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Precious and Grace ➿ Precious and Grace Free ➶ Author Alexander McCall Smith – In this latest installment of the beloved and best selling No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series Precious Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi help a young woman on a uest to find someone from her pastChanges ar In this latest installment of the beloved and best selling No Ladies' Detective Agency series Precious Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi help a young woman on a uest to find someone from her pastChanges are afoot at the No Ladies' Detective Agency where Mma Makutsi who has recently been promoted to co director has been encouraging Mma Ramotswe to update to modern office practices However an unusual Precious and PDF/EPUB ² case will reuire both of them to turn their attention firmly to the past A young Canadian woman who spent her early childhood in Botswana reuests the agency's help in recovering important pieces of her life there With only a faded photograph and of course some good old fashioned detective skills to guide them Precious and Grace set out to locate the house that the woman used to live in and the caretaker who looked after her many years ago But when the journey takes an unexpected turn they are forced to consider whether some lost things may be better off unfoundBusy as she is with this challenging investigation Mma Ramotswe can always be relied on to come to the aid of her friends who seem to have a special knack for landing in hot water Mr Polopetsi an occasional assistant at the agency has made an ill advised business decision that may lead to serious trouble And next door at Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors Fanwell the junior mechanic has become helplessly attached to a stray dog who proves to be a bigger responsibility than he can handle With Mma Makutsi by her side Mma Ramotswe dispenses help and sympathy with the graciousness and warmth for which she is so well known and everyone is led to surprising insights into the healing power of compassion forgiveness and new beginnings.

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  1. David Stone David Stone says:

    A Review by Violet Sephotho Nominee for Botswana's Woman of the Year This is Rra Alexander's 17th book about me even though I look younger than I did all those years ago at the Botswana Secretarial College where I made my first big splash in the business world I make an appearance in the very first chapter of Precious and Grace because let's face it there's nothing very precious or graceful about those two Boring big time It's Violet Sephotho people want to read about You see I have become a big time business consultant on TV and radio leaving certain people and their No 1 Ladies Disaster Agency in the dust on the Tlokweng Road I don't ramble on about the price of cattle or tell boring old stories about Bobonong To succeed in Botswana today a woman has to be ruthless and flashy with a modern build I get right to the point and if I don't like you you're firedI have to warm you that as usual there are a lot of mysteries to be solved before you get to the exciting Violet stuff But I learned a few good ideas here from Mr Poloptese about how to attract investment And just when you're about to nod off a puff adder strikes and gets your hopes up I skipped the parts about that dog Zebra Dogs always seem to growl at me Of course I give the inside of this book five stars even though the title should really be Violet and More Violet And please don't forget to vote for the most important election of our lifetime Botswana's Woman of the Year I have a feeling that this year of all years is my time to get 98 percent of the vote and to put a certain lady with large eyeglasses in her place

  2. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    I love spending my reading time with Precious Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi both of them delightful intelligent women who are very faithful to their much loved home of BotswanaIn this the 17th episode of the series our two redoubtable main characters come as close as they ever have to a major falling out They deal with several cases involving pyramid selling drug smuggling lost dogs and a lost past and of course everything works out in the end although not always to their total satisfactionBeautifully written entertaining and full of Mma Ramotswe's philosophies on life love and humanity Of course I loved it

  3. Susan Johnson Susan Johnson says:

    I was so disappointed when I finished this book It wasn't disappointment in the book but the fact that it was over I miss the characters already I think I would rather spend time with Precious than anyone else She is truly happy in her life and feels blessed every day I would just love it if she dropped over for some read bush tea It would make my day This one is about a young woman from Canada who comes back to Botswana where she grew up There's a stray dog and a powerful theme of forgiveness but the story really doesn't matter It's the feeling you have when it's over like sitting in front of a roaring fire drinking hot chocolate and feeling so happy to be alive I love this book and series

