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10 thoughts on “Courageous Valiant Hearts #3

  1. Shantelle Shantelle says:

    I've enjoyed the VALIANT HEARTS series by Dina L Sleiman They're adventurous somewhat uniue romantic and retellings of legends such as Robin Hood and Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Courageous was a pretty good tale keeping my interesting and giving me some thoughts to mule overIt follows the life of a few different characters one of them being Rosalind who we met in Chivalrous and were left knowing only she had made some tragic mistakes and was far from healed inside After a vision from a young girl named Lady Sapphira Rosalind sets out on a crusade to free some prisoners with a group of other zealous warriors Will they find victory and healing along the way?I was excited to read Rosalind and Sir Randel's story Lady Sapphira was an interesting POV character as well And oh my goodness I totally did not figure out the whole mysterious villain That was rather a shock for me finally finding out who it was I loved the secondary stories of people finding Christ beautiful ^^ It was fun to read about the travels Delightful to get another peek at the lovely characters from the previous books in the series Courageous was a thoughtful messy ultimately beautiful story of redemption grace and following God's guidanceThere were certain points of the book concerning faith and whatnot that had me kind of confused I wasn't sure what to think about a few aspects and not sure I agreed with others But in the end I think most things were sorted out in a way I understood and found to be BiblicalAnother note I do not like reading from the villain's POV Especially when it gets gruesome Just not my thing That happened in this book just to give you a heads upAnyway I enjoyed this novel And there were some truly poignant and precious moments Adventure faith and some romance It was a good book I received a copy of Courageous from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review

  2. Sharon C Sharon C says:

    Note I received this book for free specifically to review itAs a History major I have certainly learned a thing or two about the Crusades The basic gist? There were a lot of them and they were–as Sleiman puts it– “messy” Even during a class on the Crusades it can be challenging to keep them all straight and it becomes far difficult when you’re not in class any They seem to just combine into one jumble of violence religious zeal prejudice and hardship for people of all ages not just menWith that ‘jumble’ in mind I was eager to educate myself again as I read Courageous Sleiman does not disappoint although there’s not exactly an enormous history lesson in the book I learned a lot about the children’s crusades in particular–and from a variety of perspectives The book’s plot focuses on Rosalind and Randel two young people who are in essence the chaperones for a young visionary Sapphira and the other children who have been permitted to accompany her On a uest to save several prisoners in the Holy Land the group bolstered by a small fighting force in keeping with Sapphira’s noble status leaves Northern Britannia to achieve their goalSleiman in no way makes the journey easy Several of the characters die and the entire group faces a variety of struggles–including challenges against their faith But one particular challenge manifests itself in the relationship between Rosalind and Randel the ability to forgive oneself Both Rosalind and Randel have committed sins that they punish themselves for–and both have in turn convinced themselves that they do not deserve love or marriageAs the two characters find themselves getting closer to their religious convictions on the journey they also find themselves getting closer to each other A cliche yes; however while this burgeoning romantic relationship is one that is clearly outlined in the book’s description and one that manifests itself early on in the story with a ‘fake’ relationship the romance’s similarity to a typical modern romance novel ends there Sleiman artfully manages to weave together multiple characters’ perspectives and introduces enough problems to ensure that Rosalind and Randel’s relationship actually takes a back burner many times in the book There’s also none of the passive aggressive tension that most fictional couples experience; Rosalind and Randel are great friends from the start and there are no arguments between them Their friendship actually lasts throughout the novel which is truly refreshing The only obstacle to their happiness is each person’s respective guilt; in short both Rosalind and Randel are convinced that they don’t deserve the relationship–and the reader is convinced that they could both use a little therapyThe book’s main relationship is uniue in that it is both subtle and consistently amicable; however the other relationships are often less so creating plenty of petty drama to entertain readers in between attacks Sleiman has created an impressive roster of characters and juggles them without any observable tension or hastiness in the story She actually manages to add a bit of depth to almost every character–even those who only have a few lines–and also has the ability to aptly describe the perspectives of characters who are in very different situations and age rangesThe plot has an excellent progression introducing each theme–romance drama humor and battles–at just the right time As soon as you start wondering what’s going on with a certain character or how a certain relationship is faring Sleiman brings it back–almost as if she had read your mind The language is also a nice mix between modern language and traditional speech patterns and Sleiman does recognize the intentional mix in her historical notes One thing that particularly struck me about Courageous was the rich vivid descriptions with only a sentence or two Sleiman often manages to describe a scene in a way that is both very uniue and somehow dead on in accuracyIn addition while the religious aspects of Sleiman’s story are virtually unavoidable strong religious convictions don’t seem particularly necessary as a reader You may not care much for organized religion–but you could probably still enjoy this book particularly if you have any interest in the Crusades or the normal as well as the abnormal people who participated in themOverall I was very pleasantly surprised by this book I had expected an overwrought love story with a pretty predictable plot and just a smattering of historical information; instead I was exposed to a companionable story that was exciting well written and riddled with plot twists Well done Mrs Sleiman; I’ll be looking into your other books including the other two in this series

