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For the Love of a Steampunk Heart (Firebend Chronicles, #1) ✸ [PDF] ✈ For the Love of a Steampunk Heart (Firebend Chronicles, #1) By Leah Ross ✴ – Sixty four years ago the Blast changed everything The modern interconnected world died and two disparate societies took its place The pioneers founded their own world in the frontier of the Fringe The Sixty four years ago the Blast changed everything Love of eBook ☆ The modern interconnected world died and two disparate societies took its place The pioneers founded their own world in the frontier of the Fringe The rest crowded themselves into dome cities and cut themselves off from the world Fringer For the PDF \ or Domer One or the other Never both Until nowNick Massey is an inventor and mechanic a Domer struggling to break out of his poverty stricken existence and escape his tragic past He’s brilliant He’s talented He just lost his job With nothing keeping him in the city the Love of MOBI ð he leaves his meager life behind and strikes out for the wild unknowns of the Fringe He’s hoping to find happiness and purpose Instead he finds ZanderZander Pennington is a Fringer born and bred a lifelong resident of the town of Firebend He’s tough and resourceful and absolutely the Love of a Steampunk Epub / intolerant of unknowns As a partner in the region’s most lucrative mineral mining operation he doesn’t have time to deal with anything but business Business is what he knows Business is his comfort zone Nick is not businessDespite their inherent differences Nick and Zander must learn to trust each other and work as a team to thwart the danger that threatens them and all of Firebend It’s the danger they can’t fight though that could break both of their hearts and destroy their lives.

About the Author: Leah Ross

Leah Ross is a freelance writer and graphic Love of eBook ☆ designer with a penchant for loud electronic dance music and sappy love stories She has been writing and creating art for most of her life with works published by the International Library of Poetry and NewType USA After receiving For the PDF \ her BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder she started a family with her soulmate Leah met her husb.

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  1. Ana Ana says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the MM Romance group at goodreadsI loved this book so much It was a very sweet storyBoth main characters were so likable it was so easy to care for them Nick was sweet and there were moments were he seems so vulnerable and have some struggles accepting himself those moments were just beautiful I think it's easy to the reader to feel related and it left a good message about accepting ourself the way we are In Zander's case i felt he was also very nice character i generaly like complex characters but he was ok I liked about him how easy was to feel his emotionsThe secondary characters were very nice but i finished the book wanting to know a little bit about them There was this one named Wyvern that got my attention i felt he was a great character and i would love to read of his storyIt's very easy to get into the story It has a nice pace There are some interesting action moments The story was very entertaining Once i started reading it was difficult to put it downThe moments when the main characters are together are very beatiful and sweet the author manage to make a belieaveble connection between them maybe a little too fast to my taste but i'm sure most of the readers woul'd love itThe only problem i had with the book was that the world created for the author was a little confusing to me It was hard to imaging it and sometimes it looked a little contradictory but other than that i realy loved itI think it was a great book i enjoy it so much and i woul'd love to read books from this author

  2. Nocturnalux Nocturnalux says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewTrue to its title For the Love of a Steampunk Heart starts out as a solid albeit hardly original entry in the steampunk genre only to degenerate into cloyingly sweet romance The result is uneven at best as the character interaction is not strong enough to carry the narrative throughThe world building is overall coherent even if it breaks down upon closer inspection Unlike in so many works in the same vein the mandatory disaster that wiped out most technology is within living memory having occurred 64 years prior to the narrative proper The reader is introduced to the global cataclysm known as 'The Blast' fairly early on through the narrative voice and later through one of the main character's direct speech As a result civilization has mostly collapsed and what little survived of the human population has split into those who cluster in domed cities and those who are holding their own on the wilderness known as 'The Fringe'It is a fairly typical setting and in this case comes with a rivalry between the two types of people Domers and Fringers that ends up providing the initial conflict between the main characters namely Nick genius mechanic who left his Domed city to try his luck in the Fringe and Zander born and raised in the Fringe and with little patience for outsiders If the general outlook of this futuristic world is consistent in terms of the level of technology it fails when it comes to the cultural and particularly linguistic aspect Characters who had no contact other than the limited Fringe environment are savvy about such things as taekwando and are able to even uote a few stock phrases of French This in a universe where the circulation of information has completely broken down seems utterly unlikely That Zander in particular should know about details like belt colors in a Korean martial art is not plausible in the least given that he is not even fond of reading With no global culture or access to other areas of the world it is borderline impossible that he would know about such a specific thing A stranger aspect in this dissonance is the attitude toward homosexuality Given that the novel features a very strong gay theme attitudes toward same sex attraction should be addressed but oddly enough that is not the case It seems to be accepted but there is no explanation as to whether that too dates from around the Blast period An almost complete reset of civilization might very well have affected attitudes toward same gender relationships but given that historically rural communities are much less inclined to be accepting it seems a tad odd that the Fringe should be so tolerant of it Given that there is no background information at all on the subject the reader is left to wonder The actual relationship aspect very soon usurps the narrative with a less than stellar outcome It swings between forced angst and saccharine sappiness to the point of being absurd Both characters act like teenagers than actual grown men with plenty of gushing over each other blushing left and right and being sulky Zander is supposed to be tough and cynical the reader being impressed on his inability to express emotion fairly often yet he spends an absurd amount of time gushing about how he feels To make matters a bit worse both will go through occasional fits of self blaming for no reasonThe shift from angsty to overly sweet is abrupt and recurring Both the narrative approach with its insistance on leaving nothing for the reader to figure out for themselves and the direct speech that devolves into the characters calling each other's name every other sentence conspire to make the relationship a literary construct instead of a living breathing entity The narrator needs remind us how in love they are and how everyone else can see it instead of letting it transpire though description It breaks some of the suspension of disbelief through jarring reminders that this is in fact a work of fiction There is little to be said about the supporting cast It comprises characters who are interested in the main characters' happiness than in anything going on in their own lives Then there is a truly cartoonish villain who is only missing a cape and who still manages to come across as interesting Given that this is only the first instalment of a series there is still hope for the secondary characters to actually come into their own particularly the man who got mechanical wings grafted a character who deserved development than pouting about Nick and obsessing about his friends There is a glimmer of hope regarding him at the very end and hopefully it will carry into the second volume The true source of conflict turns out to be view spoilerNick's mechanical heart that is failing him One wonders how Zander who worries ever so much about it still engages in sex with him Given that sexual activity is a sure way of heightening the heartbeat it is probably less than safe given Nick's condition But that would keep the novel from the mandatory steamy scenes The issue is also solved oddly easily even if Al and Nick are bona fide geniuses it still took them too little time to make a full working prototype hide spoiler

