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Witch is When My Heart Broke (A Witch P.I. Mystery, #9) ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Witch is When My Heart Broke (A Witch P.I. Mystery, #9) By Adele Abbott ➜ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Hope for the best
The course of true love has never run smoothly for PI and witch superstar, Jill Gooder But now her heart has well and truly broken Still, she always has Grandma to cheer her up Hope for the best The When My eBook ↠ course of true love has never run smoothly for PI and witch superstar, Jill Gooder But now her heart has well and truly broken Still, she always has Grandma to cheer her up Yikes! but prepare for a shortage of Witch is PDF \ custard creams.

10 thoughts on “Witch is When My Heart Broke (A Witch P.I. Mystery, #9)

  1. J. Lieutenant of Barad Dur J. Lieutenant of Barad Dur says:

    Don't know where your cat is spending the nights... leave it to Winky to explain... believe it or not, they are out clubbing 🎶🎶🎶

    We humans are easy to fool. We think they go hunting for mice, but instead, they party at feline nightclubs. Then in the morning, they pick up a dead mouse from Dead Quick Mouse and drop it on the doormat when they get home.
    How about that...?

    Another hilarious adventure of Jill Gooder and her crazy relatives 😀.
    5 LOL stars 😀

  2. Arnaud Arnaud says:

    Still good, still a little slow

    Gaaah! I wish the author would make a dent in the main story relating to the dark one. It's becoming a bit nerve wracking to not be fed any more than just a few anecdotes or mishaps. I want to believe Adele A. has a serious agenda coming to tackle this main topic, but she sure loves dragging it -_- Good development with a lot of main characters though, so I enjoyed that part quite well.

  3. Kevin Kevin says:

    I love this series of books, my only complaint is that aren't really novels just novella length serial stories, where one volume leaves off the next picks up almost seamlessly. The stories themselves are about as funny as anything I've ever read.

  4. Megan Megan says:

    Quick Info
    Standalone/Cliffhanger?: Standalone
    Part of a Series?: Yes
    Meeting the Characters
    Jill Gooder
    Mrs V
    Ma Chivers
    What happens?
    There is a new competition, this time called the Compass competition. This involves level 3, 4, 5 and 6 witches to compete. Ma Chivers is on an oposing team which makes Grandma very jealous and competitive.
    It also looks like Jack is going to be transferred somewhere else which makes Jill unhappy as she thought they were finally going somewhere. Grandma steps in because she wants Jill to be focused on the competition or is she finally thawing towards Jill.
    This mystery/crime in this book was probably the most interesting in the past 9 books, a woman who runs a bungee jumping company goes missing from the end of a bungee rope. No one can figure out how shes gone and who could have taken her.
    Final thoughts
    This was a nice book, I was excited for something to be happening between Jack and Jill! But it kind of fizzles out. Which is a shame because you're so close to it working and then nope.
    Would I read again?: Maybe
    Would I read this author again?: Yes

  5. John S Roth John S Roth says:

    Very Enjoyable!

    From the weird and wacky imagination of author Adele Abbott comes yet another spellbinding tale filled with all the wonderful characters and snarky humor I've grown to know and love!

  6. Christine Hayes Christine Hayes says:

    Not as happy, hope the next one is better.

  7. Linda Linda says:

    I love this series (otherwise I wouldn't be on the 9th book). However, this author REALLY needs the services of a good editor/proofreader.

    Editing oversights found in the Kindle text: Location 27, bag full of Lego in her hand / bag full of LEGOS in her hand ; 205, behind it stood Winky who was wearing / behind it stood WINKY, who was wearing ; 225, Clubs of course / CLUBS, of course ; 229, See that's just part / SEE, that's just part ; 236, Even I know that went out with disco? / Even I know that went out with DISCO. (not a question) ; 274, I shrunk myself / I SHRANK myself (past tense of shrink) ;

    Location 295, Steady on girls / Steady ON, girls ; 316, You're lucky though because / You're LUCKY, THOUGH, because ; 361, Jealous? Who me? / Jealous? WHO, me? ; 365, Sorry, I can't stay Lottie / Sorry, I can't STAY, Lottie ; 577, to try and find new recruits / to try TO find new recruits ; 591, other than you of course / other than YOU, of course ; 664, She hasn't gone missing again has she? / She hasn't gone missing AGAIN, has she? ;

    Location 682, to play cupid to Daze and Haze / to play Cupid to Daze and Haze (capitalize Cupid) ; 824, stared up at the ceiling obviously trying / stared up at the CEILING, obviously trying ; 847, Oh? Was all she could manage. / Oh? was all she could manage. (was should not be capitalized) ; 966, It's horribly noisy isn't it, Mikey? / It's horribly NOISY, isn't it, Mikey? ; 986, Come on Mikey, it's time / Come ON, Mikey, it's time ;

    Location 990, What is it Mikey? / What is IT, Mikey? ; 1002, Did you have a good time Mikey? / Did you have a good TIME, Mikey? ; 1018, Can I have it Mum? / Can I have IT, Mum? ; 1202, Neil and me just work here / Neil AND I just work here (...me just work here?) ; 1254, It was only chrome after all / It was only CHROME, after all ; 1270, Hi. Was all I could manage. HI, was all I could manage. (replace period with comma, de-capitalize was) ;

