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Three Hearts and Three Lions [Reading] ➽ Three Hearts and Three Lions By Poul Anderson – The gathering forces of the Dark Powers threatened the world of man The legions of Faery aided by trolls demons and the Wild Hunt itself were poised to overthrow the realms of lightAnd alone against t The gathering forces of the Dark and Three eBook ¸ Powers threatened the world of man The legions of Faery aided by trolls demons and the Wild Hunt itself were poised to overthrow the realms of lightAnd alone against the armies of Chaos stood one man the knight of Three Hearts and Three Lions Carlsen a twentieth century man snatched out of time to become again the legendary Holger Danske Three Hearts PDF/EPUB ² to fight for the world he had helped to build.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 156 pages
  • Three Hearts and Three Lions
  • Poul Anderson
  • English
  • 03 January 2016
  • 9780722111604

About the Author: Poul Anderson

Winston P Sanders P A KingsleyPoul and Three eBook ¸ William Anderson was an American science fiction author who began his career during one of the Golden Ages of the genre and continued to write and remain popular into the st century Anderson also authored several works of fantasy historical novels and a prodigious number of short stories He received numerous awards for his writing including seven Hugo Awards and Three Hearts PDF/EPUB ² three Nebula Awards Anderson received a degree in physics from the University of Minnesota in He married Karen Kruse in They had one daughter Astrid who is married to science fiction author Greg Bear Anderson was the sixth President of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America taking office in He was a member of the Swordsmen and Sorcerers' Guild of America a loose Hearts and Three PDF ´ knit group of Heroic Fantasy authors founded in the s some of whose works were anthologized in Lin Carter's Flashing Swords anthologies He was a founding member of the Society for Creative Anachronism Robert A Heinlein dedicated his novel The Cat Who Walks Through Walls to Anderson and eight of the other members of the Citizens' Advisory Council on National Space Policy Poul Anderson died of cancer on July after a month in the hospital Several of his novels were published posthumously Series.

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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    After reading Anderson’s novel The High Crusade I remarked how I wondered if Anderson was influenced by Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Twain must have influenced Three Hearts and Three Lions as the basis of the two stories are so close there is even a direct reference to Twain’s work Poul Anderson was born in America but was of Scandinavian ancestry and his mother moved the family to Denmark to live for a time prior to World War II when they all moved back to the states This book like several others of his authorship is set in Denmark and reveals sentimentality toward the nation and cultureAnderson explores ideas of law and chaos that may have influenced Michael Moorcock and further Gary Gygax Dungeons and Dragons may be a literary descendant of this book This is like the brilliant The Broken Sword another visit to the realms of Faery but Three Hearts and Three Lions is less mythic and purely fantastic Anderson does a good job of piecing together a modern setting myth historical and fantastic elements into a pleasing whole Fans of this book will also enjoy Anderson's short story The Man Who Came Early which is re printed in his 1969 collection of short stories The Horn of TimeFinally a recurring theme of Anderson’s work is an objective ability to produce a balance of extremes and Three Hearts and Three Lions expertly presents both sides of an entertaining conflictNot just for Anderson fans this is excellent fantasy

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Holger Carlsen is transported to another Earth where he is destined to play a part in the war between Law and Chaos Assisting him are Hugi a dwarf and Alianora a swan maiden Can they overcome the forces of Chaos and get Holger home?I got this from NetgalleySince I've been wanting to read this for several ice ages since I first got into Dungeons and Dragons and later Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion craziness it had a lot to live up to Yeah it was kind of a disappointmentThree Hearts and Three Lions is a mish mash of a ton of uest stories combining Arthur Charlemagne Shakespeare and various other sources I can see the influence it had on many later works like the aforementioned DD and Elric I wonder if Roger Zelazny and Philip Jose Farmer were influenced by it as well for Amber and the World of Tiers The battle between Law and Chaos has been a staple of RPGs since the beginning and fantasy fiction not long after thatThree Hearts and Three Lions is very much a product of its time at least as sexist as the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs While entertaining on some level the sexism yanked me out of the story a few times Another thing I didn't care for was the phonetic Scottish accents of some of the characters For a chapter it was fine After that it got on my nervesAll things considered Three Hearts and Three Lions is an enjoyable Chosen One uest story If you're looking for one of the ancestors of modern fantasy it's worth a read

