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Murder in the Basement 1 ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Murder in the Basement 1 ✍ Author Lorrie Bannett – The basement where they kept the apple cider was dead uiet Marissa Mr Howard’s lawfully wedded wife of about forty years knew immediately that something was dead wrong Whenever Mr Howard retired int The basement where they kept the Basement MOBI î the apple cider was dead uiet Marissa Mr Howard’s lawfully wedded wife of about forty years knew immediately Murder in PDF or that something was dead wrong Whenever Mr Howard retired into the basement to check on his investments there was always some Elvis playing in in the Basement PDF/EPUB ê the background and either his husband was singing along to the seventies hits or he was just humming uietly But Marissa didn’t want to jump into conclusions And so she continued walking by as slowly as humanly possible making sure that she wasn’t disrupting her husband if at all he was busy working on something The apple ciders looked fine and from the look of things Mr Howard and finally finished his investigation Marissa let out a sigh thinking that she was probably overthinking and that was the main reason she suspected something had happened to her husband But when she made a turn and started heading back her foot hit on something that made her come to a screeching halt and looked down There he was Mr Howard dead and his body had rolled under one of the stands explaining why she had missed it in the first place Marissa was in shock not knowing what to do next And that said the only thing that she could do was scream as loud as her old lungs could right before falling next to her husband trying to shake him awake But there was no use Mr Howard was a goner.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 42 pages
  • Murder in the Basement 1
  • Lorrie Bannett
  • English
  • 10 October 2015

5 thoughts on “Murder in the Basement 1

  1. Mary Whitehurst Mary Whitehurst says:

    Oh come on Really?I'm supposed to read this? Seriously? Run on sentences thoughts that just peter out without going anywhere grammatical errors galore cedar instead of ciderand so on and so on Please please please get a proofreader I couldn't even get through the first chapter I just gave up and said who gives a #% evidently the Lorrie Bennett doesn't She is the one who foisted this piece of garbage on us She could have given us a uality product but no This reads like a rough draft No not even that like story notes begging to be written INTO a very rough draft Maybe sometime in the future with a LOT of work this could become a story worth reading Right now as is don't even waste your time reading this Ms Bennett do some reworking heckdo a LOT of reworking And please remember that without your reader the ones that you seem to have little respect for you are not worthy of the title of 'author' MW

  2. Jeanne Jenike Jeanne Jenike says:

    I gave the author one star for shear chutzpah in selling this work as finished 42 words in a run on sentence that is gibberish Ms Bannett you need an editor to help you Your book sounds like English as a third language I don't want you not to write you are very brave to try Get a good editor and double check your cute sayings in English

  3. Tamara Howard Tamara Howard says:

    Who did it?I have no clue Absolutely no clue what this story is about or WHY Mr Howard was killed So confused

  4. says:

    MediocreMany misspelled words Good storyline Sentences are started with the same words Phrases are repeated in sentences Whatever happened to proof reading?

  5. Bonnie J. Bonnie J. says:

    Terrible Cliffhanger at the end No clues to follow along with Alot of grammar mistakes that made it un enjoyable to read but I kept reading in the hopes it would get better

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