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My Last Continent ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ My Last Continent ✪ Author Midge Raymond – An unforgettable debut with an irresistible love story My Last Continent is a big hearted propulsive novel set against the dramatic Antarctic landscape original and entirely authentic love story Graem An unforgettable debut with an irresistible love story My Last Continent is a big hearted propulsive novel set against the dramatic Antarctic landscape original and entirely authentic love story Graeme Simsion author of The Rosie Project It is only at the end of the world among the glacial mountains cleaving icebergs and frigid waters of Antarctica My Last PDF \ where Deb Gardner and Keller Sullivan feel at home For the few blissful weeks they spend each year studying the habits of emperor and Adelie penguins Deb and Keller can escape the frustrations and sorrows of their separate lives and find solace in their work and in each other But Antarctica like their fleeting romance is tenuous imperiled by the world to the north A new travel and research season has just begun and Deb and Keller are ready to play tour guide to the passengers on the small expedition ship that ferries them to their research destination But this year Keller fails to appear on board Then shortly into the journey Deb s ship receives an emergency signal from the Australis a cruise liner that has hit desperate trouble in the ice choked waters of the Southern Ocean Soon Deb s role will change from researcher to rescuer; among the crew of that sinking ship Deb learns is Keller As Deb and Keller s troubled histories collide with this catastrophic present Midge Raymond s phenomenal novel takes us on a voyage deep into the wonders of the Antarctic and the mysteries of the human heart My Last Continent is packed with emotional intelligence and high stakes a harrowing searching novel of love and loss in one of the most remote places on earth a land of harsh beauty where even the smallest missteps have tragic conseuences Half adventure half elegy and wholly recommended Karen Joy Fowler author of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.

  • Audiobook
  • 9 pages
  • My Last Continent
  • Midge Raymond
  • 05 May 2014
  • 9781508214649

About the Author: Midge Raymond

My Last Continent and a short story collection.

10 thoughts on “My Last Continent

  1. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    GeeeeeezzzzzzI hate itI love itI hate it I love itdamn itI cried twice in two very specific placesI could not put this book down I'm shaking having just finished itexhausted with tears in my eyesI'd recommend it to anyone and everyoneOne thing the animal kingdom had not yet taught me is that hope is punishing than grief wow One winter I watched an Adelie penguin minding her nest during an unexpected snowstorm Soon covered with snow herself she didn't move Her eggs would never hatch and even if they did her newborn chicks would freeze or drown but still she didn't leave them Was this instinct? Or was it hope? Right from the start of this story we know there is going to be a horrific disasterThe thought entered my mindshould people be in the Antarctic at all? It's a riskThen I remembered I watched March of the Penguins narrated by Morgan Freeman three times How wonderful it was to learn about Penguins their behaviors and to have been able to visually take in the breathtaking surroundings I just love those little black and white flightless birds In Midge Raymond's novel The Last Continent she deepened my respect for Antarctica the uiet peaceful environment covered in ice the coldest windiest driest continent on the planet composed of Penguins whales seals seabirds fish and krillwhile creating gorgeous visuals and atmospheremaking me feel I too was sleeping on the hard icy ground as Deb Gardner leading female character naturalist and Penguin expert often preferred to do rather than sleep in a heated cabin Keller Sullivan is the leading male His beginning journey to the Antarctic is very different from the academic science background that Deb began from His prior history is sadit was hard to shake for me wondering his deepest inner thoughts as he moved forward Yet he's brightalso educated and catches on uicklymoving from dishwasher tag along guy to deeply dedicated Antarctic explorer and naturalist Keller and Deb slowly fall in love They have a relationship a little like Penguins each of them off on their own separate journeys until they meet again sharing nests reserved for their expeditions for the peninsula for the camps they build together Their love for each other has as much to do with Antarctica as it does them a little complicated HoweverDeb has a history of not being comfortable with intimacy witness to crumbling marriages love affairs sibling rivalry etc Keller brings loss and grief on his plate when they meetso in many ways they are a stable complicated strong love matchand very tenderly beautiful when together I found it fascinating to experience the reality of an injured sick person in Antarctica If they are bleeding or vomitingit's crucial to scoop up the blood and vomit covered snow The Antarctic is one of the last pristine environments in the world and great lengths must be taken to protect the animals from anything foreign There are several scene stories within stories all very engaging This entire book was wonderful except for moments of hating it when I loved it TOO muchand its probably as close as I'll ever get to Antarctica I enjoyed reading about the habits of the Adelie and Emperor penguins I could understand why people like Deb had a strong passion for them It broke my heart when Keller wished he had bought his babysitter a car after you read the story that line will make senseand The last section of the book my stomach was in knotsyikes almightyI had a couple of great laughs Blind Hairy Yeti Crabs anyone??? lolandwhen Keller and Deb had a dead battery slept together ONLY SLEPT on the iceI chuckle at the 'thought' of him being a weasel planning their little catastrophehaha he didn't plan itbut he 'liked' it Soooo much to love about this novel Oh wait I hated it can't you tell? Haha Thank you to Scribner Publishing Netgalley and the very mean girlMidge Raymond as now I adore her and want to read her again Don't make me cry

