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Tangled Up in Brew Brewing Trouble #2 ❮EPUB❯ ✹ Tangled Up in Brew Brewing Trouble #2 Author Joyce Tremel – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Brew pub owner Maxine “Max” O’Hara and her chefboyfriend Jake Lambert are excited to be participating in the Three Rivers Brews and Burgers Festival Max hopes to win the coveted Golden Stein for Brew pub owner in Brew PDF/EPUB ä Maxine “Max” O’Hara and her chefboyfriend Jake Lambert are excited to be participating in the Three Rivers Brews and Burgers Festival Max hopes to win the coveted Golden Stein for best craft beer—but even if she doesn’t the festival will be great publicity for her Allegheny Brew House Or will it When notoriously nasty food and beverage critic Reginald Mobley is drafted as a last minute replacement judge Max dreads a punishing review Her fears are confirmed Tangled Up PDF \ when Mobley literally spits out her beer but things get even worse when the cranky critic drops dead right after trying one of Jake’s burgers Now an ambitious new police detective is determined to pin Mobley’s murder on Max and Jake who must pore over the clues to Up in Brew Brewing Trouble PDF/EPUB ² protect their freedom and reputations—and to find the self appointed judge jury and executioner.

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  1. Tina Tina says:

    ReviewGiveawayOct 17httpacozygirlreadsblogspotca There is trouble brewing Tangled up in Brew The Three Rivers Brew festival is coming to Pittsburg there are prizes for the best beer and the best burgers Max O’Hara is the proprietor of Allegheny Brew House and she is entering along with her chef boyfriend Jake who is entering with a secret burger recipe that Max is dying to get out of him The prize is a golden stein and one thousand dollars There’s great comradery among the brewers all except one brewer Dwayne Max and Jake try not to let that bring them down Reginald Mobley is a food and beverage critic who is known for giving bad reviews and driving restaurants out of business and it’s no surprise when Max’s Brew and Jakes Burger leaves a bad taste in his mouth so bad the food critic keels over and dies Jake is soon accused of murder and with Max’s dad being a detective and his partner set on locking Jake up and throwing away the key Max needs to brew up something fast to get Jake out of this predicament Foodie competitions in mysteries I love them it reminds me of watching reality tv Tangled up in Brew is less fillingreads great It will make you in the mood for a cold one Max and Jake made a great couple combined with a page turning plot and a villian you couldnt wait to die I loved the beer premise of A Brewing Trouble Series I think men as well as women can enjoy

  2. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    It’s festival time in Pittsburgh and Maxine “Max” O’Hara is excited that her Allegheny Brew House will be a participant Not only is her craft beer up for an award so is her chef’s burgers Her chef Jake Lambert is than an employee he’s also her boyfriend They are hoping their participation in Three Rivers Brews and Burgers Festival will be a huge success for Max’s brew houseUnfortunately one of the judges Reginald Mobley happens to be one of the nastiest food critics around Mobley doesn’t make the festival experience very pleasant for anyone especially not for Max and Jake He publicly blasts their products Things go from bad to worse when Mobley suddenly dies at the festival The newest detective on the force is out to make a name for himself and decides to focus his attentions on Max and Jake as the prime suspectsMax is not going to take this lying down She needs to protect herself Jake and her brew house So she conducts her own investigation and uickly learns there are way suspects than just Max and Jake All have much better reasons to want the critic dead tooThis is the second book in the series I loved the first one I love this one even Max and Jake are a cute couple with a ton of chemistry They are surrounded by family and friends who help to make this story come to lifeFor me this story grabbed me from the start I find a brew house premise to be a uniue setting for a cozy mystery It’s fast paced with a touch of romance mixed in with the mystery Joyce Tremel had me guessing right along with Max as to “whodunit” Tangled Up In Brew is a well written riveting story Although it’s the second book in the series it can be read on its own as the mystery is self contained in this book However I think readers will enjoy reading about Max’s adventures from the day she first opened her brew house Joyce Tremel is uickly making a name for herself in the cozy mystery communityFTC Disclosure I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review All opinions expressed are my own

  3. Kevin Kevin says:

    This book is lots of fun hey it's about beer Even fun is inserted when they have a beer festival and cooking competition The main character Max is interesting she knows a lot about beer and brewing and we learn something about it as the book progresses and her Dad is a cop so when the mystery and investigation begins it makes sense that Max knows something about how a police investigation is run I'll be reading the 3rd book once it's released later this fall

  4. Karen Karen says:

    This was a first for me in the series and I will be honest here I picked it for the cover and thought Brew meant coffee and I may not have read it if I knew it was about beer If I had read what the book was about and the series I may not have picked it up at all What a happy accident it turned out to be I am so glad I picked it and read it While Beer is not my brew of choice I was delighted with this book and the entire concept The story revolves around a female brew master and her NHL retired chef boyfriend Their back stories alone make for an excellent read Then there was main character Max's amazing family Father who is a police man brother a priest then there is a cat named hopsthe back story was fun The mystery its self was very well done and I found myself very angry at the first victim in the book and not nearly as motivated to help solve the mystery as the main character I would have been happy to sit back and eat burgers while Max solved the mysteryactually that is exactly what I did LOL This is a different take on a cozy and I loved the idea I like strong female characters who have really interesting jobs and this one was delightfully different