    Location 1385, What do you think to Peter's outfit? / What do you think OF Peter's outfit? ; 1411, Yeah, well it's not like I was busy / Yeah, WELL, it's not like I was busy ; 1447, I shrunk myself so I could search / I SHRANK myself so I could search ; 1536, if there is a job and or a flat going / if there is a job AND/OR a flat going ; 1812, Betty wait! / BETTY, wait! ; 1833, because I am as it happens / because I AM, as it happens ;

    Location 1857, It is their shop after all / It is their SHOP, after all ; 1860, I don't suppose he's here now is he? / I don't suppose he's here NOW, is he? ; 1869, leaving Miles and I to make small talk / leaving Miles and ME to make small talk (Miles and I = WE, Miles and me = US; leaving US to make small talk) ; 1876, Slowly but surely everybody made their way / Slowly but SURELY, everybody made their way ; 1920, Scientific eh? / SCIENTIFIC, eh? ;

    Location 1976, Well I have work to do / WELL, I have work to do ; 1976, Have a lovely day both of you / Have a lovely DAY, both of you ; 2046, He was very good wasn't he? / He was very GOOD, wasn't he? ; 2050, rodent edition of course / rodent EDITION, of course ; 2057, send the proceeds onto Horatio / send the proceeds ON TO Horatio ; 2079, What are you playing at, / What are you playing AT? (this is a question) ;

    Location 2112, I know who's fault this is / I know WHOSE fault this is ; 2200, I'd be sat at home by myself / I'd be SITTING at home by myself ; 2242, Amber, Pearl and me walked through / Amber, Pearl AND I walked through (...me walked through?) ; 2316, let's face it they're not big fans / let's face IT, they're not big fans ; 2338, Welsh I believe? / WELSH, I believe? ;

    Location 2341, Well apparently, she has the hots / WELL, APPARENTLY she has the hots (move comma) ; 2392, Both Grandma and me almost jumped / Both Grandma AND I almost jumped (.. me almost jumped?) ; 2542, How much time will it require because I'm rather busy most days. / How much time will it REQUIRE? BECAUSE I'm rather busy most days. (two sentences) ;

    Location 2549, press the button or if you feel / press the BUTTON. OR if you feel (two sentences) ; 2681, I've just got cramp / I've just got A cramp ; 1739, Well you've had a wasted journey / WELL, you've had a wasted journey ; 2739, Me and you were meant to be together. / YOU AND I were meant to be together. ; 2755, Well in that case, maybe you should leave / WELL, in that case, maybe you should leave ; 3172, All bad I imagine? / All BAD, I imagine?

  8. Chloe (Always Booked) Chloe (Always Booked) says:

    This book was still entertaining but I feel like it strayed pretty far from the storyline and Jill made some uncharacteristic moves. The compass competition from the end of the last book doesn’t happen until the very end of this one. In it, there are teams from each area of candlefield. On each team is a level 3,4,5 and 6 witch. Jill is on grandmas team, and despite the level 4 and 5 members losing, their team wins. Ma chivers heads a team too so it sweet redemption for grandma.
    In this book , jack thinks he’s going to be transferred and Jill cries about it. She’s been juggling so many men this series, I thought that level of emotion was unrealistic.
    In this book she also takes the case of a missing woman who owns a bunjeee jumping company with her husband. She disappears after a jump, but you find out she intentionally ran away as an attempt at media coverage for her company but her sister killed her out of Sibling rivalry. This happens in the 1st half of the book and then is unrelated to anything else in the book.
    Ma Chivers and Alicia are suspected of working with TDO and Destro but not much happens with that.
    There is no mention of Jill’s pendant necklace.
    Hopefully the next one is better!

  9. Mike Lewis Mike Lewis says:

    And entertaining which he private investigator urban fantasy/cozy mystery

    Do you like private investigator novels. Do you like strong female lead character novels. Do you like cozy mistress. Do you like which is in supernatural elements thrown into the mix. Well if you do you’ll love this series. Jill good or a private investigator who was adopted when she was a little baby and grew up in the normal world and was raised by her private investigator adoptive father. He has since passed away and she recently met with her real mother who come to find out is a real witch. She and her it’s your mother’s powers and learns she also has more family on her mother side a grandmother and aunt and twin cousins. They live any supernatural town nearby now she must straddle to worlds and solve mysteries in both. It becomes very entertaining when they cross over in mixed with each other. Her adoptive sister also drives him nuts and her love life is a mess. It is an entertaining makes of mystery Mayham and magical entertainment. A few romantic and you windows thrown in every so often. All in all a very entertaining series check it out

  10. Diane Willson Diane Willson says:

    Very Enjoyable

    It seems the more you get into the series the more serious and dangerous situations are becoming for Jill. Especially in her quest to defeat TDO, but who is he. She can't fight someone she doesn't even know yet. One character, Ma Chivers, really does bring a darker side to the book and i get quite spooked when shes around. There is still a lot of humour in this book, mainly, in my opinion, from Winky and Mrs V. I had some loud out moments a few times at their antics.

    So far, I have scored all the books a 5 Star, however on this occasion the ending really let me down. I was listening waiting for something else to be said or happen as it stopped so abruptly in a really odd way and thought my timer had run out, but no, it was the end. The strangest end to a book I think I've read. I definitely think this was missing a chapter, or in the very least some kind of roundup of Jill's future plans. The title is also a bit misleading but I don't want to add any spoilers. I'll let you make your own minds up on that one. All in all i did enjoy the book and will continue on to Book 10.

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