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  1. Rachel Rachel says:

    I don't even have words for how much I adored this book My one word Goodreads review before I finishing gathering my thoughts was just 'Perfection' Let's get this out of the way Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović is a controversial figure and much as I'd love to shove her ghostwritten memoir into everyone's hands I must admit that there are plenty of people who will remain thoroughly unmoved by it and that's completely fine But I also want to clarify that I don't think it's essential for a reader to love or understand or even be familiar with her art in order to appreciate this The best thing to be while picking up this book is open mindedPersonally I love contemporary art I love performance art and I love Marina Abramović so this was always going to work for me But it still managed to exceed my expectations; I think I was anticipating entertaining and instead I got revelatory I did study Art History in college and am hardly a stranger to thinking critically about what art is so I wasn't expecting my perception of that uestion to be so shaken by Abramović's perspective Art and life are fundamentally inextricable concepts to her which she explores throughout her career in a series of daring unconventional performance pieces which are chronicled in this book with vividly descriptive imagery This book as well as Marina's career is a testament to her unbelievable ability to push her body to its limits and using her own physicality to connect with her audience The way her performances build upon and interact with one another is delineated here with clarity I genuinely feel enriched from this new understanding I have of her work and what she has tried and has succeeded to achieve Even outside of her art though she would probably frown upon making this distinction Marina's life is a constant source of fascination This reads like autobiography than memoir as it's heavy on fact and chronology and light on emotional analysis but this isn't a criticism Marina is presented in this book as an open vulnerable figure her methods and ideology made accessible through a thorough excavation of her life from childhood to present day If you're interested in Marina Abramović but aren't a big nonfiction reader the novel The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose is a brilliant depiction of her 2010 show The Artist is Present Otherwise I really couldn't recommend Walk Through Walls A Memoir highly enough

  2. Henk Henk says:

    An impressive tale of how the performance artist became present in the art world and the broader society This book makes you want to be an artist minus the abusive childhood 35 starsChildhood budding artistry and a Great Love and WallWalk Through Walls A Memoir starts chatty and up close like boom and the story starts with the childhood of Marina Abramović in communist Belgrade YugoslaviaMarina has privilege as a daughter of war heroes growing up amongst books and art in the luscious apartment that was confiscated from jews during the war Marina grew up at her grandmother with her parents in high up party roles Physical punishment boys being important and growing up with maids being present than her uarreling parents come back a lot in the first chapters At six when she needed to spend almost a year in a hospital due to a blood disease she describes this time as the best of her lifeHer father was notorious for his love for women and named her after a Russian soldier who was blown up in front of him Her mother not just beat her but loved order so much she woke Marina up at night when she slept to messy and crumpled the sheetFrom her childhood and love for art we soon have Marina join a student art centre exponent from the 1968 student uprisings Here she discovers the Arte Povera and performance art The Rhytm series full of knives and taking the body to the extreme is impressive Especially the violence that ensues from the cultured group in Rhytm 0 makes you feel Abramovic uncovered something essential of human natureAnd then Marina meets Ulay in Amsterdam Already from the start Abramovic indicates the feeling of their relationship being special and their performance are visceral and bordering on crazy in terms of demands on their bodies There are idyllic stories of travelling Europe and the US in a car and crazy life stories of eccentric friends they live with in an Amsterdam warehouseAmsterdam in general also as one of the three cities together with New York and Belgrade she wants to have a grave as part of her final performance comes back a lot as does the Dutch government as sponsor of her arts and art centres like De Appel and the Holland Festival Nice to see how our small country helped the rise of an artist so iconic to the performance artsRest Energy is a poetic performance of Ulay and Marina holding a bow literally giving one’s life in another’s hands and the story of the Great Wall of China walk is breathtaking how from a wild idea this is in the end made real but also signals the end of the relationship between the duoSpirituality far away places and successSpirituality is very important to Marina already in her youth we have stories that she sees ghosts in closets and at key decisions she goes to soothsayers and flips coins for answers At the aboriginals in Australia this is even further enhanced and we hear of telepathy and visionsWilderness in the the outback of Australia India Venice The Great Wall Belgrade Amsterdam New York the succession of places she visits after she gains and success and a reputation in the art world is dazzling All the while we see turbulent love affairs with younger men most of the time ending rather tragically for MarinaEnergy aura’s unexplainable phenomenons visions mindfulness focus on experience yoga retreatsSo avant garde how what she did in the 80's and 90's in a diluted form is now common place in our societyWe have meetings with Rem Koolhaas Susan Sontag the Dalai Lama the artistic lead of Givenchy other artists Lady Gaga TED talks The last part of the book misses for me the rapturous energy and drive focussed on getting her at her first performancesIt’s less about the physical extremes and about narrating a well deserved international jetset life and a vision of making performance scaleable and taken serious in the art world and broader societyTherefor overall I feel this was a 35 stars book for me and a definite recommended read for anyone interested in modern artuotes from the Dutch edition Ik weet inmiddels dat geen enkele houding prettiger is dan een andere Zelfs de prettigste houding wordt na een tijdje ondragelijkOm iets te bereiken moet je álles geven tot je niets meer overhebt En dan gebeurt het vanzelfIk wil niet meer willen

