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Deathless ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Deathless Author Belinda Burke – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Sweeter than strawberry darker than blackberry better than pleaseSon of the wood god son of a mortal woman Myrddin has lived a carefree life for sixty years Now with his mother dead the wilderness tha Sweeter than strawberry darker than blackberry better than pleaseSon of the wood god son of a mortal woman Myrddin has lived a carefree life for sixty years Now with his mother dead the wilderness that has sustained him is an overflowing well of powers he can no longer control Sent by his father to seek someone who can help him the one Myrddin finds is a nameless stranger whom he calls KasKas so named is still what his nature demands he be He is Death its essence and its kingits master and its open gate Since the first death that came into this world he has been alone essential and solitary – until Myrddin For his sake Kas aids in building the Rite of Spring and in the process learns loveand lonelinessBetween life and death want and need there is just enough space for a new beginning The uestion is how it continues – and whether it ends Publisher's Note This book is linked to the Eight Kingdoms series Pre Order Date th February Early Download Date st March available exclusively to Pride PublishingGeneral Release Date th March httpswwwpride publishingcombook.

About the Author: Belinda Burke

WelcomeI am author storyteller poet property of one cat perpetual insomniac and resident of the New England coast of the United States In my spare time I bemoan the state of the economy read anything I can get my hands on and continue my erstwhile pursuit of a double major in Philosophy and English literatureI'm currently writing for Totally Bound publishing fulfilling my primary dream.

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  1. FantasyLiving FantasyLiving says:

    A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review4 HeartsThis story was beautiful in it’s descriptive text The author did a fabulous job of showing me this fantasy world From the beginning the landscape was captivating and rich Full of colour sounds and smells The whisper rose through the wood until it was a roar among the leaves a howl in the throats of wolves The Sudden baying of stags mingled with a thousand fluted melodies as the birds scattered from the trees and the trees bowed bent rolled their shoulders and tossed their heads with no need for the wind” The text follows this flow throughout the story and gave me a complete sensory experience From the taste of wildberries to the sounds of the woods the smell of the earth to the texture of flesh this was a powerfully written story that captivated me from the first page until the lastMyrddin is looking for someone to help him control his immortal power Now that his mortal mother is gone his powers are building and he is unable to sleep through the winter months as he has done for the last sixty years producing too much spring energy for the world to sleep under the snow His immortal father god of the woods has commanded him to journey out of his small tribe to find that link he needs to spill his excess power His journey brings him to Kas whom is Death the being without wordsKas was something special A solitary individual due to the nature of his being encountering Myrddin is like an awakening for him And once he’s had a taste of companionship he can no longer go back to his lonely existence Only he doesn’t have the words to communicate effectively with Myrddin and has no choice but to let him go Together these two immortals are intoxicating Their connection is all consuming Kas’ possessiveness was delicious and scary It was powerful and addictive to read I loved the way he spoke Few words because he doesn’t have them but the words he uses are direct and sureLike Spring Myrddin is full of life and energy laughter and flirtation But once he’s had his fill he is off to do other things I found that his personality was slightly inconsistent with what I learn in the beginning He is loyal but that loyalty only seemed to stretch as far as his mother That wasn’t the feeling I got from him in the beginning of the story but by about halfway it seemed that he was dismissive and flighty It may have been a transition from grief but if that was the case it didn’t translate well from one scene to the next I enjoyed him but I felt like I was getting mixed messages The world building was good if a little incomplete But it didn’t slow my enjoyment of the story It gave me a feeling of being out in the wild and the landscape translated like a complete memory for me Picture perfect I’m very interested in reading the series this is linked to I imagine a full length novel would give me that little bit I was looking for Recommended for those who enjoy high fantasy suggestions of mythology and paranormal stories This short was very satisfying but did take concentration It was not light reading but it was worth my undivided attention