  3. (Jenna) The Artist Librarian (Jenna) The Artist Librarian says:

    Dina Sleiman's latest historical Courageous is set in the often overlooked medieval Crusades and is solid satisfying ending to her debut YA trilogy With just the right mix of action romance and a plausible historical setting Sleiman brings the Crusades to lifeWhile Sleiman's previous novels Dauntless and Chivalrous were based on Robin Hood and Arthurian legends respectively the protagonists in Courageous do not seem to have the same legendary connections though I can see shades of Joan of Arc in thirteen year old Sapphira Regardless I enjoyed getting to know Rosalind and Randal both first introduced in Chivalrous along with their motley band of young chargesI admit I wasn't initially enthusiastic to hear that this novel was set during the Crusades what some would argue to be a low or dark point of Christianity However Sleiman's even handed approach and obvious research won me over The Christians had many reasons for going on crusades some with religious sincerity some for financial or political profit etc Likewise the different Muslim sects and attitudes towards the European Crusaders are carefully and respectfully portrayed By no means is either exhaustive or perfect However I appreciated that Sleiman tried not to fall into stereotyping the Christian crusaders or Muslim people but sought to give readers a peek into the complexities and challenges cultural differences can make I was so impressed with this handling that it makes me want to check out Sleiman's 2013 contemporary novel Dance from Deep Within which centers around three college classmates one secular one Christian and one MuslimI've really enjoyed Sleiman's Valiant Hearts series and am eagerly looking forward to her next projects Sleiman would definitely be one of my top recommendations for teens and adults alike looking for Christian YA medieval novelsFour and a half starsDisclosure I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the author for review purposes

  4. Darlene Darlene says:

    Charming CourageRosalind of Ipsworth carries a burden she simply can’t unload Sir Randel Penigree bears a shame he can’t move past Together they board a ship to the Holy Land to fight in the Crusades Each with a different purpose Each wanting to pay penance for the sin they committed What they find is so much They’re tasked with keeping watch on the children board the ship but that proves to be a challenge when one of those children holds a special gift Plus there’s someone who wishes to see Randel pay with his life for his sin Their adventures become than they expected—filled with mystery and mayhem around every cornerWill Rosalind and Randel lead the children to their doom or will their knight skills steer them Forward ever forward to victory?Courageous is book three in Dina L Sleiman’s Valiant Hearts series and is said to be the last but I hope not I absolutely loved this medieval trilogy and this latest installment doesn’t disappointMs Sleiman’s writing is superb Her characters jump off the page and you feel every emotion with them Rosalind’s sadness Randel’s anger Sapphira’s low self esteem the antagonist’s rage All of it You’re right with them on every pageThe setting is well written You rock with the ship travel across the countryside in the Holy Land and shiver as they take cover waiting to attack Her sensory detail is excellent You can taste the food at the feastsThe plot keeps you glued with lots of twists keeping you guessing and turning the pages It’s an amazing story of God’s love redemption and forgivenessI give Courageous five swords This is one fight you won’t want to missI received a complimentary e copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review

  5. Diane Estrella Diane Estrella says:

    My 15 year old daughter's reviewCourageous is a compelling and interesting story about love finding you even when you're not even looking for it We follow Randel and Rosalind whom are led by a prophetic vision from God to find and rescue some of his people Along with Sapphira the one who got the message and several other children they embark on a journey into new and foreign landsI enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first two and I enjoyed the ending even so One way to get me hooked is featuring strong women and this book had plenty of them Some of them were physically strong while some were spiritually strong I appreciated the diversityOne of my favorite aspects of the book was the twist surprise villain No spoilers but I managed to figure it out ;Overall I'd say this was my favorite book in the series so far I look forward to books like theseI received a free copy of this book from the authorpublisher for my honest review The opinions expressed here are my own

