THE AUTHOR IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW To be honest I had high expectations of this story As a Steampunk I was immediately excited to read it Add in that beautiful cover and I was itching to startPLOTThe plot is very original and creative I had a really strong sense of the Steampunk theme at the beginning and was in love with the detail of the world and the storytelling The way this author writes is very captivating at the start of the novelHowever I have to admit that about 20 30% in the story just begins to take off and it took an unusual turn To me this story is an eclectic mix of the films iRobot and The Boxtrolls with a healthy mix of the Mariah Mundi books There were elements of all three the baddie from The Boxtrolls; the Sentient Robots from iRobot fighting for their freedom; even the Steampunk ish world of Mariah MundiThe Steampunk element – for me – didn't work Yes it was strong at the beginning and the idea of the automatons really intrigued me but this could easily have been a historicalalternative world romance without the Steampunk element Here's whyThe “robots” didn't read like robots They read like a human with very few mentions of cogs mechanics metal or processes They slept to recharge; they could have sex smell taste feel complex emotions have a temper had their own thoughts and opinions could fight and have blood drawn But somehow they were still a machine This really confused me I was basically reading about a human being who I was expected to believe was a robot And this is where one star disappeared Had the Steampunk element actually been followed through on with much detail and strength this story would have been a solid 5 for meAnother issue I had was with the “adventure” of the story I must have spent about 70% of the book thinking “something big is going to happen” Nearly every chapter ended on a cliffhanger where a tension set in and I expected some massive danger to lurk on the next page But it was never as dangerous as I expected never uite as exciting as the lead up suggested and they always got out of it pretty easily The trouble nearly always resolved itself the danger never actually putting any character in mortal peril and I guessed the endingThat really should have knocked another star off But I let it slide I'm used to a lot of action in my books and the only Steampunk novels I've read before this were MF fantasy novels and they were most definitely solid in the action and Steampunk elements I didn't remove a star for this books lack of that because it's unfair to compare the twoThere are great things about this book It began as very intriguing original and clever There were great moments of humour Some really fun adventures and a few zingy one linersIt just couldn't maintain this throughout There were dips and bumps along the way where things grew a little stale and predictable There were a few things that didn't make sense Ordell our main character was fascinated by a little girl and her sick father desperate to help Yet we're never told if he actually did Despite him being consumed with thoughts of them in the run up to him actually learning how to help that issue is never fully resolved or even implied That felt wrongI didn't understand the significance of the 'revolution' since it led nowhere I expected a massive community of sentient robots all fighting together against the oppressive humans but it never happened I expected some form of actual revolution action which never happened And despite desperately trying to reach Linnesse through the whole book they don't get there until the last few pagesI think if you remove the 'sex bots' idea and leave the robots as slaves remove the nudity and the sex scenes then this would be an awesome MM romance with a Steampunk element for the YA market And truthfully that's how I read it It felt so much like a YA novel that it could have been an amazing 5 star if the sex and sex bots weren't included But because they were my expectations were higher The adventure the danger and such would have been spot on for a YA; nothing too gory or nerve shattering but just perfect for the YA marketCHARACTERSI loved the characters Ordell is this feisty guy in his twenties apparently who is funny moody stubborn and so much But I never really see him as a robot He's too human The fact that he can't taste food makes no difference to thatElias too is a brilliant character He's fun whimsical but also very protective of Ordell I actually think I like him better than Ordell though at times I would swing from one to the otherThe supporting characters all have their place and even the villain has his redeeming ualities But as I said above their personalities read perfectly for a YA novel Not so much for an adult 18 novel which is what this is supposed to beOrdell is supposed to be in real danger throughout the whole book Yet he's stupid or naive or just stubborn enough to continue to wander off alone He freaks out Elias who is trying so hard to protect him But he never really thinks about how he affects other people There are even times when despite both being sentient beings with real human emotions neither have a clue what they're saying or doing Their arguments really confused me because I often couldn't understand why they were blowing up into shouting matches Not that the matter was trivial I literally couldn't understand what they were arguing about It made no senseThe villain too doesn't measure up He starts out creepy and sleazy but there are too many moments of a broken man trying to keep a brave face I'm not sure why the author redeemed him in the end but I saw it coming and it made the risk to Ordell so much less than it should have been I was never not in all the times he was captured or in danger actually concerned for his safety Physical mental or otherwiseTaking this book as it's presented – an 18 Steampunk novel with sex scenes – the characters don't pass muster Yes they're awesome because of their adventures and fun attitude and their fight against a baddie But it's a YA novel at heart The characters are immature and not broad enough for an adult novel They are naive and childish sometimes but also like moody teenagers at other timesThe romance is also a little weird It made me uncomfortable at the start because they're both supposed to be robots The whole mechanics and the “how does that work” aspect really confused me until I read the actual sex scene Then it read like two humans; with all the right bodily functions reactions and no mention of 'rusting' or any hampering of their ability at allOVERALLHonestly I was a little disappointed I felt a little flat after reading it I didn't think about it for hours or days afterward and when I put it down I wasn't in an urgent hurry to pick it back up again I wanted to find out what happened but not with the kind of excitement I'm used to with a really great bookIf this had been marketed as a YA romance it could easily have become a new favourite The same with the author They would have become an instant buy if this was just left as the genre the story demanded Without the sex and sex bots this story is perfect It makes sense the adventure and danger are just enough but not too much And the mechanics aren't uite so important within the context of the romanceAs an 18 adult novel I needed This story was disappointing because it needed fleshed out for an adult audience The adventure and danger are too predictable and not dangerous enough to ever cause real concern for the characters The sexromance element feels misplaced because of the 'robot' issue and it's all just a bitflatI genuinely enjoyed a lot of aspects of this story but it just doesn't belong in the adult MM world in my opinion The plot characters and world belong in the YA market where it could comfortably be an excellent read