  3. Apatt Apatt says:

    “Wave mechanics already admits the possibility of one entire cosmos coexisting with ours It was not hard to write the euations for an infinity of such parallel worlds By logical necessity the laws of nature would vary from one to another Therefore somewhere in the boundlessness of reality anything you can imagine must actually exist”As in the The Broken Sword Poul Anderson likes to back up his fantasy with some science I am not sure why but it does add to the enjoyment of the book if your taste like mine leans toward science fiction than fantasy Three Hearts Three Lions is one of Anderson’s several fantasy novels I don’t know how many of these he has written but this book and The Broken Sword are clearly the most popular ones The High Crusade reads like a fantasy romp but is entire sci fi Three Hearts Three Lions is the story of Holger Carlsen a Danish engineer who is shot in a battle against the Nazi and suddenly finds himself in a parallel dimension where magic is functional “The ordinary laws of nature like gravity and chemical combination appeared to obtain; but here they apparently had clauses permitting well magic Conceivably the magic was nothing but a direct mental control of matter” Holger and Hugi I always love the obvious coversUpon his arrival Holger finds a shield emblazoned with three hearts and three lions some perfectly fitting clothing armor a lance and other knightly euipment waiting for him; also a huge black horse uick to adapt to circumstances he sets out to find some way of getting back to the world he knows Soon he meets Alianora a swan maiden and Hugi a dwarf who become his constant companions The trio set out on a grand adventure where Holger finds he has a major role to play in a war of good vs evil Law vs Chaos Three Hearts Three Lions is based on a number of Northern European legends particularly Ogier the Dane the Matter of France Carolingian cycle and the Arthurian romance It reminds me a little of Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court where a modern man from our world finds himself in medieval time and goes on an adventure often using his knowledge of science to get out of life threatening situationsAs I expected the book is something of a romp along the line of The Broken Sword It is fast paced and fun throughout Halfway through the book I expected to rate it at four stars but Anderson really ramps up the action and accelerates the narrative toward five starsdom I was particularly thrilled by werewolf hunt chapter though it is a subplot that has little bearing on the main story arc The characterization of the supporting characters is a little perfunctory but Holger is a very likable protagonist not too prone to moping about his predicament and his interactions with several extraordinarily beautiful women make him seem like an adorkable clumsy and awkward James BondThe medieval English dialogue spoken by some of the characters is nicely written and suitably flowery Unfortunately the dwarf bestie speaks some kind of medieval Scottish dialect that it sometimes hard to decipher Compared to today’s fantasy epic which tends to be of doorstopper length 700 pages up Three Hearts Three Lions is very short at under 200 pages Its tone is also much lighter not overly earnest brooding or grim There is a theme of humble and reluctant heroism running through the book but at the end of the day I think Anderson just wants to tell a ripping yarn using the European legends as a foundation The low page count and the rapid pacing mean that there is not much depth to the book Just kick off your shoes pick it up and go on the wild ride This is often enough Holger and Alianora and beasties NotePoul Anderson is a sci fi writer's writer David Brin Vernor Vinge Jo Walton and others swear by him and Vinge even dedicated his epic A Deepness in the Sky to him His influence on their work is fairly obvious Anderson knew his science and was able to employ that knowledge to max effect in his fiction He was also a natural storyteller who never neglected the human element in his sf storiesuotes ‘“Metaphysics” The word means literally after or beyond physics In other words when the physics you know the kind you measure with your instruments and calculate with your slide rule when that ends metaphysics begins And that’s where we are right now my lad at the beginning of being beyond physics’“She drooped her lids smiling with appreciation His own eyes had a tendency to fall too – that décolletage of hers He searched his mind for cribs from Shakespeare”On finding himself given a temporary ability to breathe under water “Somehow he thought – striving for a toehold on sanity – the forces called magical must be extracting oxygen from the water for him and forcing it into a thin protective layer perhaps monomolecular on his face The rest of him was in direct contact with the lake His clothes flopped soggy Yet he was warm enough ” ‘What’s the thocht here?’ the dwarf growled ‘Would ye gang oot in mere cloth? There’s a mickle long galoots in yon woods were glad to stick iron in a rich clad wayfarer’