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    In this 17th book in the 'No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency' series Mma Ramotswe has her hands full with three cases The book can be read as a standalone but it's fun to follow the characters' arcs through the series Mma Ramotswe right and Mma Makutski from the television seriesThe newest client of the The Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency is Susan Peters a Canadian woman who was born and raised in Botswana Susan is nostalgic for her early life in the beautiful African country and producing an old photo asks Mma Ramotswe to find her childhood home and former nanny called Rosie Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi put a piece in the newspaper asking Rosie to come forward and of course several candidates uickly show up Mma Makutsi acerbic and skeptical as always thinks they're all phonies but Mma Ramotswe believes one woman might be the real deal Inuiries a house visit and many cups of tea eventually help resolve the situation which is a little different than it first appears Meanwhile Mr Polopetsi a chemistry teacher and part time detective for the agency has inadvertently involved himself in a Ponzi scheme The naive good hearted man has convinced several acuaintances to invest in a shady plan to buy and sell cattle with the promise of 25% profit When Mma Ramotswe and Mma Potokwane director of the orphan farm confront Mr Polopetsi with the truth he's crushed But Mma Ramotswe tries to make things right and keep Mr Polopetsi out of prison Mma Ramotswe has one additional concern Fanwell who works as a mechanic for Mr JLB Matekoni has been adopted by a stray dog The pooch named 'Zebra' by Mma Ramotswe's foster children needs a permanent homebut where? Mma Ramotswe attempts to work it outAs usual with this series Mma Ramotswe uses her intelligence insight and compassion to solve problems and Mma Makutsi acts as kind of a Greek chorus voicing her own uirky views Some occurrences in the story lead Mma Ramotswe to ponder forgivenessa worthy act However when Mma Ramotswe avers she'd let criminals off with a warning I'm taken aback Perhaps Mma Ramotswe doesn't believe Botswana harbors murderers rapists or the like This story isn't as humorous as some other entries in the series but one 'problem' did make me laugh Over time Mma Makutsi has promoted herself from secretary to assistant detective to associate detective to partner and finally to 'Co Director of the agency 😊 This leaves Mma Ramotswe with a dilemma Can she still ask Mma Makutsi to take dictation make phone calls type letters and so on? Mma Ramotswe frets about this continually but the issue remains unresolved I'm curious to see how it plays outThe stories in Alexander McCall Smith's series' are always enjoyable This book is recommended to people who like cozies especially fans of the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency You can follow my reviews at

  5. L.A. Starks L.A. Starks says:

    While the pace of this novel is languorous its theme of forgiveness is one of the most deeply moving in the seriesAnd any book with a stray dog is a sure winner Precious and Grace is no exception to the memeAs always Smith handles characterizations with beguiling economy a lifted eyebrow here an almost suppressed thought there yet the reader turns the page and much has happened In particular note how Precious understands accommodates and reacts to the Grace's occasional roughnessAs always the country its airlines and hotels should give Smith lifetime free passes he writes so endearingly about its culture readers will want to catch the next plane to Botswana

  6. Jacki (Julia Flyte) Jacki (Julia Flyte) says:

    This is the 17th installment in the long running series about Precious Ramotswe and her No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency in Botswana Whenever I start one of these books the sensation is reminiscent of easing myself into a warm and relaxing bath Life slows down and my mind turns to idly contemplating subjects as random as whether dogs have souls or the curative power of a cup of tea The main storyline in Precious and Grace concerns a Canadian woman who spent some of her childhood in Botswana and who comes to the agency hoping to make contact with people that she knew in her childhood Mma Ramotse and Mma Matkutsi have a difference of opinion as to whether the person that they find is the woman's former nursemaid or an imposter There are also secondary storylines about Mr Polopetsi becoming involved in a pyramid selling scheme and Fanwell from the garage finding a stray dog In the last couple of books in this series I felt that the sub plots had been tossed in almost as an afterthought but this time they were all worked through well and tied back to the central theme I was genuinely unsure how the main storyline would resolve itself and interested in what was going to happenIt strikes me that this series is a kind of updated Aesop's fables with gentle moral lessons integrated into the story in this case the focus is on forgiveness and on righting wrongs but not in such a way that it becomes preachy rather it's a gentle approach that just makes you think Kind of like yoga for the soul

  7. Diane Barnes Diane Barnes says:

    The 17th installment is much like the first sixteen but this series still seems fresh to me Not much to the mystery as always but I read them for the ongoing stories of Mma Ramotswe and Grace Makutsi their families and co workers and the people of Botswana