  3. Ladan Ladan says:

    I have burned enough calories to rate this a review will be added soonNot one of those awful characters out of a movie that gushes out the past while the violins playA pretty rough childhood devastating upbringing dysfunctional family communism savage mental and physical punishments fear deep feelings of shame discrimination bleeding soul rejection rerejections frustrating and dysfunctional relationship solitude pain abortin betrayal belittled sunk so low to ask the love of her life to have a ménage à trois with her and his lover ungrateful brother and well in real life if you meet someone putting these all behind you may congratulate them for merely surviving Instead you see her simply dusting off her soul and body getting down to the business and turning out to rock Pure NudityMarina is honest in telling her story her soul and her mind are totally naked she is speaking her mind out loud it is as if she is doing a psychological surgery on herself as wild as possible unravelling her deepest scars This provides one with the courage to feel the fear of whatever one is afraid of experiencing it to the fullest and then DO sth about it I did I faced one of my phobias and I was inspired by her bravery Before reading her memoir I liked Marina and thought of her as a strong woman but now I don't like her I do respect this lady I envy her she is a self made whatever she isHats off to James KaplanGreat job man reading every single sentence of the book was exactly as if I had Marina with me and hear her telling me about her story I laughed cried went crazy and experienced her intimate company through your wordsIf one day I would be offered to write a memoir I want you to be my ghostwriter After writing this review a whole clump of my hair had turned greyBoy oh boy it was hard to rate this book I totally understand the fact that some people want to be religious spiritual and blah blah blah yet I don't get the reason beyond their attempt to drop the jaws of women and men of science I mean if you enjoy sth then just enjoy it you can even keep bragging about it but what do u get out of trying to prove science wrong? Remember science never fails and if you don't believe in it you'd better unfriend me before I have the privilege to block youOn some pages I found Marina hardly trying to attack common sense and strive for uestioning science that was unbearable so I practised my scanning skill on those pages If I get a remarkable score on my reading section in IELTS exam Marina I owe it to your memoir Another thing which saved me from this hell of absurdity and stupidity was the parallel read I did whenever I was about to put down this book I went for Stephan Hawking's last book to wash all the nonsense awayMatching soundtrack Even dead things feel your love by Petter Carlsen

  4. Melania & Melania & says:

    45I really really loved this book And mind you I knew almost nothing about Marina prior to reading this I’m of a basic b when talking about art I just like to admire a good old fashioned painting and that’s pretty much it but reading this book opened my eyes so much about how complex and mind bending performance art can be She’s a truly amazing out of this world performer and yet such a flawed human being I loved her honesty and how raw she was in writing this book maybe that’s why I felt so close to her I just couldn’t wait to get home and listen to her audiobook read by the author I can’t tell how much of the enjoyment was just me and my personal taste and how others would rapport to her work and story and voice but it’s totally worth a try

  5. Leo Robertson Leo Robertson says:

    Re read sped through it just like last timeInspiring story FIRST REVIEWIncredibleOne of the great things about Marina's story is that it surely inspired a rigorous dedication to it telling in the ghost writer who has meticulously constructed a narrative that it's impossible not to read in Marina's voiceIt's insane the number of times she's been prepared to die for art and I get the feeling she isn't done trying yetThe men in her life were mostly bullshit and a handful of the women weren't that much better either—but the ones who loved her along the path made sure her audience continued to build until today when she effectively has a global stageThanks to a ridiculously risky real estate deal decades ago she wouldn't have needed to work ever again—but try telling that to herEssential reading to fans and non fans alike about the trials and tribulations of life and how they never really stop but about what is possible to achieve with practice and dedication—with detailed description of what that dedication consists of

  6. Jelena Jonis Jelena Jonis says:

    It was Sex and the City that introduced me to Marina Abramović and just like Carrie Bradshaw I too was very sceptical about performance artists Now I understand why To read about a performance is not enough you have to experience it I think on some level this book IS an another performance and as a reader you become part of M Abramović art Her ability to tell a story is at the same time elegant AND sharp It leaves you speechless It leaves you confused And after you're finished with this book and this book is finished with you it feels you've been guided through a very multicolour emotionally difficult challenging but full of life walk It's not your walk but somehow you become part of it And that's what true art does it connects everything

