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The Heart Tastes Bitter [Reading] ➸ The Heart Tastes Bitter ➮ Víctor del Árbol – A remarkable psychological thriller by award winning author Victor del ArbolEduardo uintana is a broken man The tragedy that cost him the lives of his family is a wound he daily tears open afresh The A remarkable psychological thriller by award winning author Victor del ArbolEduardo uintana is a broken man The tragedy that cost him the lives of his family is a wound he daily tears open afresh The once renowned painter wallows in grief subsisting on alcohol and drugs eking out a living with whatever painting commissions he can getBut when he is approached by a mysterious woman who wants him to paint The Heart eBook ´ a portrait of the man who killed her son he soon becomes entangled in a web of deceit in which no one and nothing is as they seem With each brushstroke Eduardo opens doors that were meant to have stayed shut — doors that once opened can never be closedSet against the haunted and unsettling backdrop of a Madrid plagued by unrest and economic upheaval The Heart Tastes Bitter is a dark and compelling story of the search for redemption revenge and love — and the cruel power of fate.

  • Paperback
  • 382 pages
  • The Heart Tastes Bitter
  • Víctor del Árbol
  • English
  • 08 February 2016
  • 9781925228441

About the Author: Víctor del Árbol

Víctor del Árbol was born in Barcelona in and worked for the Catalan government between and He studied history in the University of Barcelona El abismo de los sueños not published was a finalist in the prestigious Premio Fernando Lara in In he won the Premio Tiflos de Novela with El peso de los muertos In he published La tristeza del samurái Editorial Alrevés.

10 thoughts on “The Heart Tastes Bitter

  1. Michael Michael says:

    My review for this book was published on April 1 2020 by Library JournalGrief remorse and guilt bind characters together in this sprawling third novel from Spanish cop turned author del Arbol A Million Drops It's been 14 years since a car accident claimed the lives of Eduardo uintana's wife and daughter and the former painter still drinks himself into oblivion getting by on ineffectual therapy and occasional commissions from a sympathetic gallery owner She leads him to an unusual reuest from Gloria A Tagger a world renowned violinist to paint a portrait of the man who killed her son in a drunk driving accident That man Arthur Fernandez has just been released from prison and is reclaiming his position in the firm he still controls At 688 sometimes ponderous pages del Arbol's novel spends ample time delving into the tortured backstories of his three protagonists while introducing several important secondary characters which includes a 21 year old male prostitute calling himself Mr Who and Fernandez's loyal cellmate Ibrahim Eduardo's attempt to capture the essence of a murderer sends him into the Madrid underworld where he begins to realize that his and his patron's tragedies are connected than he thought VERDICT As in A Million Drops del Arbol proves he's adept at creating richly drawn characters and weaving their disparate stories building to a shattering violent climaxCopyright ©2020 Library Journals LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source Inc Reprinted with permission

  2. Scribe Publications Scribe Publications says:

    If you’re looking for something on the literary end of the eurocrime spectrum The Heart Tastes Bitter is an attractive proposition — full of vivid and unsettling storytelling Sydney Morning Herald The Heart Tastes Bitter is the definitive confirmation of Victor's talent as a writerSergio Torrijos La República Cultural A novel that entangles you in a spider's web from which it's impossible to escape Critics are right to call del Arbol's novel a blend of Carlos Ruiz Zafón and Stieg Larsson Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona

  3. Kristen Bhutwala Kristen Bhutwala says:

    Didn't want to finish reading because it was so good Great way to weave characters stories together Loved it

  4. Trish Trish says:

    I liked itAnother one collected via the Bendigo Writers Festival in 2016 Victor was on the panel with Liam Pieper and apart from being gorgeous was clearly witty and charming He used a translator to communicateThis novel is set mainly in Madrid which was interesting for me as I love Spain and recently began learning Spanish I felt that for the first time I had a handle on how a lot of Spanish names and places were pronouncedIt's a good story Good twisting tale again a twist I didn't get until close to the end Took too long to get there for me and none of the characters are what you'd call lovable Eduardo is at the heart of this novel 14 years ago tragedy hit and resulted in him committing a heinous crime In the present day we come to learn that he committed this crime based on false information and as if he didn't feel guilty enough already this is mind blowing information Through his actions Eduardo is essential a 'bad' person; but cause and effect are in play here and if circumstances had been different this 'lost' man most likely would have lead a uite different and happier lifeIf I feel for anyone in this story it would be Eduardo; but in a different way I felt for Mr Who also You'll see Enjoy

  5. Bookread2day Bookread2day says:

    I wanted to read this book for a few reasons One this is a sort of crime book And I love reading crime books Eduardo uintana's lost all meaning when his wife and daughter were killed in a tragic accident Another reason I wanted to read this book is that the author was born in Barcelona and I love it in Barcelona The story is set where Madrid suburbs could be seen far off in the distance And I love it so much in Madrid that I am going again in November

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    This book defies genres Literary gothic complex the story involves as many characters as a Russian novel I was reminded of a member of my former book club who would use note cards while reading which would have been useful here The characters are rich and their stories intertwine in surprising and original ways Arbol deals with themes of love loss and revenge Many of the characters live on the margins of society This book is a slow read haunting and compelling All of the characters are flawed in some way physically mentally or both Some show visible scars others have buried their scars only to have them emerge and confound their lives One of my favorite characters is Ibrahim a cellmate of one of the main characters Ibrahim is from Algiers and unbeknownst to his cellmate they have a shared a history I loved the descriptions that Arbol shares of Algiers evoking the time place light smells sounds so rich that I traveled there My other favorite character is Sara who is likely on the autism spectrum She sees speaks and is tortured by the truth Ibrahim shares Allah plays games with a man's destiny scattering the pieces of a puzzle that somehow always managed to fit back together one way or another Some people called it causality maybe it was predestination who could say? Perhaps the desire to be free to control our own lives was nothing than an unattainable fancy human folly in the face of the evidence The story Aboral spins is that puzzle

  7. Jake Jake says:

    Upcoming release through Other PressReview here 45 stars

  8. Pat Pat says:

    Couldn’t get past the first 100 pages Style premise and length of book not for me

  9. John John says:

    Complex thriller very well done Tons of moral issues unintended conseuences and fascinating characters Very well done

  10. zoomball zoomball says:

    DNF at about 13 Plodding Then the graphic torture scenes got to me and I didn't feel any attraction to reading the rest

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