  4. Bradley Bradley says:

    I was charmed from the get go for I knew that this was a classic SFF Andersonian mix a retelling of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and that is exactly what I gotThere's plenty of old adventure that's a little less nuts than White's Arthurian adventures with a bit in the straight adventure arena including a sphinxtroll Scene clever science fixes for epic battles swooning women time travel witches Faery courts dragons hidden memories and unbreakable promises It's an all around good storyDoes it really live up to say Anderson's The Broken Sword? No But this one is a bit light hearted and it's straight up Arthurian legend Plus stuff I'm glad I read it but it's not nearly as good as his others It doesn't have uite that special kick since its ideas are all common stuff Still it's Poul Anderson so it's still head and shoulders above most of the rest and I can see this being a nice precursor to so many of the modern fictions we have today considering how straightforward the plots are It came out in 1961 and I'm honestly most charmed by all the modern science considerations and speculations This than anything made it stand out for me I'm now interested to see if anyone else has decided to do this with today's knowledge of science You know An upgrade like this one was an attempt to upgrade Twain

  5. Jim Jim says:

    Aug2011 I've read this maybe half a dozen times in the past 40 years still love it In the tradition of an Arthurian legend a modern man is dumped into a fantasy world with abilities limits that he doesn't understand well He winds up on a uest with some very interesting characters faces challenges both internal external winds it all up in a rather abrupt fashion I can never uite decide if I like the ending or not as the realism of it is somewhat at odds with the tone of the rest of the story On the whole I'd have to say it's perfectThis is a short book by one of the grand masters of fantasy SF Too few people read his works today that's a shame He's a wonderful writer with a better handle on fantasy than most today He brings the old legends alive I loved this story as a pre teen still enjoy it 40 years later Such an enduring piece of fiction has to get 5 stars 2003 This is one of my favorite books by Anderson He writes both fantasy SF but this one is definitely fantasy He dusts off some old myths tosses a modern man into one Very well done

  6. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    I suppose many of my friends here will wonder at the rating I've given this book Looking at my screen name you can probably tell I like the paladin character Reading this book I find myself wondering if possibly Gary Gygax may have been influenced in the creation of the Dungeons and Dragons Paladin by this book Holger Carlsen is definitely a PaladinThere is a dearth of good books about Paladins I actually have several in various stages of completionpray for me I need to complete them The trilogy The Deed of Paksenarrion is probably the best and I'm hard pressed to think of another Most people who write about the character tend to use him or her as a parody of the actual characterThis book in many ways lays out the character as it was to be played in the first editions of DD He's rather noble while still being realistic When push comes to shove he does the right thing All good This is another of those books where a man from this world awakes in a different worldand off goes the storySo why only 3? Well the story telling itself is part of the problem Told in a style that dates back a few years and in places rather slow you need a little stick to it of ness to stay with the story Then there's the writing of the book in a dialect I mean he could have just told us the guy had a heavy accent Instead Anderson chose to write the accent into the story and sections of it are rathertedious to readAll in all I'd say try this one yourself I've read a lot of Poul Anderson's work and like a lot of them Growing up his science fiction and fantasy were some of my introductions to the genres However this one was only mildly pleasingAs noted try it yourself and see what you think

