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  1. Bri (readingknitter.com) Bri (readingknitter.com) says:

    This is a very late autumnal review of a book that I LOVED this summer I was going through a bit of a rut with my summer reading I felt overwhelmed by reading academic articles for work nonfiction that detailed not always pleasant things and fiction novels that usually featured not the sunniest of characters Vow of Celibacy snatched me out of that funk The novel opens with our main character Natalie at a little bit of a crossroads in her life she's not completely satisfied with what she's doing where her path is going or the types of people she's seeing but she's also not completely unhappy either So she decides to take a Vow of Celibacy to eliminate one of her unsatisfying aspects of her life as she works through all of her previous relationships to try to determine if a link exists between them that perpetuates her dissatisfaction The reader gets thrown into her previous romantic and sexual experiences with men and women whilst bouncing back to current day Natalie and then back again to previous experiences throughout the whole novelPresent day Natalie is feeling a little less enchanted with her job as a fashion event planner Through the encouragement of a new friend she dips her toe into a new career pathway being a plus size model; the internal dialogue as she negotiates this career move with the negative feedback she's gotten from her mother about her size is A and the new exciting friends that come along with it She's also helping her college best friend Anastaze navigate her own relationship trysts and ideals after Anastaze decides she wants to enter sexual relationships for the first time which creates a fun contrast between the narratorSpeaking of fun this book is filled with it I laughed so much while because it was exactly my sense of humor The fact that the author is also a comedian definitely helped amp up the humor that is usually only mildly amusing in other novels I don't think I've laughed this much or had so much fun while reading a novel since  Big Little LiesThis book is so great in so many ways down to how the pages of the book were literally the softest of any book pages I have ever felt When I started reading I made multiple friends touch the pages to confirm I was not somehow changing their texture in my mind simply because I loved the book so much Another thing I loved about this book is how Judge introduces a lot of high culture items and gives definitions of what they are through the narrator's new perspective to also learning about them in a way that's not condescending to the reader and informative in a casual way I would recommend reading Vow of Celibacy on this merit alone to people on the cusp of hanging with wealthy people but not coming from a wealthy background themselves just for these bits of accessible high culture food wine etcI also found the later chapters perfectly captures the young adult who moves to New York living experience being  inundated with bugs and ceilings collapsing whilst garnering absolutely no remorse from your landlord I felt worn out for Natalie because I could feel how much New York repeatedly chewed her up and spat her out despite how much she tried to make it work during her immediate post college years This book depicts everything so perfectly including icky situations like New York living and failing and I cannot recommend it enough When people ask me what was the most fun read of my summer this is the book that I recommend As soon as I finished reading Vow of Celibacy I looked up the author Erin Judge because I wanted to gobble up everything she had written Unfortunately this is the only book she's written so far but I can't wait to see what she comes up with nextFor reviews check out girlwithabookblogcom

  2. CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian says:

    There are a lot of things I loved about this book The representation of bisexuality felt very spot on and authentic as did the fat and sex positive rep I found Natalie to be an interesting if not fascinating character; I never felt like I totally got her but she also kind of felt like a friend from real life? The crux of this plot is Natalie is in her early 30s and decides that since she's been chasing something through sexual relationships since she was a teen she needs to take a vow of celibacy The narrative alternates between the past chronicling all her relationships and the present where she's getting back into fashion design trying out plus size modeling and helping her friend who's a super famous anonymous blogger reveal her true identity The narrative overall felt disjointed though and a bit aimless There was also no payoff when the timelines met up I was expecting a classic chick lit kind of plot which this definitely does not follow I wanted something from Natalie's journey I think I just wanted it to conform to a narrative structure that it set me up to think it fell into? Tbh this feels a bit like a novel drawn from someone's real life that hasn't been sufficiently made into fiction But anyway I definitely am not sorry I read this and would recommend it as one of the only books about a bi character that really rang true for me

  3. Kevin Kevin says:

    Funny sweet heartfelt beautifully written story of a fashion producer who decides to swear off sex Told alongside her own sexual history and her relationship with her best friend a famous but anonymous blogger The kind of book you keep sneaking 3 pages of because it is so satisfying to do so I loved it Would read it again tomorrow Makes you feel great just knowing its out there The very definition of a great time

