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10 thoughts on “Marquess of Fortune (Lords of Fate #3)

  1. Debby Debby says:

    I trudged through this story for the most part Although it was a very nice story and started off good in the beginning I found myself becoming disinterested at times Didn't know what to make of Garekgood or bad hmm Loved Lilys conviction determination and strengthWas okay read on this the last in this series

  2. Sheila Sheila says:

    Struggle and survivalSome weak areas in the story but wonderfully developed hero and heroine Pain of betrayal is the hardest to overcome and I am not certain I would be able to forgive

  3. Sandra Aaron Sandra Aaron says:

    Good romance but the H was hard to likeThis is a good romance and I really liked both Lily and Garek at first But later when Garek was bent on revenge he was really hard to like What he planned to do to Lily was unforgivable and I felt that she forgave him much too easily No matter what he went through and how he thought she was to blame there is no excuse for what he wanted to do to her especially since he never even bothered to confirm that she was responsible for any of his sufferingMy disgust with Garek and his plans of revenge made me lower my rating on this book to 3 stars It probably would have been higher if he had not been out for revenge because I liked him at first

  4. Bridget Lewis Bridget Lewis says:

    Love returnedGarek was a surgeon until he wasn't Garek saved Breanna Lily sister from certain death Garek also saved Lily in ways she didn't know she needed saving When Garek is sent to prison his love of Lily changed to hate and he promised himself revenge against Lily Lily never knew the extent of her sister plan to get rid of Garek When Garek left he took Lily heart with him Garek was in a rock in a hard place desperate to save his Uncle and desperately in love with Lily How can to pain filled people find their way back from love and betrayal It will take a gigantic miracle

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    I read six K J Jackson books in the past three days the Hold Your Breath trilogy and the Lords of Fate trilogy and I've been trying to figure out why I've enjoyed them so much And then it occurred to me that they remind me of the romances I grew up on in the 90s and I mean that in the best possible way I love the melodrama and I love heroes or heroines in peril and her books have that in spades I think some of that is lacking in today's historical romances and I didn't realize I missed it until I found it again

  6. Dee Jay Blaylock Dee Jay Blaylock says:

    GreedLily’s life becomes corrupted by the greed of the Viscount and his henchmen Brianne her sister has been grievously injured by someone and Lily only knows she need a doctor who can heal her and not just bleed herHow she manages this and finds a lifetime love are ony parts of this storyFate intervenes time and again to bring Lily Garett Brianne and Seb to a happy ending

  7. Margaret Margaret says:

    A Life Taken AwayIn the dead of the night a doctor comes upon a young woman trying to destroy the ruins of an abby Her hands bloody she still refuses his help but he grabs a sledgehammer and helps anyway Little did he know his life has changed forever Murder lies secrets and deception eventually tear these two lovers apart Revenge and hate replace the love they once knew Will they get a second chance? Some gut retching moments of feeling their pain Couldn't put it down


    Great ending to the seriesI really enjoyed reading how most of the uestions come together on the story of Lily and Garek The innocent love they begin with is torn from them but not until we see their love grow It appears as if the dates are against them I loved the characters though on occasion Lily's character goes through many changes thankfully it helps her grow Give the book a read you won't be disappointed

  9. Cynthia Houser Cynthia Houser says:

    MaruessI enjoyed this book I have to say I think Garek should have been ticked off at Lils sister Brianna lied to Garek and her sister She drove them apart But it worked out She did apologize after playing God with their lives I recommend this book I have enjoyed the whole series

  10. Bigbear Woolliscroft Bigbear Woolliscroft says:

    Another of the emerging genre of historically inaccurate but very enjoyable romance This is the third in a series but it can easily stand on its own and it has some very modern characters resolving some very complex issues It could be argued that the situation resolves itself to easily but as romance goes it is well written highly enjoyable and ish

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Marquess of Fortune (Lords of Fate #3) ➷ [Reading] ➹ Marquess of Fortune (Lords of Fate #3) By K.J. Jackson ➬ – A sheltered existence ripped away Coddled her whole life by her father and older sister Lily Silverton finds herself the sole standing member of her family—her father dead her sister barely holding A sheltered existence ripped away Coddled her whole life by her father and older sister Lily Silverton finds herself the sole standing member of her family—her father dead her sister barely holding onto life after a gruesome attack Desperate to save her sister from death Lily finds a beacon of hope in the rogue man Marquess of MOBI :Ê that stumbles upon her in the middle of the night A chance meeting deep in barren woods Garek Harrison has things to do—responsibilities he needs to attend to Responsibilities that include the need for a good deal of coin Responsibilities that have nothing to do with the odd woman he meets in the middle of the night swinging a hammer But those responsibilities don’t stop him from approaching her Nor from becoming entangled in the world that threatens to harm her at every turn Fortunes altered Thrust together by fate neither Garek nor Lily can deny their mounting attraction But when forces combine to tear them apart fate intervenes once and Lily and Garek must find the courage to fight their way back to each other The Lords of Fate series continues Historical romance with strong women undeniable men and hold your breath adventureEach is a stand alone story and can be read individually in any order.

  • ebook
  • 284 pages
  • Marquess of Fortune (Lords of Fate #3)
  • K.J. Jackson
  • English
  • 15 April 2015