  2. Jen Jen says:

    The Antarctic A place to run to in order to find yourself or a place to hide from oneself Deb Gardner is a naturalist studying Penguins in the deep freeze of the southern hemisphere Here she feels most in her comfort zone among the beautiful animals she studies respecting the nature and the behaviour of animals because they do not cause intentional harm the same way humans do Yet love has a way of reaching even the most remote parts of the earth As does heartache The structure of the story moves from different moments of the past to the present telling of a love story in the deep freeze It did take me some time to acclimatize to this but in the end it worked The backdrop of penguins and icebergs lends a glimpse into the cold but fascinating part of the world that is so desolate and remote but surprisingly rampant with life My Last Continent is an engaging debut with emotional themes of love and loss but also an environmental one and the impact we have on our lives and the animals that inhabit it A worthy and recommended read 4 ✭

  3. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    35 I have such a huge fascination for the Antarctic continent a place I will never visit Plus love reading novels set in cold climates when it is so blasted hot outWonderfully descriptive writing the cold the ice the glaciers and the wonderful penguins A love story between Deb and Keller but it is so blended with the setting that their love for each other is entwined with their love of the Antarctic Loved all the environmental warnings what the changes of global warning and tourism in these areas are costing the wildlife there and what it will eventually cost us All done in a non preachy manner just fitted in nicely with the structure of the plot A cruise ship tries to get too close to an area where they should not have been and a tragedy ensues Held my breath for parts of this very tense and keep in mind this is not a Titanic type story not written in a dramatic style the scene itself is dramatic enough Did doubt Deb's actions here don't think what she did made much sense but all in all enjoyed this story very much Also wasn't a big fan of the back and forth timeline of this one current past and Deb's backstory in alternating chapters but it did not prove to be too distracting and I got used to it Unusual location for a love story with gorgeous descriptions and wonderful penguins one in particular and some courageous charactersARC from Netgalley

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    One thing the animal kingdom had not yet taught me is that hope is punishing than grief We don't know much about animals' capacity for hope We do know that they grieve that they are joyful and playful and mischievous and clever We've seen animals work together toward a common goal and we've seen them use tools to get what they want Despite what many believe they are not so different from usDeb Gardner would much rather spend time with penguins than with people Her job as a research scientist keeps her in the Antarctic most of the year which suits her just fine But through her years on the job she's seeing the changes The changes in the temperatures and the ice The changes in the penguin colonies And the changes in the boats travelling to Antarctica The continent at the bottom of the world that used to only see a couple hundred scientists each year is now seeing a couple thousand tourists each year as and people want to check Antarctica off their bucket lists This book took me by surprise I loved the timeliness of the environmental message which delivered an impact without being overdone I loved the depth of the characters seeing their humanity and vulnerability I loved Raymond's gorgeous descriptions of the Antarctic landscape and the playful description of the penguins And I loved the love story that was buried within the larger story Not at all overwrought yet grabbed me by the heart and wouldn't let go45 starsThank you to Scriber and NetGalley for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review