  3. Juli Juli says:

    I received an ARC of this book for a fair and honest review45 starsI haven't read much steampunk but after reading this I want to seek out The two MC's couldn't be different You have the sweet genius Nick who has lived his whole life under a dome and the Fringe farmer Zander who while he doesn't have book smarts is street smart and loves his life and the family he has madeNick leaves the only life he has ever known under the dome when he can no longer find work that can pay him enough to stay alive He packs up his life as it is grabs his trusty companion Newt a robot he made himself to help maintain his mechanical heart Out in the fringe he meets Zander and Al who run a mine and have a sort of farm that is coveted by those who want things that others have The three begin to work together and learn about each other as they form their own familyThere are some supporting characters in Wyvern a tavern waiter who has been altered with wings and is a huge flirt to hide just how much he wants someone of his very own who looks like he gets his story in book 2 And there's Kit who owns an antiue shop when Nick gets items to make his inventions to not only secure the safety of his home but also to build and create other things which are revealed along the wayOf course there's conflict as there is a man who wants Al's land and when he learns about Nick decides he wants him to The trio must band together with their friends to defend their home and Nick from this man intent on possessing bothI liked every aspect of this book from the characters to the world building and even the relationships Nick and Zander's relationship did seem fast but in the landscape they are in it wasn't surprising They have to live every moment as if it is their last Even the supporting characters were essential to the plot and I hope to hear about their story in the upcoming booksAll in all a very enjoyable read and I look forward to the next book in the series The teaser at the end just makes we want to read it that much

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI really did enjoy this story It was very creative and fun to read I normally do not read a lot of steampunk romances but I highly enjoyed this aspect of the story There were points where my head was going to explode with the technical workings of Nick's mind I totally see how Zander can get a headache from it but the author did a good job limiting the amount of times Nick completely geeks outThe whole Domer versus Fringer was not a big part of the story From the synopsis I expected this to be a huge issue but it really wasn't I also expected Nick to be the only person to accomplish the task of going from a Domer to a Fringer but that isn't the case as well The love story had an insta love feel to me I'll be honest I am not a fan of insta love so this was a turn off I did enjoy seeing Nick and Zander together but I couldn't feel their connection It wasn't bad enough that I hated their relationship but I wasn't invested in it eitherReaders are left with a HFN feeling Yes Nick and Zander get their HEA but the whole issue our MCs were facing was still ongoing and the reader doesn't get any closer as to the reasons why Nick was wanted Great move by the author in my opinion because even though I wasn't invested in Nick and Zander I was invested in Wyvern's past and Wraith's plans

  5. Gina Marie ~books are my drug of choice~ Gina Marie ~books are my drug of choice~ says:

    I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review through DBML This book is a new and different take on steam punk than other books I have read I found it interesting that we were in a dystopian future instead of Victorian times The world created by the author was one where technology was banned and no one remembered how it really worked The knowledge was still available in books and manuals but all things tech were supposed to have been destroyed romance was slow and somewhat sweet The focus was on the developing relationships both between the two men and the city slicker with his boss and the old man who ran the antiue storeUnlike the main characters I really had a hard time with the bad guy He just felt a bit flat to me That aside I did enjoy the book The cliffhanger left me feeling a bit odd It seemed a bit hokey I am looking forward to seeing what happens next when book two picks up The pacing is slow and steady but that is not necessarily a bad thing I had no problem with staying interested and not having to take breaks unlike some books I have read The story really needs to step up the tension during action scenes it is an enjoyable read but I didn't get as invested in the action as the author probably intended

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