  3. Sarina Sarina says:

    Review written for Love Bytes ReviewsIn a world where automatons are the norm Ordell Rutledge still finds himself living in a world apart Far human than his counterparts Ordell strives everyday to live and blend in with the people around him but when he’s betrayed by the one person he trusts most he finds himself on the run Kidnapping attempts a plague that looks like its making a resurgence and the fight for automaton’s rights are only a few of the things Ordell encounters on his journey but the most important thing he learns about is himselfThis book was both really good and a bit of a disappointment at the same time I found the concept of the story and the automatons fascinating and when I started reading it I didn’t want to put it down I love Ordell; he’s so close to human but there are still things about him that mark him as other and it was interesting to see how he dealt with it especially when the people around him didn’t know what he was I already knew how the betrayal was going to go pretty much from the beginning but I found I didn’t mind that uite so much as I thought I would; the reasons for it were certainly not expected Elias was an enjoyable character too He was so different from Ordell both in looks and personality and it was amusing to watch him trying to get a reaction from his counterpartI totally loved the book through about the first half but then it fell apart a little bit There were several major things being dealt with throughout the book which was fine but they were so rushed through that I never felt satisfied with any of it Honestly if this had been made into two books instead of having everything crammed into just one it would have been fantastic As it was while I enjoyed the overall story setting and characters I ended the book feeling like I’d been cheated out of any meaningful climax and resolution The book would start to peak on something and then it felt as though it just petered out with a whimper instead of giving me the bang I was looking for This was a great imaginative story that incorporated steampunk elements really well but I still came away feeling like I was missing something when it was finished

  4. FantasyLiving FantasyLiving says:

    2 Hearts Ordell is a sentient automaton living in Blackwick with his father and creator Octavio living peacefully and enjoys helping his father build other automatons to be sold as workers Or so he believesOne day he comes home from running his errands and finds his father arguing with a man who gives him the creeps A week later he is betrayed by Octavio and has been sold as a pleasure slave to that man Running away he finds himself at Winifred’s house whom he discovers is his real creator and she has another automaton locked in her basement to keep him safe She sends Ordell and the other automaton Elias to Linesse where automatons are free to live as they please thanks an underground revolution that has been fighting for automaton rights for decades But the journey is long and Ratcliffe the man who bought him will not give him up without a fightRead the rest on the blog

