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The Sleeping Life Eferum #2 [PDF] ✍ The Sleeping Life Eferum #2 Author Andrea K. Höst – Fallon DeVries has a sister who lives only in his mind Paying the price of magic gone wrong Aurienne is trapped watching a world she cannot touch only able to communicate with her brother while he sle Fallon DeVries has a Life Eferum ePUB ´ sister who lives only in his mind Paying the price of magic gone The Sleeping PDF/EPUB ² wrong Aurienne is trapped watching a world she cannot touch only able to communicate with her brother while Sleeping Life Eferum eBook ✓ he sleeps And it's slowly killing him Fallon and Auri's best chance of untangling their lives is to win the help of a mage of unparalleled ability But how can they ask for help when the warped spell prevents him from speaking Besides Rennyn Claire once the most powerful mage in the world is a shadow of her former self ill injured and unlikely to recover unless she can hunt down the monster who once tried to make her his slave But that Wicked Uncle is nowhere to be found and other dangers once slumbering dormant are stirring.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 352 pages
  • The Sleeping Life Eferum #2
  • Andrea K. Höst
  • English
  • 04 December 2016

About the Author: Andrea K. Höst

Born in Sweden and Life Eferum ePUB ´ raised in Australia Andrea K Höst currently lives in Sydney She writes fantasy The Sleeping PDF/EPUB ² but wanders occasionally into science fantasyHer novel The Silence of Medair was a finalist for the Aurealis Sleeping Life Eferum eBook ✓ Award for best fantasy novel Her novella Forfeit won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novella.

10 thoughts on “The Sleeping Life Eferum #2

  1. Andrea Andrea says:

    Back in 2010 I was halfway through writing The Sleeping Life when I decided to embark on self publishing my backlist so I set it aside and distracted myself thoroughly in other worlds I'm sure that the six year gap led to some rather significant changes to how the book ended but I enjoyed where I took this oneI tell people btw that it's not a Sleeping Beauty re telling but then I point out to myself that someone is technically sort of awakened by a kiss No spindles howeverAnd for the Touchstone fans here's a bit of trivia that binds these two stories together view spoilerback when I was originally writing Touchstone as a fiction blog I had a scene where Mori is having a sleepover with Cass after Cass has discovered she can dream things real And because what I was writing was non serious stuff I was throwing up on the internet I cheerfully had Cass dream the facehuggers from Aliens showing up in her bedroom and leaping on poor MoriBecause what else would a genre savvy Earth girl dream when picturing the worst things she could inflict on a planet?But when I came around to editing the blog for publication I most definitely didn't want to get into any dubious copyright territory This is the exact same reason why Cass summons a dragon instead of Superman and why I don't include the actual text of Do Not Go GentleSo I cast about for something that I could use instead of facehuggers and remembered the Kentatsuki from The Sleeping Life And so The Sleeping Life became the book that Cass had been reading and left in her room the day she went for her last highschool exam And The Sleeping Life is the book that Cass' Mum brings with her when she finally gets to travel to MuinaThe publication dates don't work out of course ; hide spoiler

  2. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    This is a seuel to Stained Glass Monsters though either book could be read on its own They each tell complete stories But for reasons I go into below I strongly urge readers to begin with the first book before reading this oneIn this novel two characters from Stained Glass Monsters continue their stories Rennyn Claire now Duchess of Surclere—who has to seek and destroy her Wicked Uncle who damaged her severely—and Kendall the prickly mage student who seeks her place in the world To them is added a third Fallon an earnest young mage student whose life is complicated by the fact that his sister Auri exists in the Dream world and is only awake while he’s sleeping He needs to learn how to free her before she drains him of energy and they both die So it’s a uest novel with a great deal of traveling as everyone has spoken goals and unspoken goals secrets and masksMasks are important as is sleep and dreams Another important aspect is how dangerous it is to speak carelessly when you wield a great deal of power Relevant to today? NawwwwThe magic definitely takes the front seat in this story Wildly imaginative complicated and sometimes really really creepy different kinds of magic fill this world which has taken its toll on human life in interesting waysBecause the magic is front and center I felt that the character arcs got less attention than I would have liked—less than I am used to in many of the author’s other books I still enjoyed it The story carried me briskly along vivid with imagery veined with humor and imagination And it came to a satisfying conclusion though—for me—it didn’t have uite the emotional impact of the Touchstone Trilogy Medair or And All the Stars

  3. Li Li says:

    What I love about Höst’s books is that her stories always feel fresh and new and THE SLEEPING LIFE was no exception It was interesting to see the aftermath of the events in the first book both personal and on a larger scale I enjoyed spending time with the protagonists in the first book and meeting new and fascinating characters and although STAINED GLASS MONSTERS is a self contained story I loved how Höst took the remaining plot strands and spun them neatly into a follow up Really this was one of the best ways to spend a Sunday

  4. Debbie Gascoyne Debbie Gascoyne says:

    I liked this even than the first of the two It is uiet even somewhat meditative but I really enjoyed the characters and the relationships and the meditations on power and its uses and misuses The last line of the last chapter before the epilogue takes your breath away I find myself hoping perhaps for I'd particularly like to read about Kendall and where her path finally goes

