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Maxx, The: Volume 6 (Maxx (Wildstorm/DC Comics)) ❰PDF❯ ✪ Maxx, The: Volume 6 (Maxx (Wildstorm/DC Comics)) Author Sam Kieth – The final volume of Sam Kieth's eclectic masterpiece collects a series of innovative stories known as “Friends of Maxx” These tales mark a turning point for Kieth's artistic evolution as a storyte The final volume of Sam Kieth's eclectic masterpiece collects a series of innovative stories known as “Friends of Maxx” These tales mark a turning point for Kieth's artistic evolution as a storyteller paving the way for later groundbreaking titles such as Zero Girl and Four Women.

10 thoughts on “Maxx, The: Volume 6 (Maxx (Wildstorm/DC Comics))

  1. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Volume six collects the Friends of Maxx miniseries The first issue tells the story of Dude and Mickey's relationship woes while the next two tell about Ira's release from prison and his uncle trying to teach him how to be a manWhile I dug these stories they just weren't the same There was very little connection to the Maxx I know and love Aside from that the stories were really good The relationships depicted within were very realistic and relatable and honestly probably the best writing in the entire series Just not what I was looking for

  2. Rodney Wilder Rodney Wilder says:

    Sam Kieth creates such a twisted darkened vision of the world we live in yet it is wholly accurate Injecting The Maxx with eual degrees of realism and fantasy the story comes to life magnificently The fragmented fragile states of the characters is mirrored in the fluctuating artistic mediums used throughout the comics to create an entirely magical hallucinatory trip for the readerAs far as storyline Kieth tugs at heartstrings bringing the reader to a place not dissimilar to that of Julia Winters or Maxx or even Sarah Through the occurrences and lessons the characters must undergo in the book Kieth does nothing short of forcing the reader to ruminate over his or her own life and hurts It really brought me to a point of tears multiple times throughout It's just a beautiful narrative and the art only works to boost that uality

  3. Matt Matt says:

    After the actual ending of the series in the last volume this felt like a real letdown Besides explaining who two random characters in the main series were this didn't do much of anything for me with a long pointless battle of the sexesjourney of male actualization that was meaningless because the characters seemingly had nothing to do with the story I've been following for the previous five volumes The spelling and grammatical errors drove me nuts too Where was the editor?On the plus side Kieth's art is always worth a look even if the writing isn't

  4. Claudio Rivera Claudio Rivera says:

    The series ended with Volume 5 and was fantastic Stoked to find the TV show to re watch This volume is just a few extra stories that are only marginally relevant to The Maxx I had a really hard time getting into them actually If you're reading the whole series I'd recommend skipping this one

  5. David David says:

    More about Mickey and Dude and a whole new story in the Friends of the Maxx issues I'm glad that they left the end of Volume 5 as the actual end Good read great art as always Twisted goodness as always

  6. Richard Knight Richard Knight says:

    I remember being so disappointed with this small miniseries since The Maxx isn't even in it nor are any of the characters that made The Maxx so special Looking back it was an average story told in an average fashion it was nothing special

  7. Gary Lee Gary Lee says:

    BlahNot goodNot awfulNot The Maxx

  8. Krystal Colyer Krystal Colyer says:

    An interesting side story of background characters Worth reading if yo don't want it to be all about Maxx Julie

  9. Reyel2107 Reyel2107 says:

    the last one but great

  10. Jesse Jesse says:


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