  6. ElsaMakotoRenge ElsaMakotoRenge says:

    I LOVED the first two books in the Valiant Hearts series Sadly I didn’t enjoy this one as much and I have specific reasons as to why It’s not the characters nor the plot; the main characters are nicely developed and likable and the plot is engaging and exciting However I just had some MAJOR issues with certain things One the author did a nice job writing sympathetic likable Muslim characters despite the ingrained prejudice of the European MCs and the not likable “bad guys” that were also Muslim I loved Rabia she was such a good character We had discussion about ChristianMuslim similarities Yay But then at the end Rabia converts to Christianity To be fair her father doesn’t but still I feel like it would have been better to just let Rabia keep her original beliefs AND keep her new Christian friendsTwo I really really did not like how Sapphira’s and the others’ praying IMMEDIATELY fixes Randel’s very obvious PTSD problems Nor did I like how it’s presented like it’s some darksatanic issue threatening him and other characters have to get rid of it with the power of prayer That’s a horrible message to send to readers Mental trauma isn’t going to insta fix when your friends pray for you This was the worst issue with this book in my opinionThree I’m not sure I like the way Jocelyn was handled I don’t consider this a spoiler because I saw it from the beginning but connecting her promiscuous ways with being a horrible evil person isnot the best I don’t know Later something horrible happens to her and it comes off as “well she got what she deserved” even though Rosalind and others do not treat her as suchI’m so sorry to be writing a negative review of this book because the first two were SO good Chivalrous especially was ah mazing and also after reading the author’s note at the end I believe she had very good intentions writing this story But this is just the way I feel Courageous is not a bad book but I just feel like there are issues I can’t overlook

  7. Kyrie Kyrie says:

    Several characters in this story wrestle with spiritual issues attempt to discern what is God’s will in various situations and seek truth faith and the peace of God Initially since the story touches on differences in religions and spiritual beliefs I was hopeful that it would have a powerful message of redemption a loving presentation of the truth of the Bible and a clear distinction between the Christianity of the Bible and the heartbreaking errors of belief held by the other religions in the story While all three of these hopes were partially realized I was severely disappointed overall First there was only a very vague and shallow description of redemption in the lives of a couple of the struggling characters and the ‘peace’ they received came to them supposedly simply through attending a ‘prayer meeting’ held by a group of children Receiving of the Lord’s peace and forgiveness is certainly possible to anyone who expresses true repentance of sin But since it is a personal matter it must be dealt with personally must be taken up by the individual and settled between the Lord and them alone This type of scene was not related Second while the Gospel the fact that Jesus Christ made the atoning sacrifice for mankind by dying on the cross then rising from the dead and that faith in Him and belief on Him is the only way a man’s or woman’s sins are covered and they can get to Heaven was presentedtouched on in a couple of places it was vague and unclear; it was certainly not stressed though there were several excellent opportunities for the characters to do so even enhancing the impact of the story Third a clear distinction between the religious beliefs of the characters was just not there There were even conversations among the characters discussing how their religions were different then stating that they were ‘not so very different from each other’ I found this disturbing Either you have the truth or you do not Either you are believing the truth or you are believing a lie no matter how sincerely And sadly so many believe lies Overall I felt that the author’s stand on the fundamental teachings of God’s Word was shaky at best This is the primary reason I must say that I was disappointed in this book There were a few other issues that I personally did not appreciate One was that though intimate immorality was discussed and portrayed as wrong there were several kisses shared by an unmarried man and woman and this was treated as if it was fine The other was that there were ‘women knights’ and women actively involved in battles Even the author concedes that this is not historically accurate – traditionally while women sometimes were trained in self defense skills or as archers the men were the knights the protectors and the guards for the women and the children precious to them Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review