  4. Lara Lillibridge Lara Lillibridge says:

    Totally bummed that this book is over I loved it so much Natalie is a plus sized bisexual woman struggling to find self acceptance in this hilarious and poignant novel I have not related to a character inever See? I loved it so much I lost my ability to write coherently It's a book about being bisexual and about self image and about friendship and finally putting a value on your body and so much It's just a really great book It's been a long time since I was not just sad but kind of angry that a book ended—not that the ending wasn't satisfying it totally was—but I could have read another 300 pages happily

  5. Samantha Ruddy Samantha Ruddy says:

    I loved this story so much It made me want to read books and then get mad at them for not being this book The characters are all smart well written and relatable The story is one that everyone can resonate with regardless of size sexuality etc I would say that sexuality and body image is the focal point of the book but Erin also perfectly captured the social politics of high schoolearly adulthood Added bonus it's very funny Hilarious even I would recommend it to anybody

  6. Lucy Bledsoe Lucy Bledsoe says:

    Smart and hilarious such a relief to read a book about a woman who loves her big body and loves sex too

  7. Melanie Page Melanie Page says:

    Vow of Celibacy is one of those books that turned me off immediately in two ways 1 The title Why must the fat woman be celibate? 2 The first three sentences which read “Anastaze called me at 657 am this morning I left my ringer on for this very reason Anastaze pronounced “anna STAYS”” I hate the redundancy — so lazy so early in the book — and a first person narrator giving pronunciation notes Is the name so hard or should a different name have been chosen? And for whom is she pronouncing it?At its most basic the novel is about Natalie who visits her past asking why she’s had lots of good sex but never a dating relationship In her current life Natalie works as a production manager like me for a small company organizing fashion shows in places like the mall Her best friend Anastaze is a famous anonymous blogger who has never had sex and struggles with falling in love with people she barely knows I wasn’t even thrilled with the summary of Vow of Celibacy because it sounds like two stereotypes walking around In fact they sounded a lot like the main characters in A Girl’s Guide to Vampires I read it because I’m trying to give all fat lady books a chanceHOWEVERErin Judge completely won me over with realistic characters funny writing sex positivity and starting a conversation about diet culture Judge avoids every stereotype you find in a summary I enjoyed Vow of Celibacy immensely and am sad it’s over It’s one of the best books starring a fat woman that I’ve read for my uest to read positive books with a fat female protagonist who doesn’t diet or date her way to happinessEarly in the novel Judge establishes that protagonist and narrator Natalie has visited a therapist and worked to “become comfortable with food and her natural size She’s not all the way there but Diet ideations are few and far between these days” Part of seeking help teaches Natalie that having sex gives her “a reprieve from her otherwise constant body hatred” Hooray Judge gives us a character who is in dieting rehab basically who explains what dieting has done to her In the present Natalie does not diet and tells people who start diet talking that she’s not comfortable having that conversation with them EmpowermentAs a warning there are parts when Natalie’s mother is a serious bummer shaming Natalie and showing readers where our narrator learned to hate herself Her mother says things like “it just seems a shame that instead of finally getting in shape you’ve just resigned yourself to being obese which is very unhealthy” I didn’t want to uote this passage and give it life on my blog but I think it’s important to note that her mother uses the health and weight argument You can do your own research but let me reiterate that a person’s weight gives you so little indication of their health — and you are not a doctor And at what point have you ever visited a doctor had them just look at you and determine you are sick? I realize that if you’re fat you likely have had that experience and it’s time to move on to a new doctorEven though Natalie realizes sex distracts her from negative thoughts Vow of Celibacy is sex positive The descriptions take you into the moment without being so graphic you feel sueamish in the wrong way Natalie reflects on losing her virginity in a moment that recreated her feelings believably “The part where he put on a condom and entered me felt both momentous and incidental like an extremely big deal and an insignificant combination of parts and motions all at the same time” Judge includes many moments in which you’re with Natalie having sex but removed a polite distanceAlsoVow of Celibacy is uite funny It’s not a comedy but Natalie’s personality leans toward snarky in a way that doesn’t make you wish she’d grow up Joining a guy a few years older than she and friend Anastaze Natalie reveals she knows nothing about wine“How do you guys know so much about wine?”Ben looked at Staze “From growing up I guess My mom had a big thing for Côtes du Rhône”“My father loves Côtes du Rhône too” Staze agreed “Also Montepulciano”“My father thinks Pert Plus is the greatest invention in world history” I added still laughingNatalie isn’t the only strong funny woman A plus size model who befriends Natalie gets her a gig on the runway something Natalie never thought she’d do because she had no interest in modeling The day of the runway show arrives and Natalie refuses to get out of the show because she’s so nervous The model friend enters and says “Jesus there’s enough steam in here to power a small engine” I love the way amazing women populate Vow of Celibacy and never come off as “the cool girl” or phonyI can’t neglect to mention the depiction of a bisexual woman Natalie is not ashamed of herself and the author never pushes her to demure from a sexual experience she wants to have and is comfortable having Anastaze is supportive of her friend easily navigating Natalie’s history of lovers be they men or women At one point a lesbian who has not come out accuses Natalie of being “lucky” because she implies Natalie can hide and be “normal” by just dating men Natalie doesn’t let her get away with this exchanging some cruel barbs of her own in defenseAfter reading The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories in which one character horribly accuses another of having a “bag of bisexual tricks” I appreciated a fat bisexual woman in my novel And impressively the pieces of her identity that one might call diversity is not what’s memorable about Natalie making her all the human and enjoyable to read about Highly recommended Vow of Celibacy by Erin JudgeThis review was originally published at Grab the Lapels

