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When Fraser Met Billy [Download] ➸ When Fraser Met Billy ➽ Louise Booth – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Billy est un beau chat de gouttière abandonné ui a trouvé refuge dans un centre de protection des animaux Un jour Fraser un jeune garçon autiste visite l’endroit et découvre Billy Le chat se me Billy est un beau chat de gouttière abandonné ui a trouvé refuge dans un centre de protection des When Fraser PDF/EPUB ² animaux Un jour Fraser un jeune garçon autiste visite l’endroit et découvre Billy Le chat se met à ronronner et à faire des câlins Coup de foudre Lentement mais sûrement Billy va transformer la vie du petit garçon ui parvient à oublier ses angoisses et à contrôler son instabilité Et l’avenir semble enfin sourire à Fraser malgré son autisme A la maison le chat s’occupe de son ami comme s’il en était responsable Un lien solide profond une amitié incommensurable se nouent entre Billy et Fraser Au point u’ils deviennent inséparables et ue le chat change pour toujours la vie de ce petit garçon pas comme les autres L’émouvante histoire vraie d’une amitié entre un chat et un petit garçon autiste.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 194 pages
  • When Fraser Met Billy
  • Louise Booth
  • English
  • 02 March 2015

10 thoughts on “When Fraser Met Billy

  1. Laura Laura says:

    I'm a sucker for any books involving cats and I hadn't come across any this year so when I found this hidden in the shelves of Big W I picked it up out of curiosityIt was the last copy thereI decided if I could find the other items I wanted in the store I'll do a reloop and come back to the book sectionSuccess was had so I bought this book as well and very glad I didThis tells the wonderful story about an autistic child called Fraser and a grey rescue cat called Billy It's a book that shows how strong relationships can be formed between cats and their owners One of the wonderful things about owning a pet is how they are non judgemental take you for who you are no matter what and can be a friend to you exactly what Billy was for Fraser As it's known if you've got autism the social side of life can be pretty damn daunting and can often send parents into worry about how their child will function through life Well with the encouragement of Billy Fraser started to come out of his shellThey had some set backs as per norm but for every setback Billy never left Fraser's sideBilly seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to Fraser and even the rest of the family He proved time and time again what a fantastic family member he is This book is a real heart warmer Louise doesn't seem to sugar coat things either and does go into detail of her hellish times when Fraser wasn't diagnosed so you do get an insight into different periods of time for the Booth familyThis book I think will appeal to a great audienceIf you're a mother if you like cats if you have an interest in autism if you enjoy reading about bonds between animal and owner

  2. Sharon Sharon says:

    Four year old Fraser is autistic and sadly was born with many medical conditions Due to these conditions Fraser suffers from anxiety which usually contributes to melt downs during the day Louise manages the best she can but most days she struggles and worries about the future for her son Louise decides to adopt a cat Billy hoping that this will help calm Fraser down Not long after Fraser and Billy are introduced Louise is wondering if she has made the correct decision in bringing Billy into the household This is a superbly written book that will have you laughing out loud but it will also pull on your heartstrings This book gives you an insight into just how tough mentally and physically it is to care for a child that is born with medical conditions A beautiful story that I have no hesitation in recommending

  3. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Beautiful book about a young autistic boy Fraser and his cat Billy Written by his mother she describes how traumatic it is for families trying to raise an autistic child She hit on the idea of adopting a cat to see if it would it would help to calm Fraser down Not only did Billy the rescue cat immediately take to Fraser he exhibited great empathy for Fraser and his needs and encouraged him to reach milestones his mother thought were impossibleIt truly is an amazing story Although remaining a uintessential cat who loves to roam and hunt small creatures on the Balmoral estate where the family lives Billy appears to sense when he is most needed; sitting next to Fraser when he has his meals appearing in the bathroom when Fraser has his dreaded weekly hair wash and sleeping next to him when he is distressed or unwell In a simply told story Fraser's mother tells how Billy helped to change her son from a child she was told would never attend a normal school to an essentially happy little boy doing well at school and starting to interact with other children Highly recommended for mothers and cat lovers everywhere

  4. Moony MeowPoff Moony MeowPoff says:

    This book i just I loved this book from the first page to the last It was so interesting so beautiful sad and just Awesome How Billy helped Fraser change from day to day made me smile so much I Believe animals can help humans in their magnificent ways This book was such a lovely read and i hope this author gives us heartwarming books