  7. Lilyan Lilyan says:

    YawnsThis was an extremely basic fantasy novel It felt like the author was reading the following handbook The Idiots Guide to Writing a Fantasy Novel 1 Choose your Hero Preferably a male Someone with strong chiseled features2 Put your Hero in an awkward fantastical situation In Poul's case he transported his lead character to another world riddled with a war between magical beings and non magical beings3 Send your Hero on a uest And another one And another one In fact send him on as many uests as you can Oh ya make sure he's in a forest and that there are howling wolves4 Give your Hero some Side Kicks to aid him on his uests Make sure to include a good looking female of consenting age5 Sprinkle your story with dangerous situations You may want to alternate between endangering your hero and endangering the fuckable female lead This way they can Save each other and we can gag on the building sexual tension6 Introduce a flock of slick and cool bad guys7 Consumate the love between our heroes right before the big bang finale8 Allow your hero to complete his final uest most easily done by finding an object he seeks Over here we had a sword how original9 Shut down your lap top and never attempt to write a novel againThe End

  8. Malum Malum says:

    45 starsA hard one to rate; my mind says 4 but my heart says 5 First the thing I didn't likeThe book feels very disjointed This was throwing me off as I read it until I checked out the wiki page and saw that this was intentional being a pastiche of interwoven stories though it doesn't really present itself as such anywhere I guess I can't really fault it too much for being written in a particular style but it was still a bit jarring to read at times I imagine on a re read this would be less of a problem What I likedThe world If you are looking for traditional European classic high fantasy then this is it Unicorns faeries swan women wizards nixies trolls dragons werewolvesthis book has it all Much like Anderson's The Broken Sword he plays with myth legend and fairy tale to create something that feels both magical and familiar It's like candy for your imagination As an aside if you are familiar with Dungeons and Dragons then it is no surprise that this book was a big influence on it not only for its high fantasy world but also for its use of a concrete morality system law vs chaos much like Moorcock's work only a bit black and white and the depiction of a paladin type hero

  9. Mike Mike says:

    This was first published as a novella in 1953 and later expanded into a full novel in 1961 It is among the educational and inspirational reading listed in the famous Appendix N of Gary Gygax's Dungeon Masters Guide and the influence it had on Dungeons and Dragons will be obvious Michael Moorcock also admitted that he cribbed his ideas about an epic struggle between Law and Chaos rather than Good and Evil from Anderson's work so this book is in a way an ancestor of the Elric stories and by extension many other books in the dark fantasy genre Having said that this book is certainly not a part of the dark fantasy genre itself It draws very heavily on European legends in particular the romances of King Arthur and of Charlemange but also Norse mythology Where The Broken Sword which Anderson wrote the following year concentrates on inventing a sort of modernized Norse saga 3 Hearts and 3 Lions or less invents a modernized medieval romance I still like the Broken sword a bit although I'd be comfortable recommending this one to a younger reader The pace is very rapid and the story is exciting but importantly the characters are all interesting and the world they inhabit is highly imaginative so any fan of fantasy should give this a read

  10. Marquise Marquise says:

    35 stars rounded up This wasn't as good as The Broken Sword and I think Anderson recycled many of the same tropes from that other book without much variation but it's still an enjoyable high adventure romp with action than character progression besides the lead character in the style of the old epics I liked that the knight uester in this story had very unusual uest companions a dwarf and a swan maiden both of which speak with a Scottish accent that I found hilarious instead of bothersome for a change And I still find it a curiosity worthy of note how morally ambiguous when not downright rotten the Elves are in Anderson's world Suppose I like many readers got used to the Tolkienesue version of these creatures; and that makes it a novelty that sticks out Before Anderson I can remember only one other example of this interpretation of Elves in Sapkowski's Witcher series This is one reason why I wish this book wasn't so much of a straight epic ride after epic ride adventure novel and that it were longer with denser worldbuilding because it ends exactly in the moment the uesters arrive to the location they were going to on uest and the rest is merely wrapped up in a short epilogue chapter

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