  8. Hannah Joy Hannah Joy says:

    I LOVED this book A lot of Natalie's experiences mirrored my own growing up and it felt so good to see someone else going through it Natalie was such a great character and I loved watching her grow A fantastic and honest novel about bisexuality and loving the person you are Couldn't put it down

  9. A.M. Leibowitz A.M. Leibowitz says:

    At the start of the book we learn about Natalie’s vow of celibacy She then embarks on a journey to share with readers what happened leading up to her vow This takes us all the way back to her teenage years as she processes through what went wrong in her relationships Interspersed with her memories we see her growth in the present day and eventually where she’s headedThis is not a romance It’s a genuinely bisexual themed book with a whole lot of other underlying messages about body and sex positivity Natalie and Anastaze her best friend are at opposite ends of the experience spectrum Natalie has enjoyed a long history of enthusiastic mostly satisfying sex despite her own inner turmoil and her feelings about her worth as a plus size woman Anastaze has no experience at all by virtue of never having found someone she wants to share that level of intimacy with What’s so wonderful about them both as friends and as women is that there is no shame for either of themTheir friendship than Natalie’s weight or relationships or sexuality is the cornerstone of the novel Every woman deserves a Natalie or an Anastaze in her life someone who will stand beside her and support her but isn’t afraid to call her out when necessary I love these two and it’s their bond which kept me readingThere’s a lot of great symbolism built into the story It’s easy to read it as a series of events or as a treatise on fat acceptance but that would be selling it short A significant amount of time is devoted to Anastaze’s work as an anonymous blogger and her own “coming out” by revealing her identity Meanwhile Natalie is participating in a plus size fashion show which leads her career in a new direction She has to overcome significant emotional barriers in order to put herself out there for the world to see Anyone who has ever felt the need to hide in the shadows will be able to relate to both women’s insecurities and their process toward self advocacyNatalie’s bisexuality is a significant part of the story but it isn’t what drives the plot She has no trouble understanding and accepting that part of herself It’s her own fears and insecurities about being good enough for anyone to love which she has to overcome not her sexualityAll in all this is a wonderful read Even after finishing it took me time to process what I loved about it and why I think this is an important work of contemporary bisexual literature I’m looking forward to reading from Erin Judge in the futureFor a fabulous bisexual protagonist a well written friendship and a story which kept me hooked this gets 5 stars

  10. Elena Elena says:

    Absolutely charming This is of a coming of age story than a story about the main character's present day life with a thoughtful retrospective take on her relationship with her career her relationship to her body and food and of course her romantic exploits The overall feeling is having a cup of delicious cocoa and reminiscing about the past with a new friend that you can tell will become an old friend Highly recommended especially for bi women plus sized women and anyone else who says woohoo when someone at a concert shouts Class of 1999 Note there is a good bit of diet talk and body hate in the retrospective part of the book and lots of appetizing descriptions of food throughout

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Vow of Celibacy: A Novel
  • Erin Judge
  • 04 February 2016
  • 9781942600725

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Vow of Celibacy won Best Fiction at the Celibacy: A ePUB ✓ Bi Book Awards Erin co hosts.