  8. Laura Laura says:

    Third ReadWhen I will I stop reading the Mma Ramotswe series by Alexander McCall Smith? Perhaps after the 2020 election? After the White House has been sterilized and fumigated? Maybe Until then these books lift my spirits when it all just seems too surreal These books are kindness laughter decency integrity and too many other good words for me to list And Lisette Lecat truly deserves the euivalent of an Oscar for her audiobook performances straight across the series She makes AMS's wonderful work just plain stellar Please listen to this series It will make you smile no matter what Guaranteed Second ReadI never tire of this series Alexander McCall Smith wrote them for me And for you It is the characters than anything else that make this so special Getting to know them and the wonderful culture and beauty that is Botswana through the sensitive writing of the author is a real treat and a cure for what ails you what ails all of us what ails the world even Thank you AMS May your stories never endFirst Read45 stars These books are medicine particularly for the sensitive introspective soul If what you really want is for everyone to be kind and love one another and you want to spend time in the company of characters who do just that without being cardboard cutouts or predictable read this series In this world we need 1000x people like author Alexander McCall Smith Mma Ramotswe and all of these characters Very sad to have read all of the books currently published in this series although I know are on the way I plan to go all the way back to the first book and reread this series for soul medicine this summer The audiobooks which are all narrated by Lisette Lecat are all six stars You can't go wrong reading or listening to these books Can't recommend them highly enough I'll close with a uote Yes she thought no amount of wishful thinking could obliterate the hard facts of existence There were those who prospered and those who did not There were those for whom life was easy not a struggle at all and those to whom daily existence was painful and humiliating That was the pain of the world and it was all around us washing at the shores of whatever refuges we created for ourselves She thought of Fanwell a young man who had very little in this life and of his dog who had even less She could turn away and say that they had nothing to do with her or she could accept that they had somehow touched her skirt For that was how she viewed it we all had a skirt and those who touched our skirt became our concern Yes that's it exactly Thank you AMS for your good work

  9. Marianne Marianne says:

    Precious and Grace is the seventeenth full length novel in the popular No1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith With Grace Makutsi’s status in the No1 Ladies Detective Agency elevated and Precious Ramotswe no longer being her boss as such Mma Ramotswe finds her considerable skills of diplomacy and tact are often reuired in their case discussions and client meetings This is indeed so when a client who has travelled from Canada presents with a somewhat unusual reuest Precious and Grace agree to approach the case from uite different angles Both get results and both are surprised But this is not Mma Ramotswe’s only concern garage mechanic Fanwell has taken on the care of a dog without the space or means to do so; Mr Polopetsi is involved in a business scheme that has alarm bells ringing in Mma Ramotswe’s head; and it seems that Mma Makutsi’s nemesis Violet Sepotho is up to tricks As always Mma Ramotswe muses on the problems and challenges of life making wise observations and comments to those near and dear She philosophises about people we know family friends colleagues acuaintances and even enemies; about the past; about trusting one’s feelings; about whether animals have souls; about lists “Lists she thought are the stories of our lives; they give a picture of who we are and what we do every day” “she reflected on the possibility that young men were a completely alien breed and that however much you tried to get them to see things the way you saw them you were destined to fail And that perhaps part of the secret of leading a life in which you would not always be worrying about things or complaining about them was to accept that there were people who just saw things differently from you and always would”On souls Mr J L B Matekoni has an opinion “Old cars have souls Modern cars well I think the Japanese don’t put souls into them They save money perhaps by not putting in a soul”This instalment sees some character development in Fanwell Charlie and even the dreadful Violet Apart from the rather determined dog this instalment also features Mr J L B Matekoni’s favourite stew a puff adder fat cakes and some creative rationalising surrounding them a newspaper story featuring Grace Makutsi and the obligatory fruit cake Mma Makutsi’s garrulous shoes are noticeably absent Another delightful dose of Bostwana Precious thoughts on the past “There were too many people who took the view that the past was bad that we should rid ourselves of all traces of it as soon as possible But the past was not bad; some of it may have been less than perfect – there had been cruelties then that we had done well to get rid of – but there had also been plenty of good things there had been the old Botswana ways the courtesy and the kindness; there had been the attitude that you should find time for other people and not always be in a desperate rush; there had been the belief that you should listen to other people should talk to them rather than spend all your time fiddling with your electronic gadgets; there had been the view that it was a good thing to sit under a tree sometimes and look up at the sky and think about cattle or pumpkins or non electric things like that”

  10. Sep Sep says:

    A lost dog Mr Polopetsi caught in a pyramid scheme and a Canadian woman trying to recover a lost childhood but these are just the problems The real theme is forgiveness kindness and contentment

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