  5. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

    This book was one that I eagerly waited to read I fell in love with the cover and the blurb and was really looking forward to reading a love story set in Antarctica And the book was good just not that fantastic good I had hoped for It took some time for me to get into the story and all the flashbacks that told the reader about how Deb and Keller met were not always that interesting to read about not since the present story was interesting Sure with the flashbacks we learned how they met and the reason for Keller not being aboard the ship But it slowed down the story a bit And reading about Deb's growing up and college time really didn't feel that important I guess I just never really found myself engrossed in their story not enough to really be pulled into the story They never really managed to get a life together beside the time they spend in Antarctica and I felt that Keller was never really ready to settle down in the same way as Deb was All his reasons for not moving in with her for instance just were excuses for being free to have a couple of months with Deb and then do something elseBut then came the last part of the book and here is where the story turned really good Now the moment of truth is here they have reached Australis and deb is frantically searching for Keller will she find him? Well that's the uestionsSo in the end was this not the brilliant book that I had hoped it to be true it was not a bad book either It was good some flashbacks I liked some felt less interesting but the ending was superb I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review

  6. Jill Jill says:

    The end of the world the beginning of everythingDeb Gardner likes solitude and science Studying the penguin populations in Antarctica suits her perfectly Keller Sullivan former lawyer first comes to the Antarctic research station as a dishwasher in the maintenance crew before going back to college studying ecology and graduating as a naturalist For a number of years this is how Deb and Keller maintain their relationship over a few months each year on the ice continentOne year Keller fails to show up and Deb makes the trip to Antarctica on the research vessel without him When a cruise ship becomes trapped in the ice the research ship races to its rescue and Deb finds out that Keller is on board the sinking cruise shipTold in flashback with each chapter leading up to the fate of the doomed ship My Last Continent is an entertaining read with interesting characters Written in first person from the heroine's point of view this is general fiction with a romantic subplot but with a relationship between the main characters that felt secondary to both their love affairs with Antarctica itself The descriptions of Antarctica and the scientific research there sounded authentic The inexorable countdown to the stricken cruise ship was done well Despite the words 'romance' and 'love story' being used to describe this story I couldn't help but feel the protagonists' relationship was nothing than propinuity This is how most relationships form in real life but I still felt their shared love of Antarctica was their one great passion rather than each other with Keller especially coming across as if he could take it or leave itGoing by the prologue I was pretty sure I knew how this would end The author’s fascination for this amazing continent and its wildlife is evident in her evocative descriptions of Antarctica This debut is certainly well written but failed to totally win me due mainly to the unconvincing love story Steam 15 2 ARC courtesy of Scribner via NetGalley

  7. Jenny (Reading Envy) Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    As every Antarctic traveler knows once you being to fear the ice the relationship changes foreverFrom the beginning of this novel you know that there will be a ship that sinks near Antarctica The narrator Deb is an ornithologist specializing in Adélie penguins who spends several months a year tracing penguin migration counting numbers of chicks and survivors etc In between research tasks she gives tours and talks to tourists who have come to the end of the earthAlong the way she falls in love with a man who seeks out isolation and danger for his own reasons She sees her life and her love for him through the lens of her uniue world the ship the ice the birds Today I'm looking at an entirely new skyline the icebergs have split and shifted floated and collided and melted not unlike Keller and me over the past two years We're all still here only differentEverything is metaphor but I loved it entirely I don't usually like romance all that much but put a love story inside a cold bleak place and make the stakes high and I'm all in Thanks to the publisher who provided a review copy of this book through Edelweiss And for confirming that I could read from and uote from that copy

  8. Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* Heather *Undercover Goth Queen* says:

    I can't escape first person present tense It's invading every genre It's everywhere Resistance is futileI love reading Antarctica books but I didn't enjoy this While the descriptions of the continent though too few and far between were accurate there was very little else to recommend this novel in my opinion Everything aside from the Antarctica bits were boring So boring The love story the parts where Deb goes home her life up until the present BORINGThe writing did not flow at all It tried so hard to be all poetic and draw parallels between Antarctica and life but they were so forced and clumsy The frickin' penguin metaphors were crammed in there like crazy If someone ever mentions monogamous penguins mating for life or some shit to me I might just punch them in the face They won't even know why and they'll just think I'm unusually aggressiveOne thing I've noticed when reading nonfiction Antarctica books is that the researchers and other workers who travel there tend to be territorial standoffish disdainful of visitors and generally unfit for life anywhere besides Antarctica This isn't always the case of course but they've been portrayed this way enough times that I've taken notice of it Well this book takes it one step further and makes them into annoying environmental crusadersFor what it's worth I do believe changes need to be made to humanity's way of life in order to protect the environment but I fucking HATE when it's preached at me And no I don't believe the people who work in Antarctica are so fucking perfect that they have a right to act superior to others Like they've never made a harmful mark on the environment Like they aren't interfering with penguin colonies no matter what they say or pouring drilling fluid into iceOkay this is fiction and I'm getting a little worked up I know Anyway my point is there are Antarctica tourists in this book and they are portrayed as the stupidest fucking bumbleheads I've ever seen And of course the workers look down on them another thing I hate—people looking down on tourists I'll save that one for another time But seriously they were SO STUPID In Antarctica death is just waiting to happen and these people are out having a jolly good time running past the flag barriers because they want alone time or indulging in some uick freestyle rock climbing or walking out onto ice For fuck's sake I don't even know why I'm mad about this Maybe it's because these people were treated as annoyances for wanting to go on an Antarctic cruise in the first place but when they did these life threatening things they were lightly reprimandedSo no I didn't enjoy this book at all And obviously I have issues with Antarctic workers even though I've never actually met any I may need therapy about thisOne star added for accuracyThe end

  9. Cheri Cheri says:

    I did not want to put this book down I found myself picking up the book again just to read just a little just a few pages I was mesmerized from the start Beautifully written a story that hooks you from the very beginningWhile you know some facts from the start that there will be a disaster that takes place unexpectedly it takes away nothing from this lovely debut novel by Midge Raymond Deb Gardner has been going to Antarctica for years at first for her love for the penguins and their environment but it’s become than that to her This is the place where she feels most like herself where she’s able to just be Originally drawn to the penguins for their appearance she has learned their ways the importance of their partner She loves their “ecstatic cry” the sound they make when reunited with their partner The months of the year when she is back in Oregon are just to allow her to be here And then there’s Keller Sullivan a former practicing attorney who walked away from it all in search of something with meaning A life that wouldn’t remind him of his former life and all the heartaches it included A place so different from his life near Boston that it can’t remind him of what he’s lost There are multiple additional characters passengers on the ships they are on some are also crew their stories all add dimension to the overall view of the dilemma regarding who and how often should people be visiting this area of the world Pub Date 21 June 2016Many thanks to Scribner Publishing NetGalley and to the author Midge Raymond for providing me with an advanced copy for reading and review

  10. Julie Christine Julie Christine says:

    This first novel by short story author essayist and publisher Midge Raymond chills with deftly foreshadowed doom and warms with slow burning passionDeb Gardner a biologist who prefers polar isolation and penguins to warmer climes and the company of humans spends part of the year at a research station in Antarctica studying effects of climate change and other human intrusions on penguin habitat Ironically it is ecotourism that affords her the opportunity to study her beloved flightless fowl Raymond uses Deb's ethical conundrum to educate the reader on the pressure this amateur exploration of the South Pole puts on such a vulnerable ecosystem We're killing it with love The love story between Deb and Keller Sullivan a lawyer turned nature guide is at the heart of the novel and propels the plot toward its cinematic catastrophe The chapters career back and forth between the recent past and and the hours before an impending disaster; the tension remains high as we race to learn the fate of a sinking cruise shipThe author captures the singular desolate and desperate beauty of Antarctica with beautiful prose mirroring the fragile and unpredictable nature of human relationships My Last Continent is a gorgeous portrait of Antarctica a deeply moving cautionary tale of human invasion in this most fragile and hostile of environments; a love story and a disaster drama written with intelligence compassion and skillHighly recommended and impossible to put down

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