  8. Kelly Bridgewater Kelly Bridgewater says:

    I have read and enjoyed Dina Sleiman's first two books in the Valiant Hearts series Dauntless and Chivalrous Even though the books are young adult novels I enjoyed spending time jumping back into the historical realm of the middle ages and following the heroines and heroes on their journeys With Courageous there is no exceptionI believe the most important aspect of a historical novel is the research If the research isn't done right than the story falls apart Sleiman has definitely done her research With all the information into the Muslim heritage with what they believe to the Crusades to the Holy Land with the children Crusades to Jerusalem I never once doubted Sleiman's story She wrapped me in this original adventure and took me for a great ride I enjoyed the novel but there are moments where the story drags and features repeated actions for instance battle camp battle camp I still enjoyed the novel though The setting of traveling through the wilderness to accomplish what they have believed God allowed them to do jumps off the pageWhat would a crusade story be without some sort of lesson to take away? With Courageous Sleiman does a good job at allowing the heroine Rosalind and the hero Randel to fight and struggle with their past mistakes But they both learn the power of God's forgives and his ability to allow them to forgive themselves and move on with their life Because of God's grace Rosalind and Randel were able to fall in love and move forward with their life Randel and Rosalind both have a desire to protect and love children It brought out the innocence and purity from their past mistakesCourageous is written in Randel Rosalind and the person seeking revenge's perspective The dialogue matched the characters Even the internal monologues showed the struggle all three of these characters experienced throughout the book The pace of the prose and dialogue moved at a good clip Once I was engrossed in the story I did not get taken out of the storyWith Dina Sleiman's conclusion to her Valiant Heart series Courageous is a great researched novel that reminds me a lot of a Arthurian legend with the hunt of something greater than oneself With a memorable cast and a uniue premise Courageous is a book that will stay with me long after I finished the novel A must read for fans of Dina Sleiman's other books and fans of Melanie Dickerson I received a complimentary copy of Dina Sleiman's Courageous from Bethany House Publishers and the opinions stated are all my own

  9. Lisa (Bookworm Lisa) Lisa (Bookworm Lisa) says:

    I highly recommend reading Dina L Sleiman's Valiant Hearts trilogy Each book is set during the medieval time period with complex characters making hard choices The books have aspects that bring to mind heroes from legends like Robin Hood This book has a character who is a young lady who has visions from God She reminds me of Joan of ArcThis book is set during the Crusades Honestly the Crusades are a point in history that bother me It is easy to look back on history and not agree with what our fore bearers did This book gave me a different perspective and a little bit of appreciation for the religious fervor that sparked the Crusades The issues are complex and Sleiman presented them in a way that helped me understand the reasons why the Catholic Church went to war for the Holy Land I appreciated the Muslim perspective as well Both sides were represented respectfullyThe story is told from four perspectives Randel Rosalind Sapphira and the villain It took me a while to figure out who the villain in the story was There were several people who seemed to stand out and have the anger that I expected I didn't figure it out until about 34 of the book just before it was revealedThe book also talks about forgiveness Forgiveness from God and forgiving yourself Many people in this story make mistakes I loved how freely forgiveness was given and love was granted It is a reminder not to be so hard on ourselves and the love that the Father has for his childrenThe romance is sweet and clean The book has war violence innuendo and kissing

  10. Laura A. Grace Laura A. Grace says:

    I really enjoyed the diversity of characters in this story I knew Rosalind would be on a crusade but I didn't realize how much the children would be involved I grew attached I think to almost all of them and loved seeing the spiritual growth in each of them For some reason I didn't fully connect with Rosalind as I had connected with the two previous heroines in this series Surprisingly I very much enjoyed Lady Sapphira and her story I didn't expect for her to be one of my favorite character's but she uickly became it It was amazing to see her bold faith and trust Leo was another character that uickly became a second favorite He usually always brought a smile to my faceOne reason I did not give this novel a full five stars is the romance between Rosalind and Randel I'm not uite sure why but I didn't uite grow attached to their budding relationship Overall this was a great adventure of a read I definitely would recommend this series to younger and older teens as it had a beautiful message of faith trust love and salvation I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review All thoughts expressed are my own

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Courageous Valiant Hearts #3[Epub] ➟ Courageous Valiant Hearts #3 Author Dina L. Sleiman – Inspired by the vision of the Young Lady Sapphira Rosalind of Ipsworth joins a group of men women and children as a defender of the cross seeking to free captives from prisons near Tripoli She gladly Inspired by the vision of the Young Lady Sapphira Rosalind of Ipsworth joins a group of men women and children as a defender of the cross seeking to free captives from prisons near Tripoli She gladly gives herself to the cause as she's haunted by a tragic mistake and no longer deserves such joys as marriage and family might bringSir Randel Penigree was reared to serve in the church but dreams of protecting the innocent as Courageous Valiant PDF/EPUB ² a knight Joining a crusade to escape humiliation at home he finds himself drawn to Rosalind as they partner to train and protect a group of young adolescents When they face political machinations danger and an unknown enemy bent on their destruction they are forced to reconsider their priorities and the very nature of the God they serve.