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I loved this one too I thought it was a great addition to the first book which has a satisfying ending to be clear but I liked that this one dug deeper into issues which came up in the first book I enjoyed Fallon's plotline especially since he wasn't exactly accepted by the others His sister was a bit tiresome but I suppose that's how she ended up in her predicament anyway I love Rennyn and want to be just like her

  6. Beth Beth says:

    Very good As good as the first but with a straight forward plot arrangement They're still secrets not everyone knows but in book 2 everyone is in the same boat so to speak regarding the plot No hidden strategies Interesting mix of personalities with complicated fault lines Felt bad for Fallon as I often wanted to throttle Auri spoiledI really want to read the next book soon What will the Exile UncleCousin do? Will the people accept the Kellian? Will they change?First read March 1216

  7. katayoun Masoodi katayoun Masoodi says:

    really really like this world and these people and can see that there are alot of other stories there

  8. Athos Athos says:

    This started very slow for me It did pick up but there were moments when it reminded me of Caszandra and the playing house with perfect relationships part can't put my finger on why Rennyn and Illidian's relationship didn't work for me here Maybe because all Illidian ever did was wrap strands of her hair around his fingers and her hair ribbons around his wrists Not sure who they were apart from powerful yet moral mage and stoic Kellian I found Kendall and Samarin I almost called him Saruman to be the most interesting characters As for Kendall and Sukata man I didn't see that comming at all It was nice but completely out of left field which makes me feel the hints if any were few But hey I will read a seuel if there ever is one

  9. Mallori Mallori says:

    An enjoyable seuel The Sleeping Life picks up almost immediately after the events of Stained Glass Monsters so make sure you've read that one first It also has a satisfying conclusion a few open threads a third book could pursue but if we never get one I'm content with where our characters endedThis book takes us outside the nation of Tyrland as Rennyn and friends tie up the loose ends from the first book Hunting down the evil Prince Helecho to recover Rennyn's stolen focus and health and visiting the resting place of the original Ten Kellians The story is kept fresh with the addition of another Point of View character Fallon DeVries a male perspective with an intriguing and tragic predicamentThis book continued to be a study of the conseuences of speaking thoughtlessly when you have the power to implement your words and your will with magic What sibling hasn't casually said Tell on me and I'll kill you; how horrific to see the conseuences of such a throw away claim played out The Sleeping Life didn't feel as tight as the original but was still an enjoyable read I liked visiting Kole and seeing their statue Emperor Kendall's thoughts on trope of With great power comes great responsibility was an entertaining character journey Maybe we'll get a third book as she tries to free the Kellians from the command of Rennyn's familyThe masks worn by the nobility of Kole at first seemed like a silly affectation I was reminded of Stackpole's The Dark Glory War However after we meet the Emperor and come to fully understand the lengths he's gone to ensure the stability of his nation suddenly the masks became a poignant symbol and you could imagine how such a thing came aboutI was frustrated at times because characters would talk around something implying knowledge but wouldn't say what they knew outright I get that this was to keep a twist hidden from the reader so that the reveal could be saved for later but it was still confusing and a bit annoying Between that and feeling that at times the plot was a bit random Wait Nameen's Walk? Should I know what that is? Was it mentioned before? No I don't think so this is a 4 starSo all together I liked it hoping for a third where we continue to see Kendall grow and maybe learn about the Elder MagesI also like Andrea K Höst's reveal that this is the story Cass from The Touchstone Trilogy was in the middle of reading before her adventures hence her nightmares about bugs laying spawn in your chest

  10. Gretar Gretar says:

    The second installment in this series was enjoyable It has three POV characters the two from Stained Glass Monsters Rennyn and Kendall with Fallon added as a third and a large supporting cast The plot essentially chronicles a journey with the characters traveling together to accomplish their personal uests Rennyn is still trying to save the world by taking on her Wicked Uncle; Kendall is still trying to find her place in the world; and Fallon needs to save his sister Auri who is only awake while he is sleeping Three POV characters can be dicey but they were well delineated here Like other Höst novels TSL shows the secondary characters having feelings and relationships about other secondary characters and I appreciate the richness that gives to the cast The imagery is detailed and evocative I also love the system of magic in this series which is intricate thought provoking but still logical I docked one star for the sheer number of unexplored plot threads To name just a few view spoilerwe left Seb behind for the journey and so we never got to know him better I have wanted to know about Seb since the first book and especially how he feels about his family's magical inheritance and the way he spent most of his life I also wondered whether we left Seb behind because he is too similar to another character we meet a youngish man who is interested in magical theory and friendly toward Kendall I hope that is not the caseI wanted to see of the Eferum In Stained Glass Monsters we saw enough of it to spark my interest but TSL contains little of itI wanted to understand about Rennyn's relationship with her husband I am still annoyed by their insta marriage in Stained Glass Monsters which happens far too often for my taste in Höst books I still don't understand why they are in love except that it is a cool plot pointI wanted of both Fallon and Auri I suppose Fallon was too tired all the time to be developed but I would have liked him to get of the story Since Kendall had story development as a mage in training perhaps it would have been too much of the same for Fallon to have a similar story arc I don't think there is a similar explanation for Auri I wanted to know much about her who she was before the accident how living in a dream for years has changed her and who she will be afterward I wanted to see how her relationship with Fallon was different from Rennyn's relationship with Seb I wanted to either know or less about Auri and Fallon's father mother and uncle They are mentioned several times which made me think they would come back later in the book but they turned out to be loose ends hide spoiler

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