  7. Amanja Amanja says:

    If you are unfamiliar with Marina Abromovic then you probably didn't see the wonderful documentary The Artist is Present It showcases a project of hers in which she sat in silence with hundreds and hundreds participants who came to be a part of the performance art with herThousands of people lined up in New York for the chance to sit across from her and experience an energy exchange with the artist They were allowed to sit for as long as they would like during museum hours and she was present daily for months without eating leaving or even using the restroomThe Artist is Present brought attention to this woman who has been performing highly demanding and eccentric performance art for decades across the worldThis memoir Walk Through Walls tells the story in her own words She is truly a force and her story is remarkableWalk Through Walls does what any good memoir should do It allows you insight into a life that is very different from your own into a perspective that you likely do not share and into experiences that you will likely never have I kept thinking how very unrelatable a lot of her stories are Her life is so vastly different from mine I cannot even put myself in her shoes most of the time but there is still plenty of common ground on which to standShe describes in detail many of her performances which can be seen as beautiful expressions of the capabilities of a motivated human body or seen as horrific exploitations of masochism depending on your own world view Either way you don't want to stop reading about them and luckily she includes many many photographs to bring it all togetherWhen she's not displaying herself naked while drawing blood in one way or another she is living the life of a vagabond artist or eventually a successful one who's had some luck alongside her unfettered determination and visionWhen she's not working she's dealing with the stressors that come with romantic love and being entangled with another soul This is when she's most relatable Anyone who has experienced passion and heartbreak will find commonalities here Abromovic is a fascinating individual truly Regardless of your opinions on performance art this memoir shines light on her history and mindset that will help you get just a little closer to understanding why a person would subject themselves to such extreme violence and hardship in the name of art It's incredibly important to expose yourself to stories that are not similar to your own This is one of those stories and is an absolute must read for reviews and content please visit my blog amanjareadscom

  8. Olya Shvayko Olya Shvayko says:

    The most incredible autobiography I’ve ever read It’s about real ART Life Love Mission

  9. Kunal Sen Kunal Sen says:

    It is extremely rare for me to say that I was better off not knowing something This is one of those moments I have been an admirer of Marina Abramovic’s work for many years The depth and originality of her concepts amazes me and the emotional intensity moves me very deeply My exposure to her work was only through videos and descriptions Finally I got to see her in 2015 at a TED meeting in Vancouver and my admiration for her peaked as I saw her perform which involved each of the two thousand attendees at the conferenceI should have kept it at that and I wish I never picked up this book While I enjoyed to know about her interesting life and experiences I should have stayed away from knowing what were the things that often inspired her creations Here is a person who believed that Australian aborigines telepathically spoke to her and she wanted to use an Indian guru who claimed he could stay underwater for hours and didn't want to take part in her performance in New York only because his power goes away when he tries to do it for non religious reasons and Brazilian shamans who believe every cell of your body hold all the memories of your life and heal emotional pains through appropriate massage and all other shades of absurd spiritual hocus pocus It is very hard for me to take someone seriously who explicitly believes that most things in the world has no rational explanationWhat is really interesting is that her work remains emotionally valid and incredibly powerful in spite of what motivated her which are so far away from what I learned to be true It is not just a clash of two belief systems but the conflict is between unsubstantiated beliefs and demonstrable assertions that can be rationally justified and verified This only proves that even though an artist might think of certain conscious reasons for her creation what actually makes them effective touching and powerful is the depth and sensitivity of their subconscious mindNow when I see my next Abramovic I have to try hard to forget what I have learned through this book I still believe she is an amazing individual but terribly confused by strange and absurd ideas about how the universe works

  10. Monika Guliakaite Monika Guliakaite says:

    this is the most inspirational piece I have ever read it is amazing what a human body could do and how the mind works no doubt this will be my source of courage and inspiration

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Walk Through Walls ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Walk Through Walls By Marina Abramović ➯ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk “I had experienced absolute freedom—I had felt that my body was without boundaries limitless; that pain didn’t matter that nothing mattered at all—and it intoxicated me”In 2010 than 750000 p “I had experienced absolute freedom—I had felt that my body was without boundaries limitless; that pain didn’t matter that nothing mattered at all—and it intoxicated me”In than people stood in line at Marina Abramović’s MoMA retrospective for the chance to sit across from her and communicate with her nonverbally in an unprecedented durational performance that lasted than hours This celebration of nearly fifty years of groundbreaking performance art demonstrated once again that Marina Abramović is Walk Through PDF/EPUB or truly a force of natureThe child of Communist war hero parents under Tito’s regime in postwar Yugoslavia she was raised with a relentless work ethic Even as she was beginning to build an international artistic career Marina lived at home under her mother’s abusive control strictly obeying a pm curfew But nothing could uell her insatiable curiosity her desire to connect with people or her distinctly Balkan sense of humor—all of which informs her art and her life The beating heart of Walk Through Walls is an operatic love story—a twelve year collaboration with fellow performance artist Ulay much of which was spent penniless in a van traveling across Europe—a relationship that began to unravel and came to a dramatic end atop the Great Wall of ChinaMarina’s story by turns moving epic and dryly funny informs an incomparable artistic career that involves pushing her body past the limits of fear pain exhaustion and danger in an uncompromising uest for emotional and spiritual transformation A remarkable work of performance in its own right Walk Through Walls is a vivid and powerful rendering of the unparalleled life of an extraordinary artist.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Walk Through Walls
  • Marina Abramović
  • English
  • 04 October 2014
  • 9781101905043

About the Author: Marina Abramović

Since the beginning of her career in Belgrade during the early s Marina Abramovic has pioneered performance as a visual art form creating some of the most important early works The body has always been both her subject and medium Exploring her physical and mental limits in works that ritualize the simple actions of everyday life she has withstood pain exhaustion and danger in her uest f.