  5. Jane Jane says:

    Thanks to Goodreads and Berkley for giving me the opportunity to read and give my honest opinion about this bookI love the cover of this book and the pun of the title as in the song Tangled Up In Blue by Bob DylanA light mystery #2 in the series set in Pittsburgh PA about a brewfest You don't have to read the 1st of the series to follow along It mentions some things about the 1st one too I really enjoyed the brewing process and it wasn't overwhelming to understand The characters were well thought out too and I didn't know whodunit at allShe has a 3rd one coming out in October of 2017 which I will read

  6. Melodie Melodie says:

    There is great potential in this series and this one was better than the first one Have definitely learned a lot about beer and the characters are growing on me The mystery have been a bit better in the first one but this as a whole was better About 35 stars Will read the 3rd one

  7. Lisa Ks Book Reviews Lisa Ks Book Reviews says:

    This second book in the Brewing Trouble Mysteries series is an inebriating readI mentioned in my review of book one in this series TO BREW OR NOT TO BREW that beer is not my thing This series however is my thing Wonderful characters fantastic writing and a fresh idea will always draw me to a book Author Joyce Tremel brings all of that and in the Brewing Trouble Mysteries I really enjoy a story when there is a food competition involved Too much time watching food channels on my part? In TANGLED UP IN BREW there are two food competitions in one One for best craft beer which protagonist Maxine “Max” O’Hara wants to win and one for burgers which Max’s boyfriend Jake is competing in I also really enjoy it when a character I don’t like is the one who gets murdered Helps me with real life frustrations ; So this book had a lot of things that make a fun read for me Author Tremel has a great series here TANGLED UP IN BREW is the foamy head on the ice cold beer of her series It was truly an intoxicating read I’m very much looking forward to this author’s third brew When you have your copy don’t miss the yummy recipes and an excerpt from A ROOM WITH A BREW all located at the back of the book

  8. Amanda McGill Amanda McGill says:

    For full review The Limit of Books Does Not ExistThis is the second novel in the series but can easily be read as a stand alone I really like this series because it’s different than other cozy mystery series since it’s about beer brewingThe mystery wasn’t too complex and I figured out the killer a few chapters before the killer was announced yay me I learned so much about the brewing process and realized it is much complex than I thought it was I also like how it takes place in Pittsburgh so I had a bit of an understanding of locations since I had visited Pittsburgh a few timesThe best part of the series is the characters I really like Max and her boyfriendchef Jake There is also a great cast of secondary characters who keeps things entertainingAn enjoyable cozy mystery which I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in brewing

  9. Patricia Romero Patricia Romero says:

    his is the second in the Brewing Trouble series and it is every bit as fun as the first oneThe characters are smart funny and very family oriented The descriptions of Pittsburgh and the brewing process are very entertaining as is Max's family I have learned about brewing beer than I ever imagined and have a deep respect for those who do this complicated and delicious liuidMax and Jake make a good team and the action is well paced and the subject matter is spot on These are people you probably know Intelligent fun loving and very well thought out Between good beer tasty food and a mystery to solve what's not to love?The best part is they share their recipes with you So you can make a killer burger as wellThe third book in the series should be out in October  BooksBooksandMoreBooks  ReviewsBerkley Prime Crime

  10. LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL says:

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsBelly up to the bar and try one of Max’s new brewsBrew pub owner Maxine “Max” O’Hara and her chefboyfriend Jake Lambert are 2 awesome characters Working with your significant other can be tough but these two compliment each other nicely and each have their own strengths Max knows beer and Jake knows food and the Three Rivers Brews and Burgers Festival is the perfect place so show everyone their talents But cranky critic Reginald Mobley is not a fan of the Allegheny Brew House fare and delvers a scathing review It puts them in the police’s cross hairs when he dies in front of a crowd of people while eating Jake’s burger Max’s dad is also on the case but his partner has his mind made up It may be time to call on a higher being Max’s brother is a priest so he will be praying but Max is determined to save Jake herself and their pub any way she canThe characters in this series are very interesting Setting the story at a festival draws an eclectic group of people too They are also very well crafted The lead characters are both strong and independent euals and very supportive of each other They lean on each other but are not dependent on each other They have known each other most of their lives and that gave them a strong bond before they even started datingThe author also gives us a very strong plot with plenty twists Reading the first book in this series I figured out the culprit before Max this time I was right there with her and figured it out at the same time My early suspicions were totally wrong She also gives us enough depth into the world of micro brews with overwhelming the reader I love learning new thingsI enjoyed the setting of the festival and could easily picture the booths and their layout Ms Tremel’s descriptions were so rich I could almost taste the beer and those burgersThis is a fantastic addition to this series and I am really looking forward to the next installment A Room With A Brew Now if I could just have a glass or two of Max’s citrus ale to hold me over until then

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