  5. Kirsti Kirsti says:

    I read everyone of these type of books that comes out sueaking in happiness when I spot a new one on the shelf I love animal memoirs I love the power an animal has to help a disabled child This is a sweet yet sad story The writing is very good personal and interesting Fraser is an autistic child who has other disability that hamper his life Though his parents and sister love him when he meets Billy the cat something special happens Fraser communicates learns and his parents grow closer to the boy of few wordsThis isn't the first time I've read a story similar to this one; Cowboy and Wills was one that coms to mind It's always been clear to me that animals have a mysterious sway in our lives and deeper understanding than some give them credit for Another lovely story highly recommended

  6. Sanne Sanne says:

    This book was recommended to me by one of my students As I work with autistic children I didn't expect this book to have such an impact on me It did Even though it isn't the most well written book around it is easy to read and the story is lovely What surprised me most is that I gained an even deeper understanding of what it means to be a parent with an autistic child My love for cats couldn't get deeper but I do wish of my students could've found a friend like Billy I will recommend this book to my colleagues

  7. Fiona Fiona says:

    What a heart warming true story about a young family Fraser is the little son of Louise and Chris and Pippa’s big brother He has autism which can be very challenging at times for the family When Louise decides to introduce Fraser to a new cat named Billy all of their lives take a turn Positively that is This true story is about a wonderful bond between human and animal Fraser had been socially struggling in interacting with others After Billy came into his life he finally starts to come out of his shell Billy becomes his best friend as Fraser also often mentions To hear how many struggles his parents have been trough to give Fraser the best life possibly is admirable At first they don’t believe Fraser has changed that much because of Billy although they do see a positive influence But the time goes by and the Fraser progresses they have to admit that Billy was such a big part of his growth Billy seems to really know when he is needed most When Fraser has to go to bed and has a meltdown Billy is by his side and lays down onto the bed until Fraser is asleep When the dreaded moment of washing Fraser hair comes up Billy sits down with him and helps him calm down He even helped Fraser learn to walk up the stairs Fraser was born with several medical conditions which prevented him from doing several things that you usually learn at a young age Billy really gave him a little push as in ‘You want to play with me? You have to get up the stairs first then’ As professionals had said Louise and her husband could never imagine Fraser to go to a regular school However with help from his parents professionals teachers but above all from Billy Fraser’s growth was so strong that he was able to attend a regular school This was a wonderful book about a wonderful bond It was an easy read and to think that this something this family has really gone through and many people are still going through It’s a special magical read

  8. Irni Farid Irni Farid says:

    When Fraser meet Billy is a non ficition novel about relationship between an austitic boy with his pet cat Billy His mother Louise shared her up and down trials and tribulation of understanding her child and her success in bring him up ready for normal school Billy the cat played an important role in calming Fraser while being his best friend A lovely story with mixture of sadness frustation laughter and rejoice Narrated from Scotland I enjoyed the description of life in Highlands while appreciating a wonderful cat story

  9. Gaby Gaby says:

    This is one of my impulse purchase but I'm glad that I picked it up This book is beyond amazing The way Billy the cat influenced Fraser the autistic boy amazed me in so many ways This is undoubtedly one of my best readings this year

  10. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    “When Fraser met Billy” is the story of how a rescue cat called Billy helped a little boy make sense of a very confusing worldBilly came into Fraser’s life at a time when the world made no sense at all to Fraser who after being diagnosed with autism and other conditions was struggling with life as a toddler However Billy and Fraser bonded immediately and soon they became inseparable The book charts the life of the Booth family from when Billy first came into the family for about 4 years until Fraser went to school in 2013The story is not just about Billy and Fraser but about how the whole family coped with Fraser’s problems and their life in what seems to be a beautiful part of Scotland At the end of the book I had real admiration for how she her husband and all the other people in Fraser’s life dealt with his condition What came through was the amount of love that they all had for Fraser and how they all including Billy never gave up on himIt was lovely to see how the relationship between Billy and Fraser developed and being a cat owner myself I truly agree that cats are remarkable creaturesI loved this book it was a moving and inspirational story and I can only hope that in a few years Louise will write another book enabling us to catch up with Billy and Fraser

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