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Second Down (First and Ten #2) [PDF / Epub] ☀ Second Down (First and Ten #2) By Lea Hart – Ronnie DuMond’s focus is on building her wealth management businessChase Bedford’s focus is on trying to convince Ronnie to give him a chanceDoes a head coach from the NFL team in Jacksonville hav Ronnie DuMond’s focus is on building her wealth management businessChase Bedford’s focus is on trying to convince Ronnie to give him a chanceDoes a head coach from the NFL team in Jacksonville have the right moves to make a winning playWatch what happens when a sassy southern girl gets tangled up with a northerner The sparks that fly between them make the blaze at Twelve Oaks look like a campfireThis is a romantic comedy about two people doing their best to resist the pull of fate As in most romantic comedies true love wins out Right after fate wrestles it to the ground.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 217 pages
  • Second Down (First and Ten #2)
  • Lea Hart
  • English
  • 11 February 2016

About the Author: Lea Hart

I live in Southern California and write stories about sassy smart women and the alpha men who fall for them When I'm not writing I take care of my daughter and try to take long walksI believe in the power of a big glass of wine the right pair of shoes and a large dose of sarcasm.

8 thoughts on “Second Down (First and Ten #2)

  1. Luv Luv says:

    I know I'm in the minority but I disliked this book I forced myself to finish because I love Lea Hart's previous books I own everything Lea Hart has for sale on prior to this book I just never did connect with Ronnie For me she comes across as one rude nasty bitch There's a difference between an intelligent fiercely independent woman and acting like a downright bitch Ronnie's character crossed the line into bitchdom I felt sorry for Chase I couldn't find the redeeming ualities in Ronnie that Chase would need to fall in love I would encourage the author to go back and soften Ronnies's character It's heartbreaking to leave such a poor rating for an author that I previously loved her work

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I was really hoping that this would be better than the first book or maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment I don't know Judging by the blurb it seemed like this would be less of an insta love story and of a slow build relationship After the first couple of chapters I thought for sure that this would be the case I mean the H kept asking the h out before without knowing what she looked like purely going on the fact that he liked talking to her on the phone Sweet right? Unfortunately this story started devolving pretty uickly once Chase the H started claiming to others that he was going to marry the h All of a sudden I was transported back to the first book and the utter ridiculousness of that H's alpha possessiveness I mean his declarations were so premature it was silly I'm not totally opposed to stories with insta love between the MCs I do however find that it's hard for the author not to use that as an excuse to not develop the relationship in a real way Usually insta love is really just insta lust and I find that boring What I liked1 The different povs Unfortunately the author doesn't indicate when the pov is switching and that made for a slightly disjointed read2 No owom drama I can't stand that stuffWhat I didn't like1 The unrealistic dialogue I rolled my eyes so much because no one in real life talks like them2 Another socially awkward h Just because you're smart doesn't mean you don't know how to talk to people3 The H was too alpha and too sappy What a strange combination4 All the development of the MCs' relationship happens before this book began We're dumped straight in the middle of it and there's no build up 5 The plot was so boring6 The h was annoying with her fear of opening up her heart She fears her heart Ugh that phrase was not good especially when repeated7 There's just something that annoys me when a lot of the characters in the book talk about emotions Show me don't tell me

  3. Merle Merle says:

    Another home run or shall I say touchdown from Hart This is the second of the series about the Miami Sharks and also about the Stanford Five which includes Birdie's cousin Ana and Jack's financial manager Ronnie DuMond Ronnie is a brilliant financial manager with two degrees in finance and a law degree as well as a successful business at the age of 27 She had a relationship with one of Jack's teammates who broker her heart She has built walls the height of China's around her heart and no one is getting inChase Bedford successful NFL Coach and three time Super Bowl winner does not know of Ronnie's walls He has become intrigued with her on the basis of some phone calls When he comes to her house for a face to face he is floored by her beauty her intellect and her youthRonnie has her walls up and eventually rejects Chase but he won't take no for an answer Lots of pain and pleasure as well as the entire DuMond family get involved in this one Some bad things happen but the pair persevere Well done Lea

  4. Cindy Riley Cindy Riley says:

    Second Down First and Ten Book 2I love how Chase was so nervous about asking Ronnie to marry him They both are so in love with each otherI want to know how things turn out for them after they get MarriedAll three girls are so cute I can't wait to see what happens next What a romantic series Love itCindy Riley

  5. Jeannette Jeannette says:

    Great bookI loved this book I loved the sarcasm that comes naturally to them Such a shocker of what happened to Ronnie Sassy and funny story I want to have one these guys for me I cannot wait to read from this author

  6. Charliegirl1 Charliegirl1 says:

    Another winner from Lea HartI've read every thing that Lea Hart has published so far enjoying them all This one is no exception Likeable heroes and heroines sparkling dialogue witty narrative and of course a happily ever after in every book The heroine Ronnie in this story is exceptionally sassy My only complaints are that as a woman born and raised not only in the south but also Louisiana as was the heroine the term you all was bandied about much too much it should have ben ya'll; and I think she resisted the hero a little too much especially sense every around her gave her nothing but encouragement On another note sometimes in the authors books in general the endings come a bit too abruptly I fall in like with the characters and want of them but the good news is that they tend to appear in other books As the love stories of their friends are told we get to find out about the rest of their story So it all works out in the end Can't wait for the next installment in this series

  7. Christine Frieseke-Miller Christine Frieseke-Miller says:

    Ronnie and Chase have a great story He is a retired football player and Ronnie manages some of sports biggest talent's money When Chase first talks to Ronnie over the phone he is intrigued by this spitfire He decides that she is it for him He makes sure she knows that he isn't going anywhere When Ronnie is in an accident and faced with some devastating news Chase doesn't waiver Very sweet story of two souls finding their match

  8. Marise Marise says:

    A Satisfying ReadThis story develops slowly giving you plenty of information to learn about the characters and the plot of the book It is a delightful and satisfying read Not all sugar and spice but full of fun and games I recommend this book

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