  5. Erica Erica says:

    Too much stuff going on with too little point and too few morals No one managed to act admirably and there was too much so and so is a good guy no wait I guess he's a bad guy oops nope he's a good guy again Plus the pacing was odd and the language was sometimes awkward I was really looking forward to this preordered it weeks ago and everything but I just ended up disappointed

  6. Angela Angela says:

    More like a 15 stars rounded up to 2Long story short this is not a good book The fact that it feels like a long story condensed into a fairly short 200 something pages is one reason why There are so many things happening in this story so many subplots and different settings and characters and a uite honestly offensively copious amount of cheesy plot twists So there is so much going on but so little timewords to dedicated all these events As a result they all end up feeling extremely rushed and unfulfilling While reading this book I felt like I was reading something similar to outline It felt as if the author had written scenes to match all the major plot points she outlined but then didn't bother to expand on the story by adding scenes to bridge to larger plot points together in an interesting and cohesive wayIn addition the fact that there were so many extremely predictable plot points in such a short story became extremely grating halfway through the story as opposed to interested Honestly view spoiler how many times must Ordell be suddenly grabbed and knocked out from behind by a mysterious figure for the characters to start thinking that maybe he shouldn't be left to wander alone? Especially when Elias has been programmed to protect Ordell He's doing a pretty bad job with that I must say hide spoiler

  7. JJ JJ says:

    Reviewed for The Dark ArtsMy Rating 45 This book really had my wheels turning In fact after reading the first chapter my imagination was running wild The main character Ordell is not your average guy He’s actually not even human He’s an automaton who was created by people but due to his very human nature one of his creators adopted him as his son at a young age However when things get rough for Ordell’s father his comfortable life is jeopardized Ordell ends up on the run but when he meets Elias a whole new word is opened up for him They learn things about automatons that give him new purpose and direction They are on the run together but Ordell also has a mission I’m a big fan of fantasy and especially dark fantasy but the futuristic elements in this book were what really drew me in I loved the idea of cyborg type beings who develop personalities and human emotions There was actually nothing about Ordell that I could pinpoint as being other than human I also loved the danger they faced—that if they made one wrong step they could be made to serve as sex slaves to humans There was a lot of action in this book but there were also some hot erotic moments and a lot of sweet romance I recommend Project Ordell to anyone who loves sweet mm romance mm dark fantasy and futuristic steampunk worldsRATING Liked itDARK ARTS ELEMENTSCaptive Dark MM Fantasy Sex Trafficking MM Fantasy

  8. Joyfully Jay Joyfully Jay says:

    A Joyfully Jay review 2 starsThe events in the story are fast paced and keep the reader guessing so there was never any lack of drama or a sense of adventure The author also managed a good balance between that side of the story and the romance that unfolds between Ordell and the automaton Eilas The prose was also perfectly readable no glaring grammar or syntax errorsThat said I found little to enjoy about the storyFirst the setting is grossly underdeveloped The book is categorized with a steampunk theme I might be able to overlook descriptive passages giving details about the look of the current setting or what characters are wearing and props they might use That said I was flabbergasted at the almost complete lack of anything remotely steampunk in the book–it seemed to top out at mentioning “gears” and “gas light” about two times a couple of mechanical animals and the existence of automatons Personally as a fan of the steampunk aesthetic I felt pretty cheated that there wasn’t much here to actually MAKE it steampunk This was most egregious I thought in descriptions of Ordell where the author chose to give him blood and injuries sustained fighting a mechanical cephalopod Given the choice in words I was preparing myself for our hero to turn out to actually BE human but in reality it just seemed like sloppy writingRead Camille’s review in its entirety here

  9. CoffeeTimeRomance andMore CoffeeTimeRomance andMore says:

    Ordell and Elias personify Steampunk which is in my opinion an odd mish mash of high tech and old world Ordell’s personality also reflects this dichotomy with his shyness hiding a steel back bone Elias’s attitude is a little edgy although he is also fanciful at times He and Elias make a cute couple and their adventure is an entertaining readLototyReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance More

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