  2. Tifferz Tifferz says:

    35 Stars 3 FlamesCan the Life of Spring and the Death of Winter really create something as beautiful as love? If the seasons were personified as people this book captures them perfectly This is an intense yet simply sweet novella that can be read in one go When I first opened this paranormal romance I was confused It was not until later that I realized it is linked to another series by Miss Burke Eight Kingdoms; although without reading the rest of the series I still enjoyed and understood as I continued to read Deathless A son of the wood god and a mortal woman Myrddin has just lost his mother and he feels his father’s powers flowing into him He does not know what to do with all this power and sensing his son’s frustrations the wood god gives Myrddin directions to head west and he will find who he needsDeath or as Myrddin calls him Kas has never known words feelings or actions until Myrddin sought him out The time they spent together Kas realizes that he does not want to lose what he has finally found but until he can express what he is feeling he lets Myrddin go find himself They reunite a year later and they both understand that they both need and want each other This MM romance was just the thing I needed to get me addicted to Miss Burke This gives you just enough to want to read where the premise of Deathless come from Eight Kingdoms will be added to my TBR listI was gifted a copy from the JeepDiva in exchange for an honest review The opinions and ratings are my own and I was in no way compensated

  3. Sarina Sarina says:

    Review written for Love Bytes ReviewsMyrddin has spent his life at the side of his mother growing up and learning what it means to be a man during the seasons of Spring Summer and Fall only to sleep away the Winter When his mother passes away Myrddin finds his ability to sleep has been lost and the power he had gained from his father is now nearly overpowering with no outlet to let it out Sent on a uest by his father to find the one that will help him perform the Rite of Spring in order to curb his new found power Myrddin comes upon Death whom he names Kas Performing the Rite of Spring is a surprise and a pleasure but when its over Myrddin returns home leaving than just memories behind Nearly a year later the two men are reunited but there are choices to be made and Myrddin will have to decide if he wants to remain with Kas or remain aloneAlthough this story is attached to the Eight Kingdoms Series it isn’t necessary to have any knowledge of the other books in order to understand and enjoy this one I liked the concept of the seasons and other godlike forces living as men learning and dwelling among the mortals and Myrddin and Kas were just so different I couldn’t help but like them together Kas was probably the uniue of the two men however as he came into being knowing everything but until he’d experienced something himself he didn’t understand it His drive to learn and improve himself just so he’d have the words to express himself was kind of endearing to be honest Myrddin however was a littlesuperficial maybe? I liked him to a point but I didn’t like how he dismissed what Kas was saying because he didn’t believe it and then just left after the Rite with kind of a ‘maybe I’ll look for you in the future’ type of goodbyeThere was also a lot sex in this than I was expecting I mean a lot I honestly hadn’t thought there would be any and some sex is fine but it happened super super fast and then justkept going lol I liked the characters the setting and the overall concept of the story but really the sex kind of overpowered the story early on and dulled down my initial enjoyment somewhat I did like the story but I’m not sure I’ll read it again I am however interested enough to at least look at the series this book is attached to for the uniueness of the world building if nothing else If you’re looking for something uniue with kind of an old world Gods feel to it you might want to give this one a tryhttplovebytesreviewscom2016090

  4. Debbie Debbie says:

    Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine I was gifted my copy of this bookThese reviews the three star ones are the hardest for me to write and I apologise if its shortThis book is part of the Eight Kingdoms series and I have not read them I wonder if I might have enjoyed it MORE if I had doneI did LIKE this book I'm just not sure I GET it you know?I liked that Myrddin knew he just KNEW that Kas was who he was looking for I liked that Kas did not have the words to express himself correctly Liked that Myrddin left and Kas took it upon himself to go find the words he needed Liked that Kas was clear what he wanted to hear from Myrddin even though he didn't have the words Liked that they sort of sorted it all outI just ARGH don't get itI'm sorry Maybe I should pay better attention to books that come as part of a series or are related to a series3 starssame worded review will appear on Goodreads couk com and Kobo

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